7 Best Leotards For Gymnastics (Girls, Boys, Toddlers, Adults)

The market is always prospering, but searching for the best leotards for gymnastics might not be all too easy if you don’t know where to look.

Let’s see how many brands can offer you something with a desirable value and support you on the way to becoming a gymnast or a gymnastic parent.

7 Best Leotards For Gymnastics

1. GK Stars Gymnastics & Dance Leotard for Girls and Toddlers

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GK Elite offers fun colorful prints in their design and gives us unique leotards that toddlers can’t say no to. The themes vary, from unicorn and princess to galaxy and rainbow. It would be a waste to keep these leotards in the classroom when they might look so lovely as performance and playtime outfits.

As the targeted customers are toddlers, GK uses high-quality materials to make their leotards as breathable and lightweight as possible. It is a combination of polyester and spandex, the fit hugging the baby’s figure like a new layer of skin. From the shoulders to the hips, there are as few wrinkles as possible.

Before releasing the product to the market, GK made sure the fabrics passed all quality tests. Your toddler can practice and stretch as much as they want, and the materials will retain the original shape immediately.

However, you need to be careful with the maintenance and wash these leotards separately. Stick to cold water, mild detergent, handwashing, and natural drying. If you can take good care of it, you can enjoy the ultimate comfort for a very long time.


  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Fit like the second skin
  • Many colors and prints


  • The maintenance requires attention

2. Belovance Leotards for Girls Gymnastics – Cheapest Leotard for Beginners

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If you are trying to get your child familiarized with gymnastics, an inexpensive purchase is the best bet. And you can invest in something the little gymnast prefers later.

With 82% polyester and 18% spandex, the fabrics are very light, soft, and stretchy for the baby’s sensitive skin. It’s highly recommended to use these leotards for summer and spring, or stay indoors if the toddler needs to practice in cold seasons.

Another bonus of Belovance leotards is the design. The lower half of the outfit is designed similarly to black shorts, hence it can be very convenient for usage outside of the practice room.

When you use Belovance, you can machine-wash the leotards in any temperature of the water and even iron them to save time, although air-drying is still the safest method to maintain the clothing in prime condition.


  • Great materials for summer and spring
  • Various colors with black shorts
  • Easy maintenance


  • The size is sometimes not accurate

3. Plum Practice Wear Girls, Teens & Women’s Gymnastic Leotards

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Plum wants to make their ladies feel like they are winners from the very beginning, thus they try to keep a balance between design and comfort. The cuts and the hems hug the figure without leaving imprints on your skin and causing awkward exposure. Even when you are putting your body in unthinkable positions, the four-way stretch fabrics will easily accommodate you.

Not only the design but the fabrics are also made to respond to the sheer demands of a gymnast. You can be in the training ground or the competition stage, and you won’t feel much different. Because Plum leotards have prepared and put you in comfort with durable stitches and hygienic panty liners.

While they don’t have a lot of colors available for options, they compensate with a variety of all sizes. The youthful color coordination makes it compatible with all ages.

Plum advises its users to handwash the leotards and treat them with tenderness, so the materials can retain their desired shape and contribute to the gymnast’s success.


  • Comfortable and stylish
  • Nice stretchy materials


  • Fairly expensive

4. HOZIY Long Sleeve Gymnastics Leotards for Girls – Prettiest gymnastics leotards

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Inspired by Disney princesses and magics, HOZIY incorporates themes like Elsa and the galaxy, then gives them various versions.

These sparkly fabrics might be a little flashy for practice rooms, but when the baby girls are performing and competing, you will see how they come in handy! They reflect lights extremely well and keep the attention on your little athlete.

Combined with polyester and spandex, the materials can accommodate powerful movements and maintain the original state. It leaves no scratch or rash on the baby’s skin as well. If you are a petite adult, you might want to indulge yourself in one of the prettiest gymnastics leotards.

Nonetheless, HOZIY exclusively advises you against using any detergent. In return, you can use the washing machine for it but make sure you don’t wash it with hot water or iron it afterward.


  • Motivational designs
  • Stretchy and gentle on baby skin
  • Various sizes are available


  • No detergent, so you need to wash it separately

5. HOZIY Gymnastics Leotards for Girls Quick Dry

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HOZIY proves itself as one of the best brands for gymnastics leotards with another innovative design. It still follows the standard formula for polyester and spandex, to achieve the lightweights and the comfort that our gymnasts need.

It is different from other designs because of the neckline, which is higher instead of lower on the front, hence you have great coverage and feel comfortable enough to wear them as competition leotards, casual outfits, or even swimsuits.

Little girls will find it hard to say no to the lovely prints of the moon, mermaid, animal, and candy. If they fall in love with this leotard, they can get a long-sleeved set so they can still enjoy the product even when the weather turns cold.

