10 Best Bloch Dance Shoes That Dancers All Love

Bloch has been a great provider for dancers who want to find suitable shoes and dance equipment. But what are some of the best Bloch dance shoes? How do you know if this pair is good or bad for you? 

Among various styles and models in Bloch, we have chosen some reliable products, and you might be able to find your new favorite footwear.

5 Best Bloch Dance Shoes For Female Dancers

1. Bloch Dance Women’s Split Sole Dance Sneaker

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Hands down, the women’s split-sole shoes are amongst the most versatile Bloch dance sneakers. Canvas as the main fabric with a cushioned suede heel ensures shock absorption and comfort, which all dancers need, regardless of the dance routine they are training.

The outside is intricately designed with details such as non-marking split outsoles and versatile lacing, the purpose of which is none other than to give you the chance to optimize your experience. 

Their Dri-Lex lining is yet another advanced technique to keep your shoes safe from mildew, bad odors, and wrinkles.

On the inside, the sole has built-in support for arch accentuation. It lifts your feet with every step you take and grants you access to various disciplines thanks to how lightweight its components are.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Durable canvas for fabrics and suede for heels
  • Absorbing shock
  • Resistant to odors and mildew
  • Very affordable


  • 1 size up from street shoes for women, 3 for men
  • Not ideal for outdoor sessions

2. Bloch Dance Shoe Super Jazz Leather and Elastic Slip On

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You need some good grips and slides in jazzing, which not any shoes can provide. But these Bloch jazz shoes are for women in a league of their own. 

The amazing feature comes from the EVA outsole. Additionally, it is also flexible and not heavy, hence it perfectly suits the relaxed yet powerful nature of jazz dance.

With the recent demand from the market, Bloch has adjusted and made these slip-on shoes ready for the street. The breathable cotton lining, the durable rubber split soles, and the high-quality leather definitely serves this purpose.

The minimalistic design for sure is one of the reasons it becomes a favorite for many buyers. It has no lace, only a discreet elastic to help you put the shoes on or take them off more easily.


  • Suitable for a limited budget
  • Compatible with street shoe sizes
  • Fine materials and convenient designs


  • Leather requires more maintenance
  • A little small for wide feet

3. Bloch Dance Women’s Jason Samuels Smith Tap Shoe

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In collaboration with the tap expert Jason Samuels Smith, these Bloch tap shoes are exclusively designed and manufactured until they got a nod of approval from the talent. It is pricey on the tag, and it certainly feels pricey as well.

Once unboxed, the shoes are ready for use immediately. You might be charmed by the glossy and tender leather, yet you will fall in love when you put them on and dance. The triple stacks on the heel and the double stacks on the outsole ensure both support and durability.

More importantly, the tapping sounds amazing too. The outsole and the tap are purposely created for exquisite and deep sound effects. Specifically, the plates will have maximum contact with the surface.


  • Premium materials and designs
  • Great support
  • Nice tapping sounds


  • More expensive than other Bloch products
  • Leather is high-maintenance

4. Bloch Dance Unisex-Adult Annabella Ballroom Shoe

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It looks a bit different from other products in this list, but fret not. These Bloch ballroom dancing shoes have a sturdy structure made of leather and suede. The upper and the heel are in no way near fragile despite how soft they feel, and the heel height is undeniably ideal for swinging.

Some customers reported that they need to add half a size to their street footwear, though the adjustable straps help a lot in securing a fit for your steps as well as promoting a fashionable appearance.

The Annabella shoes are thorough with their comfort. From the heel cup to the cushioned sole, they truly embrace and cradle your feet so much more than what they look like at first, which makes them so good for sliding and turning.


  • Looking elegant enough outside of the practice room
  • Immense support and adjustable fit


  • A bit stiff at first
  • A special wire brush is necessary for cleaning

5. Bloch Synchrony Split Sole Ballet

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Whether we are discussing the design or the support, Synchrony Split Sole is among the best Bloch ballet shoes. The fit is streamlined and sleek without binding and cord, which Bloch replaces with flat elastic bands. You won’t suffer bruises from knots.

The inside of the shoes contains silicone dots and keeps your feet attached to the sole. This feature is extremely necessary, considering how the pre-sewn elastic might not fit your foot size perfectly.

If you want to practice your en pointe without spending too much money to replace them, take a look at Hannah Ballet. These are the best Bloch pointe shoes for beginners. It has canvas, the standard material for ballet shoes that is also sufficiently durable and molds to your feet without fail.


  • Very inexpensive
  • A tight grip on the feet
  • Generous support for metatarsal relief


  • The size is smaller than your usual size

5 Best Bloch Dance Shoes For Male Dancers

1. Bloch Dance Men’s Jason Samuels Smith Professional Tap Shoe

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As the menswear counterpart of the aforementioned tap shoes for women, it features the same signature details. 

Kashmir and canvas linings are the keys to its utmost comfort. The upper contours your feet in an impeccable fit, and you will feel extra confident with these shoes on.

Unlike the tough look, it is comfy right out of the box, and we are talking about the contact between your feet and the floor. The sole doesn’t keep your feet attached to the tap surfaces, thus you can execute any movement in tap dancing.

The men’s version of Jason Samuels Smith shoes also has double and triple stacks for outsoles and heels. The resonance with the tapping plate remains as well.


