7 Best Leotards For Ballet Dancers To Stylize Your Figure

Finding the best leotards for ballet dancers is essential because a good leotard might fuel their passion by providing comfort and simply looking beautiful.

These leotards below are all high-quality and convenient for many purposes other than practice!

Top 4 Best Leotards For Ballet Dancers

1. Capezio Women’s Team Basic Short Sleeve Leotard – Simple yet Elegant

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Capezio has the most flattering ballet leotards, and they offer an amazing short-sleeved version with great softness and breathability.

It has a simple yet elegant form that looks great in the practice room and is still quite fashionable if paired with denim shorts and jackets.

Also, it is available in many colors and sizes (from x-small to 3x).

The material is made of 90% nylon and 10% spandex, which is possibly one of the best materials for leotards we can find online.

You can toss this item into the washing machine after intense practice and it will look good as new after, thanks to the fantastic stretchability.

If you prefer wearing a bra under your leotard, the thickness of the material will keep the seam hidden for you. Snagging and wrinkling are unlikely for Capezio leotards as long as you grab the appropriate size. 

The only downside of it is some minimal discomfort if your body proportion is not the best fit for the size, though it won’t hinder your movements.


  • Firm and durable materials but they still feel soft and stretch over your skin.
  • Various options for colors and sizes.
  • Looks elegant and sophisticated.


  • Might be a little tight, but getting used to the feeling is better than going for a larger size.

2. Capezio Women’s Tb41 Turtleneck Long Sleeve Leotard – Good winter leotard

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We can’t seem to get enough of these Capezio leotards, and when they come up with the long sleeves, the elegance is simply mind-blowing.

With the classy-looking turtleneck, it can change from a traditional outfit for ballet auditions to a chic outfit if you put on your jeans or joggers upon leaving the studio.

Like many other leotards from Capezio, it is made of 10% spandex and 90% nylon, ensuring the durability and breathability necessary for intense practice sessions.

Furthermore, you have absolutely no concern about your appearance due to the graceful design.

In the community of leotard users, this product has a reputation for being quite flexible with its applications.

It hugs the body perfectly when you put your cosplay costume over it and causes no discomfort even for pregnant women. It’s a decent piece to wear even in autumn or winter.


  • High-end leotards for the professionals.
  • Elegant design.
  • Various sizes and colors.
  • It is useful in different situations.     


  • A little tight compared to the size – the same disadvantage other Capezio leotards seem to face.

3. Capezio Women’s Camisole Leotard with Adjustable Straps – Best customizable leotard

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It’s not an overstatement when we say Capezio has the best ballet leotards for adults, because they come up with different designs and distinctive properties.

The classic style with a low cut on the back and adjustable straps makes it a darling of the classroom. It also goes well with shorts or skirts, hence it is quite useful and convenient.

If you don’t want nylon and spandex, you can be at ease, for this camisole leotard comes with 90% cotton and only 10% lycra spandex.

Cotton is well known for its breathability and comfort, but you need to be careful when washing it. Use your washing machine with cold water and without bleach, delicate cycle, and let it air dry.

The neckline and the back of this leotard are well-balanced. Coupled with the saturated colors of the fabrics, you can move confidently while retaining the aesthetics. 

The customizable straps and the shelf bra with a full front lining cover up what we don’t want to expose.

Like other product lines from Capezio, it also comes in numerous sizes and colors for adults as well as toddlers.


  • Great coverage assuring no awkward exposure.
  • Traditional style with trendy colors.
  • Flexible and adjustable strap for maximum comfort.


  • Cotton easily wears out.
  • Feels a bit small for its size at first.

4. Wear Moi FAUSTINE Tank Leotard for Ballet – Best Leotard for durability

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Wear Moi leotards and their fame have flown past the boundaries of France.

Its classic design with front pinch and U-cut back is flattering for the figure without revealing what should stay covered because of the fully lined front.

No cotton, no nylon lycra spandex, Wear Moi FAUSTINE will lead you to another territory with leotards made of microfiber. The durable fabrics allow your leotard to remain in its glory for a long time even if you use it daily. 

However, the maintenance for it might be too tricky to follow: no dry cleaning, no tumble drying, no bleach, and low to no ironing.

The biggest downside of this Wear Moi leotard is its price. Compared to other leotard brands included in the list, they are quite costly.

But you get what you pay for, and this piece is sure to stick with you for a long time, so consider your needs carefully!


  • High-quality material.
  • Sophisticated style with full front lining.


  • It is not the most inexpensive.
  • The straps might be a bit loose.

3 Best Leotards For Little Girls

1. STELLE Girls Ballet Leotard Combo – Best value for a kid leotard

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For children, the best material is cotton, most of the time. It is breathable enough to keep the active babies free from sweat and discomfort, and the pull-on closure makes it super easy to wear. 

Made of 92% cotton and 8% spandex, it has a slightly shiny finish and doesn’t wear out easily. Viewers are very satisfied with how thick and firm the material is.

