8 Best Hair Gels for Dancers’ Competitions & Recitals

Getting the best hair gel for dancers in recitals, competitions, or even gymnastics might seem trivial compared to other preparations, but it is irreplaceable. 

A decent dancer hair gel will keep your hair in the state and form you want for a whole day and more, so you can confidently perform without worrying about your appearance.

8 Best Hair Gels for Dancers to Use in Recitals & Competitions

1. TRESemmé Extra Hold Hair Gel for All Hair

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If you are in need of the best hair gel for ballet dancers, TRESemmé has a lot of plus points to offer. 

They have strong resistance against humidity and thus provide your hair with extra hold, which means the effect might last for a whole day. Furthermore, the innovative formula is sufficient: your hair looks slick but not greasy.

Another advantage it has over many products on the market is its versatility. Any type of hair can benefit from this hair gel, whether it is oily or dry. If you have straight hair and need an elegant slick-back look, it can help you. If you want luscious curls for your wavy hair, it is capable of that as well.

For many people, the fragrance it gives off is definitely an attraction. The top note is very natural and fresh with pear, apple, peach, and the fruit scent mingles exceptionally well with the floral additions including jasmine, rose, and muguet. 

During cold days, the back notes will shine with the signature musk embracing cedar and sandalwood for a cozy and heartwarming feel.


  • Compatible with all kinds of hair
  • The control effect lasts for a quite long time
  • Resistant to humidity as well as stiffness


  • Flaws in the package sometimes

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2. SexyHair Style Hard Up Hard Holding Gel

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For many gel users, flakes are a concern, yet SexyHair makes sure you won’t have to experience such convenience with a long-lasting formula for humidity resistance for up to 48 hours. 

It won’t ruin your silky smooth hair. It won’t add up to your problem with dry hair either.

If you get some of this gel on your hair, you might be taken aback by the ethereal blue color. It looks like something magical and it is indeed magic if you don’t believe styling gels can give your hair more shine. 

Titanium dioxide and mica are the agents that catch on lights and reflect them to our eyes.

Like most similar products, the hard-holding gel works better on dampened hair, but dry hair works too. However, strong chemicals were necessary to maintain the desired form, hence the Not So Hard version is worth considering as well.


  • Applicable for all hair types
  • Retaining the hair’s form for a long time
  • A lighter alternative is available


  • The packing is known to be broken
  • The price went up over time

3. SexyHair Big Blow Dry Volumizing Gel – Longest Humidity Resistance

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24 hours, 48 hours, and now we have 72 hours of humidity resistance in another gel from SexyHair, the Big Blow Dry Volumizing product line. The cutting-edge formula allows it to adjust to any hair type.

While it is not a styling gel for a standard ballerina bun, it is something you wouldn’t want to miss out on if you want more volume for your hair or simply give it a lift. 

The gel can memorize whatever style you put your hair in for 48 hours at most. Even though it sounds a bit extra for daily use, it proves to be useful when you have continuous schedules.

The question buyers often ask is: Would there be damage to my hair if I use heat tools for waves and curls after applying this gel? 

You don’t have to worry about it with the 450˚F protection (about 232˚C). There will be no burnt residue, and your hair will have that desirable shine.


  • Amazing for styles that need extra hold
  • Humidity resistance
  • Heat protection


  • Effects are not visible with overly thin hair

4. DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel

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As a styling gel, DevaCurl wants to solve the problems that usually bother customers: flake, crunch, and stickiness. 

You won’t get that wetness or dryness from this product, for its formula mainly focuses on keeping your tresses in their natural conditions and encouraging a texture without clumping curls and flyaways.

Approved by scientists and developed with dermatologists, DevaCurl stays away from gluten and cruelty-based ingredients. Natural ingredients ensure natural tenderness on your hair, decrease the probability of frizz and control all types of curls.

The gel gives off a mixed scent of raspberry, salty melon, and pomegranate, sweetened by cotton candy and further refined with waterlilies, sandalwood, and musk. This little magic is bottled with recycled plastics, as a commitment to protecting the environment.

For maximum effect, users are recommended to apply the gel when their hair is still wet and continue to style without rinsing. A little bit of shaking at the roots will be a necessary finish to keep the curls seamless.


  • Provide flexibility with curls and a strong hold
  • Improve the definition and shape of the curls
  • Minimize frizzy hair
  • No flake, no crunch, no stiffness


  • A bit dry if your hair is already lacking moisture
  • Slightly pricey for the bottle size

5. DevaCurl Supreme Defining Gel

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The biggest difference between Supreme and Ultra is the hold. Supreme is the product with the strongest hold DevaCurl can offer. 

If you need to put a nail in your extravagant curls and make sure it maintains the perfect form, you will need something like Supreme. It is the best hair gel for dance competitions when you want everything to go your way.

Other than that, they share the same features as the Ultra product, from the refreshing fruity scents to the environment-friendly bottle. However, as it is made to give an extremely strong hold, it is bound to face more intense conditions. Hence, the fragrance will change slightly.

It underwent a change in the formula recently and ended up feeling a bit thicker than before. While it still does what it should be doing, oily-haired users might not be too happy with a stickier gel.


