Best Recitals Gifts for Dancers: 10+ Ways to Reward Your Dancer

Dance recitals are when every drop of sweat and effort a dancer puts into practice will pay off. Especially for young dancers, their first few recitals will always feel monumental.

Recital gifts for dancers are a great way to show them that you’re proud of them. It’ll also make them happier and more motivated after the show when they see that their hard work has improved.

In this guide, we’ll show you the best gifts you can give your children (or friends!) after a dance recital.

12 Best Dance Recital Gift Ideas To Reward Your Dancers

1. A Bouquet of Flowers

You don’t necessarily have to buy anything expensive or unique! It’s the thought that matters.

In that case, a bouquet of fresh, beautiful flowers will do the trick 99.9% of the time. If you attend the recital, come and hand the bouquet to your young dancer when their performance is finished.

This is standard practice in most dancing recitals and performances, too.

So, if you want to go all out, you can give them a bouquet and present another gift later on!

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2. Bearington Ballerina Teddy Bear

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For young dancers, the Bearington Ballerina Teddy Bear is an excellent gift. This 13-inch bear, named Nina, is dressed in a pink tutu that every young ballerina wears when they take the stage.

The bear is made from high-quality plush material. Interestingly, the bear also comes with weighted arms and legs, allowing the bear to be fixed into various poses.

Bears aren’t really your child’s style?

You can get them a plush ballerina kitten instead! This cat plushy from Laila and Lainey measures about 16.5 inches long, is made from soft fabric on the outside, and is filled with high-quality plush on the inside.

It’s decked out in a pink ballet tutu, a pink bow, and pointe shoes. Your ballerina child won’t have any problem relating to and falling in love with the adorable cat!

Other than bears and cats, you can find plushies in the shape of unicorns and bunnies. Pick whichever animal your child would like best!

3. Silver Ballerina Earrings

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For older children (above 12 years old) with a penchant for jewelry, you can give them a new pair of earrings!

These silver ballerina earrings take the shape of a pair of ballet shoes, symbolizing their achievement and the effort they’ve made to get to that point. They’ll surely delight!

The earrings are made from sterling silver and studded with cubic zirconia diamonds, and you can pick from one of two options: rose gold or silver.

4. Rainbow Ballerina Necklace – Dance Recital Gifts for Women

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Earrings can be difficult because only some people like (or have piercings) to wear earrings. In that case, you can’t go wrong with a rainbow ballerina necklace. This gift will suit young girls, teenagers, as well as adults!

The pendant has the shape of a ballerina striking a beautiful pose. Her long skirt is dotted with multi-colored gems with a rainbow-like quality. These gems are Austrian crystals!

To make the pendant more long-lasting, it is plated with sterling silver and a mixture of rhodium and gold.

These sturdy materials ensure the necklace will withstand much abuse without losing its shine (which is perfect for dancers who have to sweat and move around a lot.)

5. Silver Ballerina Necklace – Great for girls & teenage dancers

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If the rainbow-colored gems are a bit too much and your girl would like something a bit more low-key, this silver ballerina necklace will do the trick nicely. 

It has the shape of a pair of ballet shoes, with the lacing, shank, and heel in solid sterling silver. The vamp is studded with beautiful cubic zircon crystals.

The smaller, less dramatic shape compared to the ballerina necklace makes it a more modest wear. But it’ll still be able to make quite a statement!

6. Charm Bracelet Dancing

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Necklaces aren’t to the taste of your little dancer? Well, bracelets will make for a great gift! 

This one has a cute, European-style design with small pink and silver beads. A silver charm is attached to one end of the bracelet, shaped like a pair of ballet shoes. It’s held together by a classic lobster clasp.

If you prefer the broader look of snake chain-style bracelets, there are plenty of other options, such as this bracelet from HHHbeauty and this one from the Infinity Collection

Both bracelets have the same design: leather and cotton cords mixed with metal chains held together by a lobster clasp.

The charm is made from alloyed metal, and the word “DANCE” is prominently displayed in large, blocky letters in the center.

7. Morse Code Bracelets

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Morse code bracelets are a great gift since they contain a “secret” message only the wearer can decode. That makes this gift extremely personal!

This bracelet, for example, has metal beads connected to form the phrase “Just Dance”. Small and with an adjustable bracelet to fit any arm size, it’s a great gift for a dancer of any age!

If you prefer the bracelet to have a more natural and organic look, the bracelet here has beads made from wood.

And for those who prefer a shinier, more luxurious look, this bracelet is made from polished stainless steel!

8. Inspirational Bangle Crown – Personalized recital Gift for young dancers

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If you want a personalized gift for your dancer, this bangle from Joycuff is worth looking into. 

It’s a simple bangle made from plain metal. However, on the inside, you can text the manufacturer and tell them to inscribe a special message onto the metal.

You can write their name on it or a cute little message to tell them how proud you are of them!