As for the details, STELLE fully lined the front of the bodice to ensure softness and comfort for your little girl.

Nonetheless, what makes it one of the best ballet leotards for toddlers is the convenience combo. The skirt and the tights are separate from the leotard, hence the baby can even put it on by themselves.

They are available in a wide range of sizes, from 2T to 8 years old. You can choose between long sleeves and short sleeves too.

The tights definitely look professional enough for a try-out, while the fluffy skirt gives them the look of a little princess.


  • Great and stretchy material for the younger ones.
  • The set includes tights and tutus.
  • It is available for machine washing even though it is cotton.


  • The colors might be different than what the photos show.
  • The skirt definitely needs improvement to fit perfectly.

2. STELLE Girl’s Ruffle Short Sleeve Leotard for Ballet – Best price

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Staying true to the name, this cute leotard features ruffle short sleeves that give the young lady a bit of elegance aside from her natural cuteness.

You can say it is more suitable for performance than practice. It will shine in costume parties and gymnastics as well.

Other than the cute sleeves, the rest of the leotard is not see-through at all. STELLE reinforced the bodice part with cotton of the highest quality and made sure the stretch and comfort reached the maximum level.

You can grab a black or a pink leotard for the baby girl, depending on her preference or her performance.


  • Moderate thickness but extremely comfortable.
  • Durable and not see-through.


  • The product might be a bit larger than the actual size.
  • Only 4 colors are available for now.

3. STELLE Girl’s Camisole Ballet Leotard Dress – Come with various choices

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Made of 95% high-quality cotton and only 5% spandex, this camisole leotard obviously focuses on comfort rather than the shiny finish.

The material is not fragile, but we need to handle them with more care. You shouldn’t throw it into the washing machine, as it can be a little too rough.

It becomes an attraction, however, due to the various choices offered. You can pick one of the four styles: chiffon skirt, puffy tulle, sequin skirt, or longer chiffon skirt for that graceful look. 

The variety and the dainty design allow it to be compatible with many occasions: dance practice or performance, sports, auditions, competitions, ice skating, and many more. 

Imagine your little girl wearing a blue leotard with sparkly sequins – a real fairy indeed!


  • Breathable and comfortable material to wear.
  • Various skirt styles to choose from.


  • Only handwashing.
  • The size might not always be accurate.


What material is best for leotards?

Leotards are available with a variety of materials. The most commonly seen materials on the leotard market are:

  • Cotton

Not only for leotards, but cotton is also usually the first material that comes to mind when we talk about practice costumes due to the comfort and breathability it provides.

However, the obvious flaw of cotton is its limited elasticity.

A cotton leotard is likely to wear out and lose its form faster than other fabrics, and you will have to replace it after a short while.

  • Nylon Lycra

It makes up for the disadvantage of cotton since it is stretchy and durable. You can bunch it up into a ball, pull it in many directions, stuff it in a tight bag, and it will retain its shape perfectly.

It also has a shiny and bright finish with numerous options for colors, hence they can match different types of clothing and form a creative set.

  • Microfibre

Perhaps, it is the most popular material for ballet leotards. As long as you follow the instructions on washing, you can maintain the beautiful colors and the stretchy feel.

Compared to nylon lycra, microfibre looks more on the matte side.

  • Printed fabrics

They focus more on your stage appearance as you can add personality to your dance and turn it into your creation.

How tight should a ballet leotard be?

The leotard should hug your figure perfectly with no folds and wrinkles sticking out. When you try a leotard on, you need to pull it up to the hipbones and make sure your shoulders feel comfortable.

Finally, observe the seams and ask for a larger size if you find the seams stretched.

For children, if they complain about the leotard being too tight after their first time wearing it, it might not be true at all.

They will get used to the feeling of fitting themselves in tight dancewear, but you can do a double-check to be sure.

Should you wear a bra under a leotard for ballet?

Many professional ballerinas still don’t feel uncomfortable wearing only a leotard. They feel like the bras give them the necessary support when dancing. But it is still a matter of preference in most cases.

Ballerinas have to be very cautious with their bra colors. The safest bet for them is a ton-sur-ton set, so even when the leotard reveals a bit of the bra, it is not too obvious and unpleasant to look at.

Leotards with padding and bra pads are other choices for them.

What do male ballet dancers wear under their leotards?

Dance belts are necessary for male ballet dancers to practice and perform without worrying about having their bodies overly exposed.

Before a practice or a performance, a ballerino will put a dance belt on before leotards and outfits. It supports manhood by fitting snugly and securing the waist and also streamlines this personal zone.

Last Words

You now have a list of the best leotards for ballet dancers to choose from!

If you’re shopping for an adult dancer, Capezio Team Basic Short Sleeve Leotard might be the best for you because it includes tights and tutus, and the quality is superb.

For a little girl, STELLE Girls Ballet Leotard Combo is optimal due to different sleeve designs and separate skirts.

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