  • Fine materials
  • Great support and comfort
  • Exquisite tap sounds


  • Very costly compared to other Bloch shoes
  • The size is not accurate to UK sizes

2. Bloch Dance Ultraflex Suede Split Sole Jazz Shoe

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It goes without a doubt that Ultraflex Suede Split Sole is still one of the shoes best for dancing jazzy style. It’s also the first design for jazz from the house of Bloch, and people still insist it kick-started the era of versatile jazz shoes.

With a leather upper, a suede sole, and a 100% cotton lining, this product has every material you need for a banger. Furthermore, the forefoot and the heel with EVA pads are awesome if you need some flexing and pointing.

Should you need a more secure fit as a male dancer, the eyelets and laces have got your back! However, be aware that these shoes are one size smaller than your street shoes, even with the inner sock for more grip.


  • Superior flexibility and fit
  • Molding to the feet perfectly
  • AAA leather is resistant to abrasive surfaces


  • Only available in medium width

3. Bloch Dance Men’s Xavier Ballroom Shoe

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The next candidate on the list is compatible with the women’s Annabella ballroom shoes. Bloch’s Xavier is a handsome Oxford creation, and the nature of Oxford style is simply great for salsa and ballroom dancing.

When we take a closer look at these shoes, it’s easy to be convinced by the short shank and the low heel. As a ballroom dancer, you will know how these features contribute to arch support while retaining enough flexibility for you to perform advanced movements.

Sleek on the outside and intricate on the inside, these Xavier shoes offer cushioned insoles to keep your metatarsals safe from shock and impact, hence you can be absolutely confident when sliding and turning.


  • 100% premium grain leather
  • Low heel and short shank for great arch support
  • Cushioned insoles and suede outsoles


  • Reportedly wearing out quickly

4. Bloch Dance Synchrony Split Sole Ballet Slipper

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Of course, we couldn’t forget about male ballet dancers. Ballet slippers are notorious for wearing out quickly, especially when you practice pointed, so let’s keep our expectations low in terms of durability and focus on the value it delivers.

Bloch uses the most advanced canvas they have, and it hugs the shape of our feet in a streamlined fit. No matter what position you are in, the material will always stretch and maintain the most natural form, avoiding discomfort on you.

The top includes soft elastic with pre-sewn strings for a sufficient fit – not too loose and not too tight either. You will be able to move your toes and keep your balance at all times.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Cutting-edge canvas and smart design for peak comfort


  • Not durable (like most pointe shoes)
  • Fixed and unadjustable elastic

5. Bloch Men’s Twist Fashion Dance Shoes

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Temporarily bidding leather and canvas goodbye, the last name in our Bloch dance shoe reviews features a different material: mesh. 

When we see mesh as the upper of a shoe, we know that the shoe will be breathable and lightweight. Mildew and odor are not your concern if you own mesh shoes.

The outsole is a bit different too, with TPU instead of EVA. And spin spots on this non-marking component surely grant its users more versatility with their moves. Regardless of the routine you are practicing, these shoes will come in handy.

Like most Bloch products, Twist Fashion shoes also have cushioned heels that reduce unwanted impact and absorb shock from your moves. Consequently, it is very suitable for ballroom or any Latin dance style.


  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Great for powerful movements


  • The size is a bit smaller than street footwear
  • Not outstanding in terms of anti-slipping


1. Where to buy Bloch dance shoes?

If you want to make sure your Bloch shoes are authentic and backed up with full warranty service, it’s always a deal to purchase from their online and offline stores. They distribute products to retailers, the information is available on their website.

2. Is Bloch a good pointe shoe brand?

They have some of the best pointe shoes in the market that both veterans and beginners have faith in. High-quality materials, optimized designs, great fit – it’s hard to ignore all these virtues, even though the price might not always be friendly.

3. Do Bloch dance shoes run small?

Bloch shoes run in standard UK sizing. Please be informed that Australian sizes are 2½ sizes larger than UK sizes for your shopping convenience. 

Bloch shoe sizes are partially sized in Australian style with half sizes available.

4. Can you wear Bloch dance shoes outside?

The manufacturer advises us against wearing their dance shoes outside of the dance studio. The shoes all have a sole specifically designed for dancing, which is not thick enough to endure abrasive terrains.

Another matter we should be aware of is the stains. While you can spot-clean canvas shoes, leather shoes require a whole different kit.

5. How many hours do Bloch pointe shoes last?

Pointe shoes wear out pretty quickly because they often consist of natural fabrics only. And Bloch shoes are not an exception either. 

Furthermore, as you put your entire body weight on your toes, your ballet shoes deal with a lot of pressure and friction.

With professional dancers who practice intensively, their pointe shoes won’t last longer than 20 hours. Therefore, it is not strange if they change shoes 3 – 4 times per week.

Meanwhile, new ballerina dancers can sustain for a while since they don’t put their shoes under so much pressure. For example, if you have two sessions per week, each session lasts for one hour, your pointe shoes can be in use for about two months.

In Summary

Now, it’s difficult to choose only one of them as the best Bloch dance shoes, as your needs might vary based on your specialty and gender. 

However, if you are a woman, try their Split Sole Dance Sneakers. For men, the Jason Samuels Smith collab will be more beneficial. 

Aside from the fine materials that Bloch uses for all of their footwear, cur reasons to choose these shoes are none other than the versatility and the affordable price. 

Without a doubt, they will make your practice sessions ten times more interesting!

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