15 Top Dance Costume Companies In The World

Finding good dance costumes can be a daunting task. Luckily, many dance costume companies are designing great costumes for dancers out there.

Whether you are looking for costumes for solo performances, group dances, or seasonal dances for holidays, the 15 top dancewear brands can offer you various options for dancers of all ages and dance styles.

15 Top Dance Costume Companies In The World

This list is sorted in alphabetical order.

1. A Wish Come True

  • Custom apparel: Yes
  • Made-to-order apparel: Yes

A Wish Come True

A Wish Come True is an American dance costume manufacturer and a small family-owned business headquartered in Philadelphia, USA, founded by Steve Miller. This company has over 30 years of making dance costumes for kids and teens with a passion for dancing.

A Wish Come True has a wide range of costume selections for dancers of all events and occasions.

  • Dance types: different costumes for dance types like hip-hop dance costumes, tap & jazz, ballet, etc.
  • Holidays: costumes for special holidays of the year (Christmas, New Year, etc.).
  • Characters: costumes for some specific characters.
  • 2-in-1 combos: dance costumes for different dancer genres.
  • Team spirit: affordable uniforms for dancers in cheer, pom, All-Star, high kick, and drill.

The main reason why A Wish Come True is listed among the best dance costume companies is that it offers the highest quality products at an affordable price.

All costumes are made in America, from designing, shipping, customer care, and sewing. Plus, they follow the ‘Wish Fit’ – a reliable fit and comfort standard made by A Wish Come True.

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2. Alexandra Costumes

  • Custom apparel: No
  • Made-to-order apparel: Yes

Alexandra Costumes

Alexandra Costumes is another American-made dance costume company that offers various costume types for adults and youngsters.

Whether you are a dance coach, dance teacher, studio owner, a leader of a school dance team, or an organizer of a theater group, you can find for yourself and your team costumes of the highest quality and vibrant colors at Alexandra costumes.

Similar to A Wish Come True, dance costumes at Alexandra are divided into different following groups:

  • Based on characters.
  • Based on dance types: Alexandra provides hip-hop, jazz & tap, lyrical, and contemporary dance costumes.
  • Based on costume types: mainly clothes, along with shoes, accessories, tights, and under.

This brand provides made-to-order apparel. However, it doesn’t have an open service for custom apparel.

3. Art Stone – Top competition dance costume company

  • Custom apparel: Yes
  • Made-to-order apparel: Yes

Art Stone

Art Stone / The Competitor is a dance apparel brand made for dance coaches and dance teachers. This brand was founded in 1960 by Art Stone – a professional dancer, a dance educator, and a well-known choreographer.

Art Stone with his father (Jules) and his wife (Nancy) surveyed dance teachers at various organizations like Dance Educators of America (DEA), Dance Caravan,  the National Associate of Dance & Affiliated Artists (NADAA), and Dance Masters of America (DMA).

Throughout the survey, he designed clothes that solve their needs and obstacles in dancing and dance teaching. Besides ready-made clothes for different dance types and holidays, Art Stone also offers made-to-order apparel via an online form on its website.

In 2014, Art Stone/the Competitor was purchased by Costume Gallery. With this new purchase, Art Stone broadened its customer base to dance students and parents.

4. Bloch

  • Custom apparel: No
  • Made-to-order apparel: Yes


Bloch is an Australian dance costume company with over 90 years in the industry. This brand was founded in 1932 with its name from the name of its founder, Jacob Bloch.

Bloch is now under the management of David Wilkenfeld, the grandson of Jacob Bloch. The brand mainly manufactures footwear products for adults and kids, along with dancewear, activewear, and accessories.

Bloch is worldwide well-known for its solid combination of the artisan spirit and leading innovation. It started making ballet shoes as its first products for the candlelit workshops.

Up till now, Bloch still makes made-to-order pointe shoes as a part of its brand statement. Besides, it also keeps improving its product to fulfill the needs of world fine ballerinas (for example, the application of new stretch fabrics).

Bloch is the choice of many leading dance companies, including the Royal Ballet, the Bolshoi Ballet, the American Ballet Theatre, and the Australian Ballet. Its shoes are worn by famous ballerinas like Francesca Hayward, Isabella Boylston, Lauren Lovette, Yasmine Naghdi, Julian MacKay, WanTing Zhao, Sarah Lamb, Julie Kent, David Hallberg, Maria Khoreva, and José Martinez.