Maintenance: Preferably handwashing with cold water and no detergent.


  • Radiant colors
  • Short sleeves and long sleeves are both available
  • Breathable and stretchy materials


  • You need to be very gentle while washing these leotards

6. Stelle Girls Bow Back Short Sleeve Leotard for Gymnastics

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To some parents, cotton is the best fabric if you want to make the best gymnastics leotards for toddlers because of how soft and stretchable cotton is. And Stelle has premium cotton to make sure the outfit has enough durability and softness.

Stelle has taken a creative movement with the back of the leotard and designed a lovely bold. It is adorable for our 6-year-olds and also feminine enough for older babies who want to give ballet a try. The materials can stretch in all directions as you practice and maintain a smooth, non-wrinkly texture.

With so many years making and selling dancewear, Stelle knows exactly how to manufacture the most comfortable gymnastics leotards and get the sizes correctly. When you buy from Stelle, you are sure to get the most thorough service ever.


  • High-quality cotton for softness
  • A pretty bow design
  • Professional service


  • Cotton might not retain the stretchiness for that long

7. New Dance Boy’s Gymnastics Leotard

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We have yet to forget about the boys!

Among the minimalistic design for male leotards, New Dance stands out with its signature combination of nylon and spandex. They use neat, triple-thread stitches to give active baby boys the right material with endurance.

With the classic pull-on closure that looks like a tank top and a pair of shorts, you won’t have to worry about your leotard being outdated. The design embraces the child’s body without digging into their skin. Therefore, aside from gymnastics, it can serve as daily clothing too.

Like other materials with synthesized fabrics, you are recommended to machine-wash the New Dance with cold water and hang it to dry. Be aware that bleach is strictly forbidden to avoid ruining the colors and textures.


  • Durable enough for constant usage
  • Versatile in applications
  • Timeless and classic style


  • A little expensive


1. What Are Good Brands Of Gymnastics Leotards?

Aside from the brands we have recommended to you, we can give honorable mentions to a few reliable names:

  • Alpha Factor: Suggested by Olympics gymnasts, Alpha Factor is always ready to deliver a huge batch of their products for professional use. If you are buying as an individual, you can experience their customization service and create the most comfortable leotards for yourself.
  • Snowflake Design: Speaking of professionals, this brand can proudly claim one of the top positions. They use high-quality materials, customize the fit, and they can prepare for a whole team in only a few weeks.
  • Destira: With 20 years in the industry, we can call Destira a veteran in the leotard category. Keeping their products at a lower price, they have successfully reached more customers and thus marked their logo on many gymnastics clubs.
  • Turn: Last but not least, Turn is the only brand that designs for male gymnasts only. They want to make men feel as empowered and confident as women do, and this mindset has taken them beyond the country’s boundaries.

2. How Many Leotards Should A Gymnast Have?

Regardless of gender and age, gymnasts are usually excited to shop for some best quality leotards, because the available products vary and look way too pretty to ignore.

However, the bare minimum is two sets: one is for practice and one is for performance. They can serve as backup for each other if one unfortunately tears.

Semi-professionals or professionals might have a lucky set for luck. They might also get more as gifts from fans and sponsors and end up with more leotards than necessary.

3. Do You Wear A Bra In Gymnastics?

As gymnastics require you to jump and flip frequently, your breasts will ensure a lot of impact and pressure. And a bra with no support might leave severe consequences like permanent back pain and sagging breasts, especially if your bosom is on the larger side.

However, there are some warnings you should take note of when choosing your sports bra:

  • Colors: Somehow, colors are the most important factor when it comes to bras for gymnasts. You don’t want bold colors and prints to be seen through your leotards, hence sportswear brands focus on black, white, and nude for bras.
  • Support: It’s important no matter what sports you are playing. Successive movements cause your bosom’s ligaments to slack and eventually break, which leads to saggy breasts. Therefore, you shouldn’t feel your breasts moving too much with a sports bra on.
  • Sizes: When we say the bra should embrace your chest perfectly, we didn’t mean you should only go for products that are too small for your size. An off-size bra will give you nothing but pain and discomfort.
  • Cuts: In competitions, having bra straps exposed might affect your score, and the same rule applies to other cuts on your outfit. It’s why you find various kinds of scoop and backless bras on the market.


As we are looking for the best leotards for gymnastics, the most important criterion we have would be how stretchy and durable the materials are, because the routine of a gymnast will surely put the fabrics to test.

The design and the price come right after, and GK Stars Gymnastics & Dance Leotard for Girls and Toddlers satiated all the standards. With this piece, the little gymnast will feel extra motivated to conquer the toughest challenges.

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