  • The strongest hold for curls
  • Non-stiff, non-flaky, non-crunchy formula
  • Refreshing fragrances


  • The new formula comes with a thick and sticky substance

6. Aussie Instant Freeze Hair Gel with Jojoba Oil & Sea Kelp

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It’s incredible how Aussie Instant Freeze Hair Gel has a ranking as the best hair gel for dance bun if you look at the price tag. They offer 20 hours of a stronghold for any definition you want to create for your hair.

This styling gel scores with organic ingredients that result in a fancy fragrance. Jojoba oil and sea kelp are the most outstanding components that contribute to the aquatic feel. It feels as smooth as it smells, and you won’t experience any flaking.

With an Aussie product, we can believe in its ability to resist humidity and hot weather. The formula allows it to maintain your hair form without causing any distress and flaking for your scalp. Even if you have dyed your hair, it won’t be a problem!


  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Strong hold with no flaking
  • No hair stress


  • It builds up if you overuse it

7. Wetline Xtreme Professional Extra Hold Styling Gel – Cheapest Hair Gel

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The 24-hour hold coupled with the very attractive price earns this product from Wetline a position in our collection of the best hair gel for dance recitals. 

It uses Aloe Vera as the main ingredient and panthenol instead of alcohol. Therefore, despite the hold, it also takes care of your hair.

You can feel the gentle fragrance from the Aloe Vera as soon as you get some of the gel on your palms, and it will remain the same after you style your hair and go through a long day.

With extra moisture from Aloe Vera, you can say goodbye to frizzy and knotty hair as well as awkward stray strands. If you have been eager to try a hairstyle with curls but wary of how long it will remain defined, Wetline Professional Styling Gel will give you the confidence you need.


  • Provide enough moisture for slick back hair
  • Hold the curls perfectly
  • Pleasant smell
  • Very affordable


  • Some problems with the package

8. Garnier Fructis Style Curl Shape Defining Spray Gel – Best for Curly Hair

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People with curly hair are usually very skeptical of hair gels. And it indeed needs an awesome curly hair gel like this Garnier product to keep unruly strands under control. It can shape the curls as you want and boost the volume for a very luscious look.

While defining the curls is the priority, Garnier pours a lot of effort into hydrating and nourishing the hair. You won’t feel the usual dryness from styled curls, and your hair will maintain its natural shine. 

Should you need to renew the curls, you only need to rinse with water, get the gel on, and blow dry.

Aside from the benefits for curly hair, Garnier also wins a lot of hearts with vegan ingredients 100% cruelty-free. The packing is made with recycled plastics as a commitment to environmental protection.


  • Vegan ingredients
  • Nourishing the hair pretty well
  • Extremely effective on curly hair


  • The substance might be thick for oily hair


1. Are gel bad for hair?

No matter how beneficial these gels are for competition readiness, they are chemical compounds in the end. Thus, they have some negative effects on the hair that you should be very aware of:

  • Hair loss: The gels can maintain your hair in a form because they dehydrate it along with your scalp. This dryness works in tandem with environmental pollutants and triggers excessive sebum production. So your follicles end up clogged and the hair roots become alarmingly weak.  Severe hair loss might lead to baldness.
  • Dandruff: Another consequence of a dry scalp is dandruff, and the symptoms are itchiness, flakiness, and irritation which are very inconvenient to deal with. If untended, the inflammation might worsen and develop into acne.
  • Dry hair: The chemicals in stylish gels are very active in dehydrating the hair and preventing the natural production of sebum. Without enough sebum, the hair is frizzy and prone to breakage, and you will have to say goodbye to luscious tresses.
  • Discoloration: As these products strip your strands of moisture and nutrients, they render the hair vulnerable and imbalanced in pH. The natural color and shine will become dull and grey.

But don’t worry, you can reduce the bad effects with some simple tips:

  • Use gels with a water base rather than alcohol.
  • Wash your hair before and after using stylish gels.
  • Don’t brush your hair if you have applied gels.
  • Use a sufficient amount at first and add more if necessary.

2. Which is better: hair gel or hairspray?

The main effect of hair gel is to put your unruly strands under control and create a neat appearance. It is very effective for ballerina buns or ponytails. Furthermore, short hair can utilize gels for a trendy wet look too.

Meanwhile, hairspray is for a firm fixation when you style your hair differently, and it is more efficient when you have long hair.

Therefore, your choice between these two products depends greatly on your purpose. They have one thing in common though: we need to wash our hair regularly if we rely on them for a certain hairstyle, for the chemicals can cause disastrous effects.

3. How to apply hair gel for dancers?

For the perfectly neat bun, we start by gathering the strands and tying them into a high ponytail before slipping the necessary hair donut on and using the tresses to cover the donut entirely.

Any stray threads of hair could be handled with pins and styling gels. You should only squeeze a small amount on your fingertips and rub the gel on any loose strands. Using too much gel will give you an unnecessary wet look and put your hair at risk.

If you want to hold your hair in this condition, use hairspray instead of a hairdryer. Blow-drying hair tresses slick with gel might submit them to extreme dryness.

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Our Top Pick

With difficult pondering, we would place TRESemmé Extra Hold Hair Gel in the #1 position as the best hair gel for dancers because it tends to all types of hair with a fairly lasting hold. Furthermore, it has good resistance against humidity and reduces unwanted dryness. The reasonable price tag is also a plus point to consider!

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