5. Costume Gallery

  • Custom apparel: Yes
  • Made-to-order apparel: Yes

Costume Gallery

Costume Gallery provides costumes and accessories for professional dancers, educators, and studio owners. Since it has custom apparel, you can pre-order costumes for your dance team or organization via its website.

Costume Gallery has its headquarters in Bristol, Pennsylvania. Here it has a factory on-site to design, produce, and deliver products fast with the highest quality.

All handmade products of Costume Gallery are age-appropriate, have a consistent fit, are made of high-quality materials, and fit all body types. Apart from apparel for adults, this brand also provides recital costumes for tiny dancers.

6. Dansco

  • Custom apparel: No
  • Made-to-order apparel: Yes


Dansco is a wholesale apparel provider for dance teachers, studio owners, and dance organizations. That says, it only sells products for organizations, not for the general public.

Dansco started its manufacturing activities in 1896. It has a wide selection of clothes and accessories for many dance styles, like hip-hop, jazz, tap, lyrical, ballet, costumes for holidays, etc.

All products of this brand are made in the USA and follow the strict criteria of NAFTA. They are designed and shipped directly from Dansco’s factory plant in Attleboro, Massachusetts.

7. Kélle dance costume

  • Custom apparel: No
  • Made-to-order apparel: Yes

Kélle dance costume

Kélle dance costume is a leading brand in the dancewear industry headquartered in Boone Avenue North, Minneapolis. This brand designed, manufactured, and distributed apparel for recitals and competitions since 1993.

Its brand mission is to embrace the “Kellé Experience” – high-quality dance costumes with exceptional service.

Up till now, Kélle only provides wholesale purchases for dance schools, dance studios, gyms, or other dance-related services and organizations.

8. Pumpers – Largest dance costume providers in America

  • Custom apparel: Yes
  • Made-to-order apparel: Yes


Pumpers is one of the largest dance costume providers in America with over 10,000 products for dancers of all ages, dance styles, and group sizes. This company provides both custom and made-to-order apparel.

The most noticeable highlight of Pumpers is that it offers fabric swatches for group orders. That means you can leave your information, and Pumpers will send swatches to pick up before the production. It offers 3 price levels for an apparel based on fabrics – basic, premier, and deluxe.

Moreover, Pumpers has a clear web interface to let you make customized dance costumes. Choose the fabrics, sizes, and design options for each part of the costume, and you can check the estimated price for your order.

There is a small notice for customers: Pumpers accept orders for groups of 5 or more for custom orders of items in the catalogs of previous years. For orders in the current years, there is no limitation.

9. Reverence Dance

  • Custom apparel: Yes
  • Made-to-order apparel: No

Reverence Dance

If you want to search for designer costumes for your team, Reverence Dance is a reliable provider.

This company offers lyrical & contemporary dance costumes and also costumes for popular types of dance like jazz or costumes for warm-ups. It also has ready-made costumes for dance teams, dance schools, or dance organizations that perform marching arts.

Besides the above essential product lines, Reverence Dance also offers the “Reverence University” line with special apparel for general performances. You can pick the clothes’ colors, fabrics, or textures based on its online color wheel.

Up till now, Reverence Dance only provides costumes for adults, not for kids.

10. Revolution

  • Custom apparel: No
  • Made-to-order apparel: Yes

Revolution dancewear

Revolution has 25 years of manufacturing and providing dance costumes for dance studios in North America, Canada, and Puerto Rico. It offers costumes made by Revolution, costumes from the Tenth House, and collaboration collections between Revolution and Tenth House (for instance: 2-Die-4 by Tenth House).

Revolution isn’t only a dance costume company but also a supporter of dance education. It gives back a small portion of every purchase for the Studio Essential grant program, a non-profit fund to support dance educators.

Nonetheless, Revolution offers a 45-day free return policy with no extra charge as a guarantee for its product quality and customer service. You can place an order on its website with no minimum order required.

11. Satin Stitches

  • Custom apparel: Yes (for team orders only)
  • Made-to-order apparel: Yes

Satin Stitches dancewear

Satin Stitches offers ready-made and customized apparel for dancers and skaters.

This company has its headquarters in North-East Minneapolis and started its production activities in 1978 by Deborah J. Nelson. In 2020, designer Mercedes Bergman became the new owner of this company.

Dance costumes by Satin Stitches are at a premium price range, with exceptional craftsmanship, pre, and post-order service. All of its costumes are designed and manufactured by talented designers.

