7 Best Jazz Shoes for Beginners

Finding the best jazz shoes is essential whether you are a beginner or a veteran because it will determine the comfort of your feet and the smoothness of your steps. 

We understand the market will be a little overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. So, we have hand-picked some formidable candidates for you!

7 Best Jazz Shoes for Beginners

1. BLOCH Dance Jazz Women’s Shoe – Best Overall

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When one comes to the BLOCH store, they are bound to be astonished by how clean and elegant the designs are. Like most of its siblings, this traditional footwear is one of the most comfortable jazz shoes you would ever come across.

The leather used in this product is of exceptional quality and handled with refined craftsmanship, ensuring its durability as well as style. 

If you give it your commitment and make sure it is well taken care of, its lifespan might surprise you and also explain the price.

However, a pair of jazz shoes doesn’t deserve praise without a flawless sole. The split rubber sole we have here has great endurance and traction, while the EVA outsole maintains the lightness and flexibility for you to move comfortably. 

It is a balance between a good grip and a smooth slide, which all jazz dancers desire, making it the best split-sole jazz shoe if you want something excellent in various aspects.

However, prepare yourself for a narrow fit, especially when your feet are on the wide side. We advise you to go up half a size to give yourself more comfort and safety as well.

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  • Classic elegant design
  • Materials of premium quality
  • Supportive and safe


  • Narrow fit
  • On the expensive side

2. BLOCH Women’s Neo-Flex Jazz Shoes – Best Jazz Shoes for Narrow Feet

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The name comes from the combination of BLOCH’s traditional leather upper with the Neoprene technology. It brings the endurance of the footwear to a whole new level and allows the dancers to perform as rigorously as they want.

In the familiar split-sole design, your range of motion would be as free as a bird, accompanied by how light the shoes are and how comfortable the arches fit. 

The structure promises a good weight distribution too, so you are less likely to feel exhausted and strained too soon during your practice.

We are most impressed that the Neo-Flex shoes are available in both common and narrow widths. You can easily find the most suitable size for yourself and enjoy the utmost comfort while practicing and performing.

The drawback with this footwear is the price. People with an average budget might think it has less to offer than how much it costs. The extra narrow sizes might confuse them as well.

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  • Additional Neoprene for more durability
  • EVA soles and heel pads provide more support
  • Available in medium and narrow fits


  • It might be a costly investment
  • Not fitted well around the ankle

3. Capezio Women’s E-Series Jazz Dance Shoe – Best Jazz Shoe for Wide Feet

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When we are discussing the best jazz shoes for turning or simply for dancing, it’s hard to forget about Capezio. Their footwear never fails to amaze and gives the dancer enough confidence to soar and fly.

Sold at a rather hefty price tag, the E-Series shoes of Capezio are full of pride with the upper made of nothing less than the finest leather. 

Although split soles usually mean less arch support, the Neoprene arch truly makes the experience more tolerable even for the newbies. Unfortunately, though, these fabrics wear out quickly if you use them outside the studio.

The EVA and rubber heel aren’t something we have never seen before, yet Capezio knows how to seal the deal with attentive details. 

They use cotton lining to keep your feet free from dampness on hot days and add a heel counter to prevent slips.

Only one tiny problem here. The ankle area of the shoes has been cut very low so you can easily change in and out of them in a blink, though this convenience is only ready for service if you conquer the sizing challenge. 

Be warned, Capezio dance shoes run 1 – 2 sizes smaller than your regular footwear.


  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Anti-slip forefoot ensures safety
  • Available in half sizes and wide feet


  • Not suitable for outdoor uses
  • Quite expensive

4. Linodes Unisex Leather Upper Jazz Shoe – Best Affordable

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Let’s take a look at the sleek and polished leather with intricate details that only a manmade product possesses. Will you believe us if we say it is the most affordable jazz shoes we have come across?

Even though they designed this unisex footwear with split soles, they didn’t forget to make it more supportive with the arch insert and alleviate possible discomfort with soft lining.  

Besides the sole, the extra EVA for the heel was a nice surprise as well, increasing stability for the user.

Nonetheless, the size chart and guide from Linodes didn’t satisfy us. While they claimed to run true to size, a lot of customers have described the fit as ‘house shoes’, meaning it is wide for normal feet. 

It’s advisable to try the shoes on in person if you have the chance or size down from your measurement.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Fine materials
  • Nice design


  • Running much wider than regular sizes
  • Not the most durable

5. Dynadans Women’s & Men’s Slip-on Jazz Shoe

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We have another inexpensive but sufficiently beneficial option for the list. 

The unisex jazz shoes from Dynadans are great for beginners due to their gender-neutral look as well as the humble price.

Despite the low production cost, the brand has done well incorporating new techniques such as split soles combined with Neoprene arches to make the user feel more stable. 

Regarding steadiness, the flat heel also contributes to it tremendously aside from traction.

The insole is packed with EVA foam for flexibility and lined with soft fabrics for comfort, yet the efforts seem insufficient to compensate for the small fits. 

Even if you have a normal foot width, you might need to go up a whole size.


  • Classic but unisex design
  • Flat heels with nice traction
  • Adapted to new technologies


  • Very narrow fit
  • It wears out quickly

6. Stelle Leather Jazz Shoes for Girls Boys

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Our list of jazz shoes would be incomplete without something for the little ones! Stelle is a superb choice for parents to purchase and encourage their children to try new dance styles.

