20+ Christmas Dance Costume Ideas for Adults & Kids

The season of everything sweet, radiant, and warm is approaching us step by step. It is the perfect time to start searching for some Christmas dance costumes if you want to secure the best gifts for your beloved and maybe yourself.

Christmas Dance Costumes To Light Up The Winter Stage

Christmas Dance Costumes for Children

Hansber Girls Christmas Dance Costumes

Believe us or not, when Christmas is around the corner, little girls are eager to get new outfits. With the tutu-styled dresses, they will be more than ready for a stage performance, a carnival look, or even a party costume.

Aside from the durable polyester fabrics, these dresses come in festive colors and various models for you to choose from.

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Christmas Elf Costume

If your little angel has a specific theme in mind, you might want to pause and take a look at this lovely design.

It resembles what Tinkerbell wears with a Christmas touch, from the red-green mix to the big bow on the hip.

Beneath the sequin, there is a fluffy tutu making the entire set more glamorous and putting the little girls in the most joyful mood possible.

Zaclotre Sequin Ballet Leotards

You would love to boost the baby’s confidence with the upgraded leotard if she is about to go on stage and have an unforgettable performance.

The outfit is designed and created with care and love toward children. 

The combination of polyester and spandex won’t cause any irritation to the sensitive skin, while the sequins are sewn instead of glued to the materials for more freedom of movement.

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Hip-Hop Jazz Christmas Dance Costumes

You can add a modern touch to the gift with these hip-hop Christmas dance costumes. For sure, it is the most suitable for little girls who want to shine on stage.

Despite the fitted look and the sparkly texture, this dance costume is elastic and extremely easy to pull on and strip off. It is fairly durable as long as you don’t machine-wash and iron it!

Full Skirted Dance Costumes

We have another choice for you if you want to spoil your dear ballerinas with something they might have seen in comic books only. It is a beautiful tutu with 4 tulle layers, decorated with bling-bling sequins!

Choose one of these vibrant colors, pull on, and your dancers are ready to go. 

However, don’t forget that they are quite sensitive to strong detergents, bleaches, and extreme heat.

Reindeer Dress 

Perhaps fairies and ballerinas have become too common, and you want to look for something more special and adorable. You might consider a costume for dressing up.

The Tutu Dreams Store has a cute reindeer dress that would give your little one a much festive vibe. It also comes with a headband resembling a reindeer’s horns!

Girl Snowman Costume

A snowman doesn’t have to stick to a white outfit with thick coats and pants! Here we have a crochet top and a fluffy skirt in classic style, combined with Christmas accessories.

The nylon and polyester fabrics used for this dress are skin-friendly, hence your baby will be free from itches regardless of the weather.

Sequins Flower Ballerina Dancewear

What if your little girl wants to look like a princess or a majestic ballerina on Christmas? 

Nothing beats this one-shoulder dress and its gigantic flower decoration. And guess what, the flower is removable for your creativity!

Due to the mix of cotton, polyester, organza, and sequins, our fairytale-like dress is only suitable for hand-washing with very mild detergents.

Candy Cane Striped Sequins Ballet Dress

When you need something more colorful and radiant than one or two colors in a dress, why not try a dress inspired by our beloved candy canes?

From the fitted top to the widely spread tulle, the outfit is made with premium materials that give your baby extra comfort and softness while remaining lightweight.

Candy Cane Striped Christmas Tights

For people who have got an outfit and now need matching tights for warmth and style, a striped design would be extremely suitable. 

Made of polyester, it is only available for hand-washing, so be sure you can take care of it before purchasing!

Nonetheless, you will need to check on the size chart carefully, for the sizes of costumes and accessories are not the same as your regular clothing sizes.

Sequins Ruffle One Shoulder Ballet Dance Dress

Despite the bold colors associated with Christmas themes, we couldn’t help but think of little princesses who wouldn’t exchange their pastel colors for anything else.

You can choose between white, soft pink, light purple, and sky blue for a gift.

If you consider Christmas a good occasion for ice skating and whatnot, these costumes will come in handy!

Arshiner Long Sleeve Hollow Back Ballet Leotards

Now, should you want to give your baby girl something she can utilize and use regularly, we recommend this hollow-back dress.

Aside from the softness with 93% cotton and only 7% spandex for a good stretch, the flowy dress will spread and bounce with every move she makes. 

Thus, it is a lovely choice for special festivals, not limited to Christmas.

Christmas Dance Costumes for Adults

Christmas Santa Costume Ballet Dance

It is never too late for a grown-up to adorn something festive. A red or green leotard-styled dress would be a lovely gift for both yourself and your loved ones.

The velvet top and the mesh bottom cooperate to give our skins a good time without compromising the glamour thanks to the sparkly pins and the (faux) fur collar.

Women Light Up Tutus 

Do you want to (literally) light up the party? What is a more direct way than to put on something with light bulbs attached to it? 

Check out this LED ballet skirt!

Besides the lights shining among layers of fabrics in your skirt, the hard yarn is lightweight and soft to the touch. Hence, you won’t feel any discomfort while wearing it.

Christmas Santa Skirt

We have been keeping an eye out for something traditional and modern at the same time, and this classic shape with Christmas patterns has caught our attention.

You can mix this skirt with a traditional sweater for warmth and a crop top for a more audacious look. It will be pleasant for your skin either way, even though it is not made for washing machines!

Rainbow Tutu Skirt 

The combination of red and green is so evidently Christmas-ish, though it was the folds that make this skirt unique. It balances between mature and childish, making sure you catch the eyes of everyone.

Since the materials are soft and pliant, this dress will have to be squeezed neatly for delivery. A steam iron at its lowest mode will be enough to regain the fluffiness.

Shiny Sequins Lyrical Dance Dress 

The most festive season of the year calls for something glamorous, so we have been tremendously attracted to this gorgeous long dress.

The top would embrace the user’s body nicely and flatter the curves, while the long & flowy dress gives you a dreamy look as if you are straight out of a fairy story. 

In our opinion, it would be amazing as well if your coming-of-age party takes place around Christmas!

Rhinestones Asymmetrical Flowy Short Dress

Would you believe that this dress is a modified leotard

It has a pull-on closure and a tight fit as any leotard should, enhanced with the fabrics smoothly falling past the middle of your thighs.

We love the asymmetrical cut that flaunts the length of the legs and makes the user so dainty and elegant. You can choose red or white to suit the traditional Christmas theme!

LED Isis Wings Christmas Costume for Belly Dance 

Let’s forget about pretty dresses for a second and look at these wings! If it isn’t the definition of festivals, we don’t know what would be better.

It works best for people who are taller than 5 feet, so they can fully spread the wings and remain safe at the same time. 

Consequently, it is more compatible with fitted clothes or costumes for belly dancing.

Final Words

We are sure these Christmas dance costumes will take the market by storm soon enough as it is the busiest season on the market in a year. 

So why don’t you secure your purchase right now and make sure you & your loved ones have the best holiday ever? 

Stay tuned, because we will keep updating the list whenever something pretty catches our attention!

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