For over 30 years in this industry, Statin Stitches proudly served show choirs, pom teams, dance teams, synchronized skating teams, and pro cheer of all ages and nations.

Many costumes of Satin Stitches are now kept in the permanent collection of the Minnesota Historical Society. Mercedes, the new owner of this brand, has many designs featured in runway shows and fashion magazines.

Satin Stitches offers 2 order options – custom apparel with a time range of 8-17 weeks, and made-to-order apparel with a range of 2-8 weeks.

12. Show Off Inc.

  • Custom apparel: Yes
  • Made-to-order apparel: No

Show Off Inc.dance costumes

Established in 1979, Show Off Inc. specializes in custom dance apparel design and manufacturing in Illinois. This brand sells impressive apparel to individuals and dance groups with 3 decades of reputation. From simple to dedicated designs and exquisite trimmings, all orders are taken well with high attention to every detail and element.

Show Off Inc. accepts orders via phone and email, with a minimum of 50% non-refundable deposit. An order takes 4-8 weeks for production and shipping, while a rush service is available for an extra fee.

You can visit its factory at 48 Congress Circle West, Roselle, Illinois, or visit its showroom near O’Hare International Airport for more details and direct orders. This company has no available option for made-to-order costumes.

Besides dance costumes, Show Off Inc. also has apparel for other sports like wrestling, synchronized skating, and ice skating.

13. Tenth House

  • Custom apparel: No
  • Made-to-order apparel: No

Tenth House dance costumes

Tenth House sells dance costumes under the website of Revolution Dance. This brand has appropriate costumes and accessories for 3 dance styles – jazz, contemporary, contemporary/lyrical, and lyrical dance. From acro to dance competition, you can search for stunning pieces of ready-made clothes at Tenth House.

Apart from its essential lines, Tenth House has a collaboration with Revolution Dance named “2-Die-4” created by Bahar Carmichael – a seasoned costume designer for well-known dancers worldwide.

This unique collection includes clothes for solo dancers and aims to show off the fashionable appearance of the dancers and their music.

14. The Line Up

  • Custom apparel: Yes
  • Made-to-order-apparel: Yes

The Line Up dance costumes

The Line Up is a Minnesota-based manufacturer that provides apparel for custom dance costumes, cheer uniforms, and skating dresses mainly for women.

This women-led business was started 33 years ago with the initial purpose of creating fitness apparel for the aerobic trend in the 1990s. This shop has made-to-order styles online or custom apparel based on your requirements.

The Line Up sells products to dance studios, dance teams, studios, NFL, and NBA. It offers special discounts for group purchases with a minimum order of 5. Yet, it doesn’t provide purchases for individuals and solos.

You can check dance costume companies that have solo orders like Satin Stitches or Pumpers. You can shop online for ready-made dresses, make your modified ones, or design clothes from scratch.

15. Weissmans

  • Custom apparel: No
  • Made-to-order apparel: Yes

Weissmans dancewear

Weissmans is your one-stop shop for everything you need for dancing. Costumes, dancewear, tights, shoes, and accessories. This brand also offers special collections catering to specific customer groups.

For example, the 3-in-1 dance costumes allow you to create various performance looks with many mix-and-match items. Or, the footless dance tights aim at dancers that dance on their barefoot.

Weisssmans is a family-owned business with 60 years of innovations and 3 generations. It was started by Rose and Julius Weissmans with the initial purpose to provide high-value, beautiful recital and performance looks for professional dancers.

Up till now, it is well-known for 3 reasons – high craftsmanship, excellent customer service, and the endless passion for the art of dance.

Weissman is now located in St.Louis, Missouri. You can purchase in-stock products or get made-to-order apparel. There are many brands owned by the Weissman family:

  • Weissman: customized dance costumes for dance teachers, and studio owners, but not for solos or individuals.
  • Balera: Similar to the Weissman brand, Balera aims to wholesale purchases. Yet, you can still get its costumes at a retail price at some websites like Dancewear Solutions, retail costume boutiques, or costume shops.
  • FlexTek Smooth: This brand provides high-performance costumes. These costumes can be purchased via some similar channels like Balera.
  • Capezio, Bloch, Pastry, Apollo, and more: Besides some Weissman-based brands, Weissman also offers vendor brands, making it a reliable stop for dance costumes.

Final Words

I hope that you can find one or some places to order costumes for you and your teams from these 15 dance costume companies. If there is a favorite dance costume provider that I have missed, leave your ideas in the comment section with some brief information on their site, their brand mission, and key product lines.

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