7 Best Stripper Poles For Home Spinning

Everyone seems to be on a hunt for the best stripper pole now because of the change in the way our society views pole dance. 

In recent years, when we mention pole dancing, people no longer think of libertine nightclubs but rather dance studios and gyms. Little did you know, installing a pole at home for your spinning convenience is absolutely possible.

7 Best Stripper Poles For Home Spinning

1. MegaBrand Portable Fitness Dancing Pole – Best Dance Pole for Carpet

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What we can say about MegaBrand’s portable dancing pole is how much of an all-rounder it is. The product package consists of individually wrapped parts, hence you can assemble it for use and put it away when you need more space.

The swivel base makes it quick and easy to install. If you feel like the grip is not perfect, let’s not freak out yet and let the feeling from the surface sink in. Once you start spinning, it is pretty stable and steady.

The height range is 7’4” – 9’3”, which doesn’t fit overly low or high spaces. But if your house fits the dimensions, you will have some beneficial value for your investment.

Reportedly, the warranty for this product is a bit short compared to the general standard.


  • Affordable price
  • High capability for weight
  • Smooth spinning
  • Thorough instruction for installation


  • Short warranty time

2. Pro-Fit 50mm Professional Dance Pole – Best Dance Pole for Popcorn Ceiling

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The 50mm diameter strays a bit away from the common 40mm and 45mm sizes. You can expect a real challenge from it, as it only serves dancers with a trained grip.

If you are confident about your ability, you can start looking at the benefits it offers. It stands out on the market because of the lighting system. You can put the LED light on stay-on or show mode, and your performance will be much more enhanced than you can imagine!

Even without the light attached to it, the pole is a worthy investment. It is made of chrome with a smooth finish, thus it ensures a comfortable grip while being durable.

Last but not least, this pole is the portable type. There’s no need for tools to install and disassemble, and you can keep the parts in a bag for convenience.


  • Easy installation and portable
  • Optional additional extensions for more height


  • The size is not compatible with new pole dancers

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3. Yaheetech Professional Stripper Pole – Best For The Money

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If you think a humble budget can’t give you a decent pole for dancing, Yaheetech is about to change your mindset forever. It doesn’t have a fixed height, so you can adjust it in the range of 7 – 9 feet and give yourself more choices when using it.

It may not look as sleek as stainless steel, yet the chrome plating is more than sufficient against corrosion and rust. The materials have great endurance too.

The downside of Yaheetech stripper poles, however, is also the fixed range of height. You can’t extend or reduce it beyond its limit, hence it isn’t the most versatile pole.

Although it can carry 440 pounds at most, let yourself be informed that this pole might leave some damage on your ceiling and floor in the installation phase. Putting more weight on it will worsen the effect.


  • Adjustable height for extra versatility in space
  • Easy installation
  • Rust-resistance


  • Probably not the best for beginners
  • Hard to remove

4. VIVOHOME Professional Spinning Dancing Pole – Best Strip Pole for Home Fitness

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VIVOHOME is most proud of the fine materials they have access to, which allow them to use chrome and steel in perfect ratio for their spinning poles. You will get a pleasant feeling from touching and gripping the pole, it is probably a great inspiration for us to practice every day.

The main pole is equipped with a fixing rod that you can put in place and adjust the height. The extension poles included in the package give us a maximum addition of 20 inches.

You can switch between spinning mode and static mode by using a key. It will give you more versatility during your exercise or performance.

The smart design allows this professional dancing pole to have various applications. Both dancers and tough newbies can benefit from it, athletes and yoga enthusiasts will have a good time spinning!


  • High-quality and durable materials
  • Adjustable height
  • Two modes


  • The 45mm diameter is probably challenging for beginners
  • Not easy to install

5. Serenelife Professional Spinning Dancing Pole – Best dance pole for plus size

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There is no better way to describe the Serenelife Professional Dancing Pole than flexible. It doesn’t come with a cold grey color but a range of metallic hues for choice. We have to give it up for Serenelife due to the gloves included in the package.

It is a portable dance pole, thus you can expect it to be very simple to put up and take down without complicated devices and tools. While you install, you have the freedom to utilize the extension parts and change the overall pole height accordingly.

In order for a slender-looking pole to hold up to 610 pounds, the manufacturing must be on point. Serenelife backs its dancing poles up with a high level of precision and workmanship. The joints won’t feel scratchy against your palm, and the two ends attach to the corresponding surfaces effortlessly.

Serenelife focuses on the structure, though they don’t slack with the outside. The poles are protected with a finish resistant to rust and corrosion.


