20+ Dance Christmas Ornaments To Perfect Your Decorating

Christmas is all about having fun. And if your definition of fun is a cute, winter-themed dance party at home, then these thematic dance Christmas ornaments will help you greatly in the decor department.

When arranged properly around the house, they will transform the look and feel of your house and turn the place into a beautiful stage!

And even if you have no intention of hosting a dance party, these decorations will prettify your home and prepare the atmosphere for a nice Christmas dinner.

In any case, check them out below!

10+ Dance Christmas Ornaments For Your Wonderful Holidays

Kurt Adler “Dance” Girl Christmas Ornament

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Kurt S. Adler is a pretty popular decor designer. Most of their products have a chic-ish design and usually revolve around the holiday theme. The same thing applies to this “Dance” Girl Christmas Ornament here!

This small decor piece has the shape of a girl striking a ballet pose with a pretty smile on her face. She wears a red, glittery dress and color-matched dance shoes.

The glitter reflects ambient lighting and makes her stand out among other decorative pieces in your home.

But the most striking part of this piece is the “Dance” word written in cursive script underneath the dancing girl.

Kurt Adler Resin Dance Bag Ornament

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Also made by the Kurt Adler brand, the dance bag ornament takes the form of a classic ballet study bag. Come to any dance studio, and you’ll see students always lugging these duffel bags around!

If you’re an ex-dance student, this decor piece can invoke a lot of nostalgia.

The piece is made from hard resin. The straps for the bag are pink, and a large ribbon (cast in hard resin and pink) is pinned to the side of the bag. A heart-shaped plaque with the script “Dance” is in the middle of the bag.

Quite feminine, it’ll be a good fit if you have young girls around the house. But there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the nice aesthetic of the bag, either!

Personalized Tap Dancer Blonde Girl

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This decor piece – made from polyresin – has the shape of a classical tap dancer. It depicts a blonde girl wearing a tap dance costume with a hat and a cane.

But the best part about this piece isn’t its design. When you buy this piece, you can text the manufacturer, and they can personalize it by writing a short message on the dancer’s costume.

The sample image on the manufacturer’s website has the words “Emily, 2017” written on the piece. It’ll make a great, inexpensive Christmas gift for children who love dancing.

Inspired Silver Dancer Charm Ornament

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If you need something that’s classier and more luxurious, the Inspired Silver Dancer Charm ornament is one of the better pieces out there.

The piece consists of a circular arch with a wreath of mistletoe at the top. In the middle is a separate, heart-shaped metal piece with the word “Dancer” inscribed beautifully across it.

The highlight of this piece is actually the material. It’s made from brass and layered with a thin layer of sterling silver. The piece is further decorated with small Cubic Zirconia diamonds to make it sparkle.

All of the luxurious-looking materials give the piece a lustrous shine, making it an excellent decor piece as well as a gift if you know anyone who loves dancing!

Old World Tap Shoe Glass Blown Ornaments

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According to the manufacturer, this piece is crafted using “age-old traditions that originated in the 1800s.” Of course, we can’t verify this claim, but one thing’s for sure: the piece looks great!

This piece takes the shape of a classic, black leather tap shoe. It should make a great decor piece if there are Irish tap dancers in your house and you’d like to celebrate their talent.

Although it looks like it’s made from black leather, the shoe is painted glass. Hand-crafted and mouth-blown, the piece sure looks and feels high quality.

Personalized Ballroom Dance Ornament

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If anyone in your family and friend circle loves ballroom dancing, these dance ornaments will make them happy when they see them. You can even get one of these as a treat to yourself!

This series of dance ornaments has fourteen versions, each with a different design. There is a version for an African American dancer, a Blonde Hip Hop Dancer, a Ballroom Dancer, and more.

There are even simpler versions with the shape of a pair of tap shoes!

Each piece comes in a small box, and you can text the manufacturer for them to put a personalized message inside if you plan to use it as a gift.

You can also personalize the piece itself! They can write a special message on the model with a permanent marker to make the decor piece more special.

Kurt Adler Resin International Dancer Ornament Set

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Compared to other pieces made by Kurt Adler, this set looks a lot more elaborate and exotic. It is a set of four pieces, each depicting a dancer wearing exotic costumes while dancing traditional dances.

The dancers (and dances) have Chinese, Russian, Spanish, and Arabic origins.

These can be great gifts for people who have seen The Nutcracker ballet or are fans of international dances.

The models are very detailed and are colored brightly. Hang them on your Christmas tree, and they’re certain to make the tree pop!

Kurt Adler Resin Arabian Dancer Ornament

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The Arabian Dancer belly dance ornaments are pieces taken out of the four sets above. It depicts a female dancer wearing a traditional costume while striking a classic belly dance pose.

The model is beautiful, with the dance jewelry and accessories on the dancer’s clothes meticulously painted or glued on.

CafePress Dance Christmas Ornament

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The CafePress Dance Christmas Ornament differs from other decor pieces we’ve had on this list so far in that it’s neither made from metal nor resin. Instead, it’s made from porcelain!

This piece is circular and has a brown, leather-like print on the surface. In the middle are several heart-shaped patterns and the phrase: “Dance. With my heartstring” written in beautiful script.

Romantic and unique, we think it’ll make a great gift or Christmas tree decor for couples.

Kurt Adler Resin Step Irish Dancer Ornament

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The resin piece has the design of a smiling girl wearing a traditional Irish dance costume and striking the iconic leg-raised pose of Irish tap dancing.