In any case, this bangle can make for a thoughtful and personal gift that will touch the recipient’s heart.

9. Unique Chocolate Cookies

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Aside from jewelry, a tasty treat at the end of a rough recital can also be an excellent present. A box of artisanal, chocolate-coated cookies can fill both your favorite dancer’s belly as well as their heart!

This box of unique chocolate cookies comes with 12 distinct pieces, each one with different toppings, layouts, and flavors. The chocolate coating, according to Barnett’s, is “premium-grade”.

And from looking at the reviews all praising the chocolate-dipped cookies for their tastiness, this description is apt!

It’s not a gift that’s going to last for a very long time like a necklace or a bracelet, but it’s the thought that counts!

10. Handmade Bath bombs

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One thing that just about every dancer will universally agree: muscle sores are a daily struggle.

Amateur and professional dancers alike have to practice several hours a week. The process is exhausting and can even be painful.

What better way to loosen up the muscles and relax the body than a nice, warm bath? Even better if it’s scented and has great colors to amuse the eyes.

That’s why these handmade bath bombs can make for a great recital gift for dancers.

Each box contains five different bath bombs of different colors and scents, and in the middle is a soap flower to help soften up the skin while in the bath.

11. Pedicure Foot Spa Bath

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The feet are the body parts that handle the most stress and fatigue for a dancer. So, besides a nice warm bath, a pedicure foot spa bath will be heavenly for any dancer out there. 

But you don’t necessarily have to give them a voucher to a massage parlor. Instead, you can give them this spa machine with vibration and a water-jet foot massager. They’ll be able to enjoy a foot massage whenever they want.

Believe us when we say that for a dancer, this is one of the most practical gifts you can give them, and they’ll love you for it!

12. Dance Makeup Bag

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Having good make-up is a must for female dancers in just about every dance style, ranging from ballet to Latin. 

But carrying all of the products with them to the studio or back and forth from shows, performances, and competitions can be a hassle. That’s why giving them a make-up bag would be a good idea.

This particular makeup bag from Mikela is made from high-quality, water-proof material. It’s also pretty spacious and allows the user to fill it with all sorts of products. 

We think this bag is going to make for an excellent companion for your dancers whenever they have to travel anywhere to perform, including to recitals!

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What Else Can You Give as Recital Gifts for Dancers?

These aren’t your only options if you’re looking for gift ideas for dancers. Here are a few extra ideas that you can use!

1. Picture Frame

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If the recital or performance is a big milestone in the dancer’s life (graduation, first recital, etc.), then giving them a picture frame with a nice photo of the occasion inside will make for a nice, thoughtful gift.

For young children, this frame – pink and beautifully decorated with motifs and the graceful silhouette of a ballerina to the side – can sit nicely on their bedside table.

The design of this particular frame isn’t too childish, however, so it’ll work as a gift for teenagers and adults as a first dance recital gift, too!

But if you want something more colorful and vibrant, this Cosmos frame with brighter colors and a more detailed carving of a ballerina in a pink tutu dress to the side should be a better-looking alternative.

2. New Dance Shoes

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New dance shoes are as practical a gift as they could get. Dance shoes, dance sneakers – especially those worn by professional or full-time dancers – wear out quickly. 

For example, the pointe shoes worn by ballerinas can be worn out in a week. So, a new pair of shoes is one of the greatest gifts for ballet dancers.

These pointe shoes from Capezio are worth looking into if you’re going to this route. Make sure to buy the exact shoe size, though. They have to fit perfectly or the shoes will be unsafe for them to wear.

3. New Dance Leotard

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Similar to dance shoes, a new dance leotard is a practical gift. Dance leotards last much longer than dance shoes, so they don’t have to be replaced often. 

But your dancer will appreciate having a new leotard in a different color and design, which can transform their look on the stage.

For young children, check out these leotards from Arshiner. They’re made from soft, stretchy, and breathable materials. But the best part about them is that you can choose from various colors and designs.

4. A dance scrapbook – best Dance recital gifts for teachers

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Dancing is a long journey, and what better way to preserve all of the little moments than with a DIY scrapbook?

You can buy one and fill it with all the photos and little trinkets that you have accumulated with your tutor through the years.

Then, gift it to him or her. What is more meaningful than this?

5. Studio swag – Dance recital gifts for students

Most dance studios have merchandise, like a t-shirt printed with the logo or motto of the studio. If your child loves the studio they’re studying in, then you can buy something with the studio’s brand and give it to them.

Sure, it’s not quite as fancy, thoughtful, or practical as the other ideas on this list, but if they love their dance studio … It’s a cheap, effective way to make them happy.

The Bottom Line

A dance recital – especially the first one – is a big milestone in every young dancer’s career. Whatever unique dance recital gift ideas you chose, we hope that your little dancer is happy with what they got, and the whole family made a great memory out of it!

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