Bloch Jazz Shoe Size Chart: How Do Bloch Jazz Shoes Fit?

Bloch jazz shoes are highly recommended for jazz dancers of all levels, from beginners to experienced ones. From their hard box to the great design, everything makes them stand out from other brands like Capezio or So Danca.

Provided that you have got the Bloch jazz shoe size chart, you can pick up your next pair of Bloch jazz shoes that give you a snug fit and ultimate comfort while on the stage.

Bloch Jazz Shoe Size Chart

Bloch Jazz shoe size chart for Men

US Mens UK Mens EU Bloch Jazz size
5 38½
5 39
6 39½
6 40 6
7 40½
7 41 7
8 41½
8 42 8
9 42½
9 43 9
10 43½
10½ 10 44 10
11 10½ 44½ 10½
11½ 11 45 11
12 11½ 45½ 11½
12½ 12 46 12
13 12½ 46½ 12½
13½ 13 47 13

Bloch Jazz shoe size chart for Women

US Ladies UK Ladies EU Bloch Jazz size
3 1 34
34½ 4
4 2 35
35½ 5
5 3 36
36½ 6
6 4 37
37½ 7
7 5 38
38½ 8
8 6 39
39½ 9
9 7 40
40½ 10
10 8 41 10½
10½ 41½ 11
11 9 42 11½
11½ 42½ 12
12 10 43
12½ 10½ 43½

Bloch Jazz shoe size chart for Kids

Bloch Jazz size US Kids AU/UK Kids EU
8 8 7.5 25
8.5 8.5 8
9 9 8.5 26
9.5 9.5 9 27
10 10 9.5
10.5 10.5 10 28
11 11 10.5
11.5 11.5 11 29
12 12 11.5 30
12.5 12.5 12 31
13 13 12.5 32
13.5 13.5 13
1 1 13.5 33
1.5 1.5 1 34
2 2 1.5
2.5 2.5 2 35
3 3 2.5

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Are Block Jazz Shoes True To Size?

Bloch jazz shoes run smaller than your normal dance shoe size. Thus, you should go up at least a half size (for regular feet) to one size (for wide feet).

Soft leather jazz shoes can be fitted with a little extra free room inside. However, you should choose shoes that give you a snug fit, with your toes flat and nearly reaching the shoe’s end. By doing this, you can get the best support for your ankle and foot, since it will stretch with wear.

Bloch women jazz shoes

Check Bloch Jazz Shoes on

There are some extra notices for adults’ and kids’ shoes as follows:

  • Shoe size for adults

Men should choose shoes that are 2-2.5 sizes bigger than their regular sneaker size. Women should choose shoes that are half size larger than their normal shoe size.

Besides, there are some special shoe styles for women:

  • Styles S0414 and S0495: choose a 1.5 size smaller
  • Style S0473: choose 1 – 1.5 sizes smaller
  • Styles S0499: choose 1 – 2 sizes bigger (for wide feet)
  • Shoe size for kids

Girls should try shoes that have the same size as their regular street sneaker size to ones that are one size bigger. Boys should choose shoes that are half to one size bigger than their regular shoe size.

How To Find Your Appropriate Bloch Jazz Shoe Sizing?

You should choose your accurate Bloch jazz shoe size. In this way, the shoes can give you the best support for your dancing performance and avoid unwanted injuries. They should give you a snug fit on the foot like socks. Over time, the shoes will stretch with wear to mold to your foot’s shape.

You should also know that your shoes are too tight when:

  • The shoes hurt the two sides of your feet.
  • The shoes are curling, bending, or overlapping while being worn.
  • Your toes can’t rest flat and comfortably on the ground.

On the other hand, shoes that are too big can badly affect your performance. It can cause discomfort, like rubbing on your feet. You know that your shoes are too big when you need to tug extra stuff inside the shoes, especially near the toes.

Brief Information On Bloch Jazz Shoes

Bloch is a well-known Australian-based dance fashion manufacturer. Started in 1932 in Sydney, Bloch provides various dance-related products, like pointe shoes, jazz shoes, dance costumes, dance accessories, etc.

Bloch logo

Bloch is a great choice when it comes to jazz shoes. This brand offers a free choice of jazz shoes for dancers of all ages and genders.

There are 4 typical types of Bloch jazz shoes:

  • Full-sole jazz shoes: full-sole jazz shoes have a solid, continuous rubber-coated sole from heel to toe. This sole gives dancers ultimate strength and resistance on the foot’s arch for a solid, sturdy appearance. However, this shoe style lacks flexibility and doesn’t allow dancers to make delicate moves.
  • Split-sole jazz shoes: Unlike full-sole jazz shoes, split-sole ones only have rubber soles under the heel’s ball. Thanks to the gap in the foot’s arch, dancers can have better flexibility to perform correct technique and form. However, this shoe style doesn’t have as much foundation support as the full-sole one.
  • Split-sole jazz booties: This is a combination of jazz booties and split-sole jazz shoes. These jazz booties have elastic inserts for a better upper arch fit. Moreover, they have a boot-like appearance for better ankle support.
  • Slip-on jazz shoes and booties: Thanks to their slip-on base, these shoes give dancers a smooth ride while allowing them to wear on/take off the shoes faster between practices than lace-up ones. These shoes give dancers a firmer fit and are great for those with a narrow fit, or kids who are struggling with laces. However, those with a wide fit will prefer lace-up ones for better size customization.

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Final Words

Bloch is a great brand name for jazz shoes for everyone, from beginners to professional dancers. After studying the Bloch jazz shoe size chart, you know that Bloch jazz shoes fit narrow and need to size up at least a half size to perform with the best comfort.

Apart from the size chart, you should consider some criteria that can affect your shoe fitting, like your age, gender, your feet’s shape and width, and your personal preference for dancing.

I hope that you will have happy moments in your best Bloch jazz shoes!

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