The smiley, adorable decor piece can brighten the house not just with its design, but also with the bright colors that Kurt Adler painted it with.

CafePress Color Guard Spin Dance Perform Ornament

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The CafePress Dance Christmas Ornament may fit your criteria if you prefer decor pieces with simpler, more low-key styling.

It’s a simple circular tag made from aluminum. On it, a quote is written in cursive script: “Spin with your muscles, dance with your heart, perform with your soul.

It’s a simple but meaningful and motivational decor piece for dancers or dance enthusiasts in your household!

Ceramic Ornaments Ballroom Dancing Couple

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The Ceramic Ornaments Ballroom Dancing Couple is made from ceramic. While it’s a bit less durable than metal or silver, ceramic won’t fade or peel.

We project that it will last for a mighty long time if it’s stored correctly after the season.

The ceramic plate is painted with a couple doing a ballroom dance. A loop at the top allows you to hang the piece on your Christmas tree or anywhere around the house.

African Ethnic Dance Women Christmas Decorations

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This piece is 3 inches across and made from ceramic. On the circular plate are beautiful, abstract silhouettes of women striking poses and dancing.

At the top and bottom of the plate is traditional-esque patterning that gives the plate a very classic look.

There’s a lanyard at the top for you to hang the piece on your Christmas tree. It’ll also make for a wicked Christmas gift.

Ceramic Ornament Hanging Tree

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Another ceramic decor piece on this list. This one is also 3 inches across, but rather than having a circular shape, it has a star-like shape.

The piece is white with light blue patterning in the middle. Right at the center is a quote: “Life is better when you dance your way through it.”

Motivational and pretty!

Beautiful Dance Ornaments For Ballet Lovers

Christmas Resin Ballet Girls Ornament

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For ballet lovers in your household or your friend circle, these resin classical dance ornaments – shaped like mini ballerinas – will surely make them happy.

Each set will contain 12 different mini figurines. They’re further separated into two styles, sweet (white dresses) and elegant (purple dresses). There are three pieces of each type.

The figures are shaped into many poses, and you can pick the ones you like best on the tree!

Personalized Girl Brunette Ballerina Christmas Ornament

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This can make a great gift for young ballerinas in your life! The decor piece, made from hard polyresin, is tough and long-lasting.

You also have the option to personalize it if you wish. Text the manufacturer, and they will write a special message on the figure (or the name of the lucky child) on the figurine.

The message seems to be written by an expert writer since the script is very beautiful!

Kurt S. Adler Pink Glitter Ballet Shoes

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These pink Glitter Ballet Shoes are shaped like a pair of en pointe ballet shoes and are sprayed with plenty of glitter. Hang it onto a Christmas tree alongside the string lights, and they’ll shine prettily.

These shoes are made from cotton, making them look like real ballet shoes. And unlike most Christmas decor pieces that give you a cotton string to act as a lanyard, they come with cotton (or silk) ribbons. They fit perfectly into the shoes’ design!

Denise Gifts Personalized Ballerina Outfit

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The Denise Gifts Personalized Ballerina Outfit piece will make for a great gift for a child who enjoys ballet.

It’s shaped like a pink, ballet-dancing outfit and is made from ceramic. Dangling right underneath the outfit is a small, cute pair of dancing shoes.

This is a personalized dance ornament. Write to the manufacturer beforehand when you place your order, and they’ll write your message or the name of the child onto the upper piece of the ballet outfit!

Small Plastic Ballerina Dancer Ornaments Sets

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If you only need simple, cheap dance-themed decors to prettify your Christmas tree, the Small Plastic Ballerina Dancer Ornaments Sets should do.

All the pieces are made from plastic, so they’re far cheaper. Each set will come with four pieces.

They’re all built to resemble a posing ballerina. In each piece, the ballerina will strike a different pose.

You can pick the ones you like best (or all of them!) to go onto your Christmas tree. A thin loop at the top allows you to hang them on the tree branches.

Amazing Dance Ornaments For Hip-Hop Dance Lovers

Hip Hop Dancer Personalized Christmas Ornament

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Christmas decorations don’t necessarily have to look cute or classic. They can look energetic and modern, too!

A good example of that is hip-hop dance ornaments like the Hip Hop Dancer Personalized Christmas Ornament. It takes the shape of a happy girl striking a hip-hop pose. It’ll be a good gift for children who love more modern dancing styles.

This piece is personalizable. A special message or the child’s name can be written in permanent marker on the figure’s shirt.

Personalized Hip-hop Dancer Brunette Girl

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Made from hard resin and available in four different styles, the Personalized Hip-hop Dancer Brunette Girl has a simple but very beautiful design.

It’s a white resin “puck” with the image of a girl wearing street clothes and dancing hip-hop printed on top.

This one is also personalizable! The child’s name or a message can be written underneath the dancing girl in the center of the piece.

Tree Buddees Retro 80’s Hip Hop Santa

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This one can definitely draw a laugh from anyone walking by your Christmas tree or your decorations!

Made from plastic, this piece depicts Santa Claus wearing hip-hop clothes while shouldering a big boom box. It’s funny, adorable, and quirky all at the same time!

So, we think that other than being a great Christmas decor, it’ll also make for a good gift if you know any friend who loves this style of art or hip-hop.

Let’s Decor!

Dance ornaments can lend your house a more personal, unique air. It’ll show just how much you value dancing as an art. They also make for great gifts.

You can send these to anyone you know who loves dancing, young and old, and they’ll love the tiny trinkets.

Which ornament is your favorite so far? Have you ordered any of them yet? Tell us in the comments!

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