Mandy More Choreographer: Biography, Height, Net Worth & More

Fret not, we are not talking about the actress Mandy Moore but a whole other person. 

This is the talented choreographer behind a bunch of big projects such as So You Think You Can Dance, La La Land, and Taylor Swift’s ERAS tour

Who is she and what makes her a fantastic artist?

Who Is Mandy More?

Born Samantha Jo Moore on March 28th, 1976 in Missouri and brought up in Colorado, she later took the stage name of Mandy Moore without knowing it would lead to comical misunderstandings.

Not to be confused with the actress of This is Us and A Walk to Remember, Mandy Moore in discussion is a renowned choreographer with a formidable background in her field. 

Aside from projects with A-tier celebrities, she has worked on various shows with multi-millions of viewers.

She registered with the name Mandy Jo Moore under the Screen Actor Guilds to avoid confusion, though it seemed insufficient. Cheekily, Moore uses the username ‘nopenother’ on SNS platforms.

Mandy More’s Family

Mandy Moore came from a family away from the spotlight. 

Her parents Bob and Wendy Moore are not part of the entertainment industry, though they still support her wholeheartedly. She shares the home with a sister.

As of now, we don’t have any reliable news sources about Mandy Moore’s husband or offspring.

Mandy More’s Body Measurement

There is no official information on her weight because body measurements can change so much. Yet we do know she stands at 5 feet 9 inches (approximately 176 cm).

Mandy More’s Net Worth

Mandy Moore has an estimated net worth of $10 million at 47 years old. Most of her wealth comes from her successful career in dancing, choreographing, and producing.

Mandy More’s Early Life & Education

Ever since she was a child, she expressed a special passion for dancing. Her family supported her wholeheartedly. 

As a student at a public school, she studied and trained under Kim Delgrosso, the head of the Summit School of Dance.

The education she received from Summit lasted until she reached 18 years old. During this time, she got the chance to join the Perry – Mansfield Performing Arts School in three summer camps.

Seeing that the training at Summit wouldn’t be enough if she was to pursue a professional career, she took extra classes at the Shelly True Dance Academy and learned other sports such as gymnastics and basketball.

Once graduated from high school, Mandy Moore went to Los Angeles on a scholarship from the Summit Foundation and studied at the EDGE Performing Arts Center. 

She became a very skilled choreographer in various dance styles: jazz, ballroom, contemporary, tap, and folk.

Mandy More’s Dancing Career

Professional Dancing

Before focusing on choreographing, she started as a dancer like most of her colleagues. She had dancing scenes in several films like Austin Powers in Goldmember, A Time for Dancing, and Malcolm in the Middle.

Her professionalism leads her to be a teacher at the EDGE Performing Arts Center and a faculty member of the JUMP dance conventions for kids. 

Numerous private studios and workshops invited her to come and show the youngsters around.

TV Shows

The first projects she got came from Carrie Ann Inaba, a famous TV personality who has been a judge in So You Think You Can Dance, which subsequently got her involved with the auditioning process.

In SYTYCD S1, Mandy Moore was a choreographer’s assistant. 

Not so long after, in S3, she was one of the official choreographers for dance numbers. And by the beginning of S14, the position of creative producer was all hers.

Following up with the success of SYTYCD, Dancing with the Stars: Juniors named Mandy Moore as a judge before the senior version invited her to be a guest judge in its S17 (Australian edition).

The TV credits for her expanded to Glee, The Fresh Beat Band, American Idol, and more to list. 

For the popular Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, she invested extra time as its executive producer, choreographer, and even guest auditioner.


In parallel with TV projects, Mandy Moore diligently works on films. 

She often collaborates with David O. Russell, specifically in Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle, and Joy. Her creation could also be found in Sleeping with Other People.

However, it was before she choreographed for La La Land – her most critical and informally acclaimed project up to date. 

Mandy Moore choreographer La La Land

Every dance in the movie was created and arranged by her, though the efforts she put into the movie extended beyond imagination.

For example, the main actors Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone were completely novices in dancing. And she trained them to be decent dancers as we have seen over 8 weeks. 

Or the last performance, for which she used 60 cars and 100 extras alongside 30 dancers. Such grand and almost unbelievable things require a unique vision and an eye for detail.


When someone is as passionate about dancing and choreographing as Mandy Moore is, it’s difficult for us to even picture them saying no to the stage and the theater. She was no exception.

She had the opportunity to create a few routines for internationally admired artists such as Michael Jackson (The Immortal Word Tour), Celine Dion (Taking Chances World Tour & Strictly Come Dancing), and Shania Twain (Still The One).

Mandy Moore left her traces in the theatre scenes with the musical Nobody Loves You for the Old Globe Theatre. The positive feedback it received was encouraging her to take it to Off-Broadway and The Second-Stage Theater.

Recently, she is once again the center of attention for being the main choreographer of Taylor Swift’s ERAS tour.

Other Fields

Although commercials and arts seem like they shouldn’t be entangled, it looks like Mandy Moore was able to find a converged point for them. 

She breathed life into advertisements for Amazon Prime and Skechers, making them more captivating than ever.

Away from spotlights and grand ceremonies, she was also ready to use her gift for charity events. 

Her most notable pieces are the choreography for St. Anthony Summit Medical Center and Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards.

Mandy Moore’s Awards and Honors

From 2008 until now, Mandy Moore has got seven nominations for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Choreography.

In 2017, she won the award for her choreographed routines on Dancing with the Stars S23. You can check “On Top of the World” or “Carol of the Bells” if you are curious about her work.

One year later, the award came home to her once again, this time for So You Think You Can Dance. She created the performances of “To Make You Feel My Love” and “Brand New”, which were very well-received.

In 2020, her work for Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist S1 brought her a juried Emmy Award.

Final Words

Talented, unique, and with the right amount of wits, Mandy Moore has left her impact on the world of dance and choreography. 

Judging from the variety of genres she is capable of, we can certainly expect more from this woman. 

Do you look forward to seeing her in a TV show, a film, or a concert? Leave comments to let us know.

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