2024 Super Bowl Halftime Show: Pole Dancing, Skateboarding Dancer Appear With Usher?

After so much waiting, the NFL has officially announced Usher as the artist to perform at the 2024 Super Bowl Halftime Show. The schedule for the game is Sunday, February 11th, 2024. It will take place at the Allegiant Stadium and air on CBS.

On his SNS account, the star has shared his excitement to finally achieving one of his goals and taking the stage of the Super Bowl. Usher also promised to show audiences all over the world a performance they had never seen before.

The Super Bowl tournament is one of the most important events in the US, hence the halftime performance attracts so much attention from fans all over the world. Therefore, being invited to the show is both a chance and a pleasure for any artist.

In regards to the upcoming unique stage show, Usher Raymond has also revealed his idea of including pole dancing in his performance. 

However, since viewers of all age ranges will tune in for the grand event, he plans to keep the choreography and outfit friendly to them all and avoid controversy like other artists in the past.

To make the show more memorable than ever, Usher doesn’t exclude the possibility of adding roller-skating or skate-boarding dancers to make his performance completely different from other iconic Super Bowl Halftime shows.

Usher perform with Skateboarding Dancer at Dolby Live in Las Vegas
Usher performs with skateboarding Dancers at Dolby Live in Las Vegas (Photo by Denise Truscello/Getty Images for Dolby Live at Park MGM)

For now, Usher and his staff remain secretive about the specific elements of the performance. We will keep an eye out for more information revealed as the day approaches, so stay with us for the updates!

Pole Dancer Who Has Worked With Usher

It wouldn’t be the first time a pole dancer has taken the stage alongside Usher. In fact, the artist was willing to let the talented Maria Jade steal the spotlight for a solo dance!

During the performance for “Bad Girl”, Maria Jade showed the crowd a different level of pole dancing, deserving her title as a professional and competitor in the international scene. 

Not only did she go upside down and hold onto the pole with her arms, but her legs were also moving in the air to the lively beat of the song.

Fans reacted to her performance with excitement and admiration, saying pole dancing should be one of the competitive segments in the Olympics if that was what it looked like.

Famous Backup Dancers For Usher

Famous Backup Dancers For Usher
Usher’s dancers: Sophia Aguiar, Marvelous, Devin Jamieson, Meredith Kerr, Dannie Boston, Jeremy Strong, Codie Wiggins and Saidah Nairobi on Inaugural Ball. – Source: Pinterst.com

Sophia Aguiar

Sophia Aguiar started learning and performing when she was 4 years old. At 18 years old, she moved to LA and immediately secured a project with Beyonce, initiating her chain of success.

In 2010, she worked with Usher for the first time at the Grammy Awards and left a good impression. Two years later, they performed together in various shows, including the AMEX concert and the Summertime Ball.

Marc Marvelous

Staying true to his name, Marvelous has a charming style balanced between grace and masculinity. Although he shared that everything came to him naturally, the heavyweight collaborations he got are something worth envying!

He pulled off great shows with Usher on the OMG Tour. Each city brought a different vibe to him, yet all of them inspired him to deliver everything he had on the stage.

Devin Jamieson

From the age of 7, Jamieson has attended a plethora of competitions and conventions as a means to release his energy and pursue a professional career.

The OMG Tour by Usher (with Marvelous) is certainly one of his most prominent projects alongside Michael Jackson’s This Is It and a few choreography for K-Pop artists.

Meredith Kerr

Meredith Kerr was also part of the success of the OMG Tour. Her performance during the concerts was highly appreciated in both skill and professionalism aspects.

Aside from several credits in cinematic projects, Kerr seems to have a particular interest in teaching dance classes.

Dannie Boston

Dannie Boston has a truly impressive profile with various dance styles studied and completed in her education background while still performing on grand TV shows and working with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Dannie previously teamed up with Usher for his OMG Tour, effortlessly matching other dancers’ skills and stage presence.

Jeremy Strong

Jeremy is currently the leader of the Collizion Dance Crew, the number one team in Atlanta when it comes to dancing, hence there is no doubt about his capability!

Strong is popular for his series of choreography pieces for Usher’s songs. Some of the most notable works are “You Decide”, “My Way”, and “Slight Work”. You can also see him teaching these routines to his classes on his YouTube channel.

Codie Wiggins

Wiggins’ career as a dancer and instructor has been going on for about two decades now. Much like Jeremy Strong, he focuses on dance classes when not working with the most prominent names in the industry.

He is also widely known for choreographing some of Usher’s tracks: “Lesson for the Lover”, “Euphoria”, and “A Conversation” to name a few.

Saidah Nairobi

Saidah Nairobi has been the lead dancer for Usher and Beyonce, widely recognized for her signature fresh and fierce style. In a way, we can say she becomes the main performer because her vibe perfectly matches Usher.

She participated in the OMG Tour alongside various talents mentioned above. Out of eight choreographers for the tour, Nairobi had only worked with two, hence she needed to learn and adapt to the other six. 

It would be a challenge for any dancer, and she aced it!

Famous Performances of Usher

Earlier this year, the 2023 version of Usher My Way: The Las Vegas Residency stole headlines with so many famous faces attending and contributing to the show. 

Many Pole dancers perform at Usher's Las Vegas Residency show
Many Pole dancers perform at Usher’s Las Vegas Residency show – Copyright: Denise Truscello
| Credit: Getty Images for Dolby Live

Even the SNS posts capturing the moments received so much attention from the likes of Halle Berry and DC Young Fly. 

One could say Usher has fulfilled his promise to deliver a show that makes everyone feel something and leaves an everlasting impression.

Other than energetic and sensual songs, Usher’s serenades are an indispensable part of his concert. The headlines were once again busy when he serenaded Keke Palmer after her outfit got criticized. 

It led to a collaborated MV named “Boyfriend”, a strong and positive response to negative energy.

Other highly rated performances by Usher:

Final Words

We all know what a great performer Usher is, regarding both vocal and presence aspects. 

With his dedication to the Superbowl Halftime 2024 and the anticipated appearance of pole-dancing and skate-boarding dancers, we can expect a performance we have never seen from him before. 

Although the team is still keeping further details a secret, we are going to pay close attention and bring you the latest news!

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