List of Backup Dancers for Justin Bieber

While we appreciated the scale and the intricacy of the Pop star’s performances and tours, it would be false to forget about backup dancers for Justin Bieber. They are a crucial part of the stage, stirring the excitement and heating the atmosphere for the entire crowd. 

Who are they and where do they come from? Let’s take a look at them now!

List of Backup Dancers for Justin Bieber

Aja George

Aja George

The 1987-born dancer was soon known for his Vine clips, which showed off his choreography and dance skills in a way general audiences couldn’t ignore.

He also had a credit in “The Ho Down”, a short comedy flick in 2010. In the same year, he secured a role in Step Up 3D alongside the leads Rick Malambri and Sharni Vinson, and his fame rose from there.

Not so long after, he performed with Justin Bieber on “Some Body to Love (Remix)” and joined the star on the My World Tour. Enthusiastic fans of Bieber might also recognize George from the documentary “Never Say Never”.

Aja George is currently quite inactive on social media.

Christina Chandler

Christina Chandler

Christina Chandler grew up and trained in Seattle, part of the Monsters of Hip Hip tour in 2005. In the early days, she was one of the two puzzles for the Chandler x Chandler duo with Ryan Chandler, her brother.

Chandler is most well-known for her work with Pharrell Williams, though her credits extend to renowned names such as John Legend and Taylor Swift. These gigs result in her frequent appearances on the Today Show.

By working for Justin Bieber, her experience with music videos was sharpened quite a lot with the credits in “As Long As You Love Me” and “Confident”. 

Through the tours “Believe” and “Purpose”, her talents were showcased even more directly and thoroughly.

CJ Salvador

CJ Salvador

Salvador comes from Illinois and has had a passion for music ever since he was a little boy. He idolizes great artists such as Michael Jackson, who inspired him to follow their way. 

However, he ended up falling in love with hip-hop, and the boyband’s dream rested by the side.

In 2011, he moved to Los Angeles and earned his first achievement with a slot on Selena Gomez’s tour. Success following success, Salvador also filmed and performed with Justin Bieber and Travis Scott on tours and TV shows.

Although the MVs he appeared in have brought him thousands and thousands of viewers, his choreography videos were what built a solid following for him. 

His routines for JB’s “I’ll Show You” and Chris Brown’s “Automobiles” accumulated more than 19M views and thus made him a highly-ranked dancer in the industry.

David Shreibman

David Shreibman

Born to a mom teaching ballet & jazz and a dad doing pantomime – both of them are on professional levels – Shreibman got into dancing at an early age like it was the most obvious thing to do.

His reputation as a B-boy traveled around fast enough to put him in competition. Conveniently, YouTube was starting to become more relevant by that time, and Shreibman believes it contributed so much to his success.

Since 2011, he has been working with Justin Bieber on various projects, but “Believe” is the first tour they did together. 

Each of these 65 concerts included 19 songs. 16 of them witnessed Shreibman’s participation.

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Elysandra Quiñones

Elysandra Quiñones

Elysandra learned to dance when she was 4 years old because her mother thought dance classes would be a good way to make her girlier. Fortunately, dancing intrigued her even more than soccer did, and she became very dedicated to the studio.

Her first professional project was the movie Hannah Montana, which was quite a dreamy gig to get back in that time. In 2012, she scored a spot on Bieber’s Believe tour and continued working with him after.

Unlike many of Justin Bieber’s backup dancers, Elysandra is also a good friend who has been seen hanging out with the star. It might explain the great chemistry they have on stage!

Jett Atkins and Jessie Hayes

Jett Atkins and Jessie Hayes

After defeating over ten thousand junior hip-hop dancers, the Canberra kid dancers got the chance to not only join Justin Bieber in his concert but also perform with him and have a short interview afterward.

From the interview, we learned that they are under the PLAY Dance Agency by teacher Cassie Grening. 

More impressively, they had no more than 24 hours to prepare for an audition tape, wherein they showcased amazing dance skills and facial expressions.

The experience is certainly something these prodigies will never forget, and hopefully, we get to see them on the professional stage soon!

Jonathan Rabon

Jonathan Rabon

Rabon remembers dancing his entire life while holding strong admiration for amazing artists like Michael Jackson, Usher, and Chris Brown. After getting to high school, his attention shifted more towards the choreography side.

After securing a role in the 2008 MTV Music Awards, Rabon finally felt like he had achieved something. And he wasn’t wrong in thinking the industry had changed his life.

