Aliya Janell: Biography, Husband, Height, Net Worth & More

Aliya Janell is an emerging source of inspiration for dancers and young Internet explorers. 

Besides her career as a dancer and choreographer, this energetic African-Filippino woman also has various exciting myths about per background and personal life, which will be revealed in this article. 

Who Is Aliya Janell?

Aliya Janel, born October 16, 1994 (29 years old as of 2023), is an emerging dancer, model, and choreographer. 

She was born in the Philippines but now lives in Los Angeles, California. 

Besides her career as a dancer, she is also known as the founder of Queens N’Lettos – the worldwide well-known stiletto class. 

Aliya Janell’s family

Aliya Janell has no siblings. She is the only daughter of Kevin Young. 

Aliya is half African-American, half Filippino. Her close friend, Melissa Molinaro, is a pop singer. 

Aliya Janell’s husband is Tallie Brinson, an actor, dancer, cinematographer, and filmmaker. 

Tallie is also an actor in famous shows like “Step Up Revolution” or “Endless Love”. 

Aliya received the proposal of Tallie in 2018 and got married to him in October 2021.  

Aliya Janell’s Body Measurement

Aliya has a perfect body shape. She has a height of 5’8” (173 cm) and weighs 123 pounds (56 kg). Her body measurements are 33 – 24 – 33 inches. 

Aliya Janell’s Net Worth

The net worth of Aliya Janell is approximately $2 million.

Aliya Janell’s Early Life And Education

Aliya started dancing at 18 through some dancing classes at Millenium Dance Complex – a famous dance studio in Los Angeles. 

She worked in Octopus – a Japanese restaurant in Burbank, to pay for her dance education. 

In 2023, she created her Instagram account and started posting pictures of her traveling, dancing, and modeling. 

How Aliya Janell Got Famous

Aliya is a rising dance star on social networks. She published full-length dance videos of her choreographing. 

Also, she launched Queens N’Lettos, a traveling dance series that draws thousands of viewers to her livestream stories on Instagram. 

Through her daily updates on dancing, modeling, and traveling, Janel has earned 4.4 million Instagram followers and nearly 2 million YouTube subscribers. 

Through the classes of Queen N’Lettos, Aliya has received endless applause for her signature choreography. 

Many of her choreography videos have been viral among dance enthusiasts and non-dance online viewers. 

Besides activities on her social channels, Aliya Janell became famous via collaboration with renowned rapper Nicki Miraj. 

In 2017, Aliya got the attention of Nicki through her Instagram video “Itty Bitty Biggy”. 

Then, she was hired to act in several music videos and live performances of this rapper like “Barbie Tings”, “Ganja Burn”, and “Chun Li”. She became more well-known among communities of dancers and dance lovers. 

Alongside Nicki Miraj, Aliya was also hired to work with other celebrities. She was the Creative Director for the Formation World Renaissance Tour of Jennifer Lopez. 

In 2023, she is chosen as one of backup dancers of Beyonce in Renaissance World Tour.

Now, Aliya Janell works as a professional dancer, choreographer, and dance teacher for her classes at Queen N’Lettos. 

Besides Queen N’Lettos, Aliya also launched QNL University on Patreon under the Queens N’Lettos brand. This dancer also sells merchants on 

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Fun Facts About Aliya Janell

1. Aliya Janell Was A Waitress Before Becoming A Dancer

Before her long-term life as a professional dancer, Janell worked as a waitress to pay for her education. 

After high school, she was a waitress at Octopus, a Japanese restaurant in Burbank.

2. She Owns Queens N’ Lettos

Aliya Janell is the founder and owner of Queens N’ Lettos Group –  a unique educational brand based in Los Angeles, California with tour classes. 

This traveling studio teaches dance enthusiasts basic dancing techniques, how to love themselves, and how to express their stories and emotions through smooth and lively movements. 

3. She Is Half Filipino And Half African American

Aliya has revealed on her Instagram account that she has a mixed ethnicity: half Filipino and half African-American.  

4. Her Instagram Account Has 2.3M+ Followers

Aliya has frequently shared her daily updates on dancing, modeling, and traveling on her Instagram account – TheAliyaJanell. 

Up till now, Aliya Janell’s Instagram has more than 2.3M+ followers.  

Final Words 

In sum, Aliya Janell is a well-known young dance artist and teacher and a source of inspiration for millions of young people. 

Her perfect body curves and stunning performances inspire other women to express their emotions and dare to shine on stage. 

Is there any information on this fantastic Filippino-African woman? Please share yours in the comment section!

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