  • Easy to install
  • Corrosion-proof finish
  • Suitable for different groups of users
  • Very durable


  • The pole is a little short
  • Some resistance while you spin

6. LUPIT POLE Professional Pole Dancing Pole

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If you want to add some more endurance to your dancing pole, a chrome finish is almost a default option. And it’s exactly what LUPIT POLE has done. Their elegant poles are strong enough for both men and women, even if they are in the larger size.

It can assist you in the most intense workouts such as spinning, jumping, and even inverted moves. You won’t feel any stiffness or resistance thanks to the system made of quadruple balls, and your weight won’t put bad pressure on the ceiling and the floor.

What makes customers love this dancing pole is probably the lack of a need for drilling. The package includes everything you need to install the pole, coupled with fine rings made of silicone to stabilize the dome and reduce the damage.

If there is anything holding you back from purchasing this amazing creation, it can only be the price. Furthermore, inexperienced users might hesitate upon not seeing any specific date about weight capacity.


  • Chrome finish
  • No drilling needed for installation
  • Durable for force and bending


  • Fairly expensive
  • Weight rating not specified

7. Beethunder Stripper Dance Pole for Home

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Beethunder makes some of the best dance poles for apartments, for they aim to be versatile with applications. The sleek black color with a big round base looks appropriate for dance studios, gyms, stages, bars, and of course home.

In the package, you will find a detailed manual for easy installation. No drilling is needed throughout the process of assembling and disassembling. You can put up this pole at a maximum height of 10 feet, work on your thing, and take it down for storage.

The environment around you is not a problem at all, with the core of fine steel and the chrome finish. It feels steady and offers comfort no matter what you do, practicing or performing.


  • Fine materials make it durable
  • Simple installation and removal
  • Adjustable height range


  • Might not be good for beginners
  • Unspecified weight limit

Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Stripper Poles 

You can’t pick a stripper pole based on looks alone. While you may be drawn to the look of one more than another, there are many other important factors to consider before purchasing.

To help you choose the best stripper pole, here are eight critical factors you should consider.

diameter of stripper pole

Number of Modes

There are two types of modes: static and spinning. 

Static stripper poles simply stand still while you dance around them. These poles can be very easy to use but provide little flexibility for your routine or movements. 

This can be suitable for beginners who want to learn how to strip without worrying about their footing or balance issues.

Spinning stripper poles are great for experienced pole dancers who want a challenge, as they allow more freedom and advanced tricks. 

However, these poles are much more challenging than static stripper poles to balance on. They can be dangerous if not correctly installed.

You can also find stripper poles with both spinning and static sections. This allows you the freedom of movement and flexibility of a spinning pole with the stability of a static one.

Materials Of The Stripper Pole

The material the stripper pole is made of is one of the most important things to consider. 

The material should be sturdy and should not break easily. There are many types of stripper poles, so you will have plenty to choose from.

Choose a pole made of high-quality materials such as chrome, stainless steel, or brass for durability and safety. 

  • Chrome may be easier to clean than other metals. Still, it can also get scratched fairly easily. 
  • Brass may be more expensive than chrome. But it is more durable and will last longer. 
  • Stainless steel is another good choice because it won’t rust or corrode like carbon steel when exposed to water sources like rain or snow. 

A good stripper pole should withstand heavy use over time without breaking down or becoming damaged.

Powder enamel 

If you are looking for the best stripper poles, you will want to be sure they are made of powder enamel. Powder enamel provides a non-slip surface for better grip and safety.

Powder enamel stripper poles are made of powder-coated steel or aluminum. They have a non-slip powder coat finish that helps prevent slipping when stripping ceilings or walls.

Pole’s color

The world of stripper poles is vast and colorful. Many options exist, from standard chrome to gold, black, and even rainbow. 

Regarding which is best for you, consider choosing a color that matches your décor or preference.

Pole’s diameter

The pole diameter you choose will depend on your skill level and the size of your hands. Smaller diameters are better for beginners, while larger diameters are more suited for advanced users.

If you have small hands and are a beginner, consider getting a 45mm diameter stripper pole. This pole type suits more petite women who may struggle to hold onto thicker poles.

If you have large hands and are an expert in pole dancing, consider getting a 50mm stripper pole. These poles can provide more stability and support to advanced dancers during their performances.

Pole’s weight

When buying a stripper pole, you should consider the weight of the pole. The heavier the pole, the more stable it is and the longer it will last.