Aside from the 2015 tour with Justin Bieber, Rabon also got the opportunity to work with big names such as Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, and Selena Gomez. 

Aside from this accomplishment, he spent more time teaching classes and inspiring younger dancers.

Kaili Bright

Kaili Bright

The earliest appearance Kaili Bright had in public was as a member of ReQuest, a contestant team for 2011 America’s Best Dance Crew (ABDC). The fame she got from the show gave her a rather huge fanbase on Instagram.

However, afterward, the only significant achievement she got was a position in the lineup as JB’s backup dancer for the “Believe” tour. 

The corresponding documentary also featured her as it gave a deeper look into the making of the show.

Luke Broadlick

Luke Broadlick

Compared to most dancers, Broadlick was undoubtedly a multi-talented figure. He finished his first successful audition at age 14 and frequently appeared as a guest star on various shows.

Two years later, he has gotten a bunch of championships for martial arts under his belt and also secured a spot as Britney Spears’ backup dancer for the Circus tour.

From then onward, his career only skyrocketed to fame with many projects alongside the likes of Justin Bieber (the Believe tour), Jason Derulo, Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, and many more.

Nick Baga

Nick Baga

Growing up with Gene Kelly films, the Boston lad always knew he would love to be a figure in the entertainment industry, and his passion encouraged him to move to Los Angeles.

Hardworking and driven by a love for performing, Nick Baga ventured into different realms of the entertainment world. From blockbuster movies to nationally broadcast commercials, TV shows to award shows, his credits are extensive.

However, the majority of Nick’s career was still spent on tours with the most wanted artists in the world, such as Steve Wonder, Ricky Martin, Kelly Clarson, Jennifer Lopez, and Justin Bieber. 

And fortunately for us enthusiasts, he hasn’t shown any sign of slowing down.

Salemah Gabriel

Salemah Gabriel

Training at the Green Hills School of Dance and mostly the DC Dance Factory Nashville, Gabriel has a wide range of skills involving ballet, jazz, tap dance, hip-hop, and lyrical.

After advancing to the semi-final in Monsters of Hip-Hop, Gabriel moved to Los Angeles and booked some big shows with Disney and Nickelodeon. 

It gave Gabriel the necessary connection to perform with Justin Bieber, whose popularity was also high up in the sky with the “Believe” tour.

Although Gabriel has transitioned to film production and focused on writing & directing, she still shows great appreciation for dancing and choreographing.

Tiffany Bong (The Syrenz)

Tiffany Bong

Also known as “Jimini”, Tiffany Bong takes pride in the education she has in dance and theater, which suffices to make her an entrepreneur and a leader rather than a mere artist.

With relatively many awards in hip-hop competitions, Bong has enough reputation to convince record artists to welcome her into their team and conquer world tours together. We can list a few names, like Rihanna and, of course, Justin Bieber.

If you want to learn more about Tiffany Bong, there is no better way than to look at the classes she teaches. Education makes up a large part of her successful career and doing good things for the community is simply what she loves to do.

Other Justin Bieber’s Backup Dancers

  • Anis Cheurfa
  • Anthony Carr
  • Antonio Hudnell
  • Aubree Storm
  • Bboy Fly
  • Carlena Britch
  • Deanna Jenkins
  • Deirdre Barnes
  • Delaney Glazer
  • Dom Lashawn
  • Gaynor Hicks
  • Jake Landgrebe
  • Jared Nathan
  • Jeremy Marinas
  • Johnny Erasme
  • Jonathan Perez
  • Julien Chinchilla
  • Justin de Vera
  • LXD
  • Maasa Ishihara
  • Maho Udo
  • Marvin Millora
  • Medea Sirkas
  • Media Serkes
  • Michael Vargas
  • Mona Berntsen
  • Nick DeMoura
  • Parris Goebel
  • Poreotics
  • Raymond Mora
  • Shaq Reed
  • Shaun Evaristo
  • Shonnie Solomon
  • Simrin Player
  • Sydney Lewis
  • Terence Dickson
  • Taylor Thomas
  • The Beat Freaks
  • The Ranger$
  • The Syrenz
  • Triana Steward
  • Yusuke Nakai

Final Words 

Do you recognize any familiar faces in the list of backup dancers for Justin Bieber? Do you have any more names you would like to mention? Don’t hesitate to share with us! 

We all know how much more appreciation and attention they deserve for the time and effort they put into honing their skills and providing the most spectacular performances!

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