Where Did The Macarena Dance Begin? Macarena Dance Moves

In the 90s, people talk about the Macarena dance everywhere and perform it at all the fun gatherings they join. 

With its crazily easy moves and somewhat goofy moments, it quickly spread to all ages and remained a great option for collective activities until today.

What Is The Macarena Dance?

Macarena is a popular dance from the 1990s, known for its fun hip-swaying movements and the hit song to go with it.

It is mostly performed at weddings or weekend parties. Due to simple movements that everyone can do, it is a great choice if you want to drag everyone to the dance floor.

As popular as it is, it starts to make people wonder when everything began and how it earned the popularity we have seen.

Where Did The Macarena Dance Begin?

If we are discussing the origins of the Macarena dance, we have to start with the song attached to it.

Producer Los del Rio visited South America on an invitation and attended a party of Gustavo Cisneros. During this gathering, Los del Rio was very impressed by a Flamenco dancer and his duo Monge improvised a few lines on the spot.

Later on, as Monge worked on the song, he named it Macarena for his beloved daughter who had the same name. After the track was released, it got remixed in two languages.

  • Spanish remix

Macarena debuted in Spain as a single. The Fangonia group did two remixes of it in hopes of turning it into a hit for discotheques and nightclubs. 

The remix has an electronic beat rather than Flamenco vibes.

  • English remix

The first thing we can spot in the English version is the new lyrics officially sung by Carla Vanessa (who received no royalties after the remix became a hit because her contract was fixed). 

In August 1996, it ranked 1st on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and maintained the position for 14 weeks.

Thanks to the song’s success, the dance associated with it was also a phenomenon.

How Did The Macarena Dance Become Popular?

With 14 weeks topping the Billboard chart, Macarena was one of the singles that held this position for the longest time. Furthermore, it got the same success in the UK and Australia.

The Macarena dance was a bomb in the US around the occurrence of the Democratic National Convention in August 1996. 

The attendees danced to the song and C-SPAN recorded it on film, although we only got to see it when YouTube rose.

Vice President Al Gore joked about the dance in one of his speeches: saying he would show everyone his version of Macarena and staying still for a while in regards to his well-known stiffness.

The dance once again made itself known to dance enthusiasts when the show America’s Best Dance Crew featured it on the Whack Track challenge.

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Macarena Dance Moves: How To Do The Macarena Dance? 

Now if you are interested in learning the Macarena dance and unsure where to start with it, we have very simple and comprehensive instruction for you to become a pro!

1. Play The Song

You surely can dance without music in the background, though a suitable song makes the dance much more recognizable.

The song starts with two eights. This gives you enough time to hit the PLAY button and still return to your position in time. 

There is no standard for the volume of the music as long as everyone in the room can hear it loud and clear.

If you are not controlling the device, you can count to beats and move your body to the rhythm. Take it easy as a beginner and gradually attempt to match the pace as you grow familiar with the steps.

2. Extend Your Arms

Once the introduction ends, immediately lift your right arm and extend it to your front with the palm facing the ground. 

Repeat the move with your left arm. Both your arms should be aligned with your shoulders and paralleled with the floor.

If you want to learn the challenging way, you can insert some moves with your hips and shoulders. We highly encourage them because they make the dance smooth and captivating.

3. Hand Rotations

Turn your right palm upside down so they face the ceiling instead of the floor before repeating the move for your left hand. 

This step should be the easiest to execute!

4. Shoulder Touches

Pull your right hand back from its stretched position and put it on your left shoulder. Once finished, do the same with your left hand.

It is very simple but you need to pay attention to the beats. The song has a rather quirky vibe as well. 

Hence, you are always encouraged to personalize it by involving your knees and hips.

5. Hair Touches

Remove your right hand from the left shoulder and tuck it behind your head instead. Your elbow should be pointing outwardly and away from your body. The next target is your left hand.

Your arms need to be aligned with your body horizontally so the posture will look good.

6. Hip Touches

The next rotation for your hands includes putting them on the opposite hips, which means left on right and right on left. You will form an “X” on your front after finishing this move.

If the posture seems comical, don’t think too much! The Macarena dance is meant to be carefree and everyone should have fun with it.

7. Butt Touches

Remove your right hand from the crossed position. Place it on your right buttock before repeating this movement with your other hand.

If you are getting confused by now, make sure your hands are not crossed anymore. Your palms should be on the buttcheek of the same side.

8. Shake Your Butt

Keep your hands on your rear and shake your hips from side to side. You can make this move more interesting by lowering your hips and bending your knees.

This part is considered the favorite for Macarena dancers since it gives them plenty of room to be creative and unique. 

Nonetheless, don’t forget to stay in sync with the music.

9. Clap Your Hands

When you finish the shakes, the music will reach its peak. Jump into the air to rise from the previous position and do a quarter turn clockwise. 

As soon as your feet touch the ground, clap your hands together.

The song has four verses in total, so you would repeat the steps three more times and do three other quarter turns. 

Therefore, when the dance ends, you should be facing the direction you begin with.

Macarena Dance Costume

Macarena is not a traditional dance with rules for costumes. Hence, you can use casual dancewear for it.

For something casual like Macarena, you don’t need to come up with the most creative outfit. Jeans, T-shirts, skirts, dresses, or even running shoes if you wish – they are all appropriate.

If you want to stand out on a casual occasion, it should be easy too. You can go for something new and bold or follow a theme. There are various sources you can refer to for ideas.

We highly recommend clothes and shoes made of breathable and lightweight materials in most cases, especially if you want to participate in more activities.

Final Words

We hope you are ready and confident with your Macarena dance steps and costumes after our quick guide. 

While we all want to look good at parties and gatherings, it’s important to note that the Macarena dance is about having fun and enjoying yourself. 

Thus, you shouldn’t feel any stress with it!

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