The weight of a stripper pole varies from model to model. But it should range from 33 to 40 lb for better stability. 

A lighter pole may be easier to move around. But it may also be less stable and more prone to wobble when exercising.

To determine if a stripper pole is too light or heavy for your needs, hold the pole in front of you with both hands and jiggle it up and down. 

The pole is right for you if there’s no movement. If there’s considerable movement, it may not suit your needs.

Pole’s height

This factor becomes more essential if you have a small space to work. 

Ideally, choose a stripper pole that is tall enough to allow for some movement and flexibility on the part of the dancer. But, not so tall pole as it becomes difficult to use. 

If you want to use the stripper pole for professional purposes or as part of your home gym routine, consider one that extends from about 5 feet (1.5 meters) off the ground up to 10 feet (3 meters).

Remember that there are two main types of poles: adjustable and non-adjustable. 

  • Adjustable stripper poles allow you to adjust the pole’s height from floor level to ceiling level. 
  • Non-adjustable poles can only be set at one height. 

Keep it in mind to choose the right pole type for your needs.

Before buying a stripper pole, be sure to measure the ceiling height. We’ll give you detailed instructions in the next part of this post.


If you use the pole only occasionally or want something easily moved around, an removable and portable stripper pole will be better suited for you. 

 If you use it frequently, you can go with a fixed stripper.

How To Measure The Ceiling’s Height

Step 1: Prepare Materials

You will need a laser roulette or construction tape, a stepladder or chair, chalk, or an object. And, a second person to assist you.

Step 2: Determine The Location Of The Pole

Determine the exact location of the pole and ensure that the floor and ceiling are appropriate for installation. 

Ensure no obstructions, such as sprinklers or lighting fixtures, may interfere with the hanging pole. 

Step 3: Mark The Place Of The Pole On The Floor With Chalk Or An Object

Adjust if needed until it is at an ideal position for you. This will allow you to practice your moves without worrying about hitting your head against anything when you spin around.

Step 4: Measure 

Place a chair or stepladder next to the marked place on the floor. 

Have an assistant stand on it while holding up a roulette at a point on your ceiling that is eye-level for him. This will be the height of your pole. 

Remember not to measure the height of the ceiling against the wall. As the ceiling’s height might vary depending on where you are in the room.


1. Is a 40mm or 45mm pole better?

The market offers a wide range of diameter sizes for dancing poles, but the most common is 40mm and 45mm.

40mm is better for beginners, for they have yet to practice enough to develop a strong grip on the pole. With that being said, petite pole dancers and kid dancers will be compatible with this size.

45mm is the general standard, hence you will find this diameter in official competitions, professional studios, and most events for dancing.

If you want to go from the basics to the challenger, the usual route from 40mm to 45mm would be your choice. However, some dancers believe that starting with the difficulty level right off the bat is the key to success, and they will choose the 45mm pole.

2. Do pole dancing poles damage the ceiling?

One of the most frequently asked questions about getting a pole and installing it at home is whether it might leave a permanent impact on the ceiling or not.

In short, yes. You can imagine possible damage when you drill a hole in your ceiling and stick something through it, but it also depends on the materials used for the pole and the house. We have some cautious steps you might try:

– If the pole is heavy compared to what the ceiling can take, padding between them is necessary. Any pliable and soft material like rubber and foam will be a relief to the fragile ceiling. Additionally, they can absorb shock and vibration as well.

– The edge of the ceiling is the best spot to start securing your pole. Plates are available if you want to support and mount the pole to the wall. This way, you can distribute the weights evenly.

More importantly, if you’re not familiar with installing dancing poles, it’s better to have a pro doing the job.

3. What are the disadvantages of steel poles?

Steel poles come with a strong base and great durability. Additional elements like chrome and iron alloys enhance the toughness with a captivating shiny finish. Unfortunately, this pretty finish can also be a hassle to deal with.

It’s slippery, so you will need a good grip, which is hard to attain for new users. Though it might be beneficial if you want to invest long-term or push yourself to improve faster.

4. How long do steel poles last?

Steel poles will last long with a stainless finish, or they will be very vulnerable to humidity. The humid type of weather can incite steel to rust and wear off more quickly than it should.

Our Top Pick

After carefully taking different aspects into consideration, we think MegaBrand Portable Fitness Dancing Pole is the best pole for pole dancing with great value. It is affordable, not too cheap or too expensive, so you needn’t worry about the materials being low-quality or the investment breaking your budget. It offers enough to spin smoothly and stay fit if you’re willing to look past the minimum warranty time.

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