Young dancers can dodge the troublesome laces and simply slip the shoes on. The fit is nice enough for them to dance with all their hearts without worrying about slip hazards at all.

Stelle also takes care of the growing feet with authentic leather and Neoprene inserts for the demanding split soles. The shoes might need some time to stretch and accommodate, though they will be worth waiting for.


  • Affordable and suitable for children
  • Classic design with innovative features


  • It doesn’t last long
  • A break-in period is required

7. Linodes Leather Jazz Shoe for Girls and Boys

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Another choice we have for little kids, as well as big kids, is the jazz shoes for both genders by Linodes. Believe it or not, Linodes’ popularity might come from this footwear rather than the one for adults.

At a very economical and reasonable price, you will get a leather upper with fabric lining for secureness as well as ventilation. 

The flat heels are suitable for children. The EVA foam joins to ensure the little feet will be cradled with all the support they need.

In contrast with the adults’ shoes, the version for children is notorious for running very small. You will need to size up to make sure the baby dancer feels comfortable, especially for boys, whose feet are naturally larger than girls’ feet.


  • Extremely inexpensive
  • Fine materials
  • Well-structured


  • Need to size up


1. What Jazz Shoes Are Good For Flat Feet?

The simplest solution for you is the full-sole design. 

As a person with flat feet, arch support and cushion will be more necessary than anything else, and split-sole shoes wouldn’t be good for you.

Furthermore, you can look for orthotic inserts made of gels or EVA foam. They give you what you need but also feel bulky if you go too hard on the inserts.

So, you should choose carefully.

Regarding support, a higher heel will be better, while a low or zero heel can promote a natural position for your feet. It is more about your preference here.

2. Are Split Sole Or Full Sole Jazz Shoes Better?

In the world of modern dancers, you will mostly see split-sole jazz shoes. Its popularity comes from how the slip-on design dominates the lace-up one, and slip-ons are only available with split-soles. 

Regarding performance, split-sole footwear gives your arch more flexibility as well as accentuation. Hence, the movement will most likely be more aesthetic to look at.

On the other hand, lace-up jazz shoes are all full-sole with more support for the arch. Although it is not as popular as split-sole shoes, beginners might need it for extra support.

The purposes of these two designs are drastically different from each other, hence you should consider your needs before deciding!

3. Why Do Jazz Shoes Have A Heel?

Laced up or slipped on, jazz shoes often feature a heel. 

Aside from accentuating your foot’s arch, the rubber heel reduces the shock from dance moves and prevents negative impact from getting to you.

4. What Is The Difference Between Jazz Shoes And Dance Shoes?

What sets jazz shoes apart from other dance shoes is the sole, which is made of rubber most of the time to provide traction. With this enhanced traction, the dancer can stop precisely when they need to and pivot speedily. 

Other materials might be too slippery for what jazz moves demand.

On jazz shoes, you will detect a rubber heel as well. It absorbs the shock from your steps and reduces the impact you have to endure.

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5. Should You Buy Jazz Shoes A Size Bigger?

For leather, we recommend measuring your feet and finding the best fit before going down half a size. It will feel a bit tight at first, yet once the leather accommodates your feet, you will get luxurious comfort.

For canvas, you can go true to size, for it will fit well from the beginning and not stretch.

Words get around that jazz shoes stretch with time. It depends on the materials but it certainly doesn’t call for a bigger size.

6. How Often Should You Replace Jazz Shoes?

With a young dancer who is still growing, jazz shoes can last about 6 months – 1 year before they wear out or the dancer outgrows them. The latter is the primary case.

Meanwhile, an adult might utilize their shoes for several years before a necessary replacement. If they want more longevity, they can consider leather over canvas.

7. How To Clean Jazz Shoes?

The best way to clean jazz shoes includes 6 simple steps that you can try at home anytime you need:

  1. ­­If the stain in discussion comes with debris and dirt, you need to remove them first, so they won’t be pushed into the fibers of the material.
  2. Prepare your cleansing solution with mild detergent (or foam) and lukewarm water. Using too much detergent might ruin the fabrics of your shoes instead.
  3. Dip a clean (preferably white or light-colored) cloth in the solution and scrub the stained areas carefully and attentively. Rinse the stain away and continue scrubbing until you are satisfied.
  4. Find a ventilated spot without direct sunlight for your shoes to dry and avoid discoloration. A blow dryer might be quick but it can ruin the materials.
  5. While letting the shoes air dry, don’t forget to stuff them full with balls of paper so the shape remains the same without hollows and creases. Once done, remove the paper instantly because it might cause excess wetness.
  6. If there still are troubled spots, mix baking soda with water (ratio 1:1) and apply it to the spots. Wait for about half an hour before wiping it off, and your shoes are ready to go again!

Final Words

You won’t have to take the risk when you rely on some of the most well-known brands to find the best jazz shoes for rookies. 

If you haven’t made up your mind, we recommend the Jazz Women Shoes from BLOCH as an all-rounder. It performs well and lasts long enough for you to make the most out of it, thanks to the exquisite materials and production. 

Leather will take some time to break in, yet it will be worth every penny you spend soon!

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