9 Best Dance Bags for Classes & Competitions (2023 Updated)

A good dance bag is an essential gear for any dance student. Your body is the most important “tool” for any good performance.

However, your body will need quite a lot of extra equipment to keep it in its best shape.

The best dance bags can help you keep all of your dancing equipment organized. They should also be easy to carry around as well as durable.

In this list are the names of a few bags that can fulfill all of the above. Who knows, you may like one of them, too!

3 Best Dance Bags for Classes

For dance classes, you may not need something that’s too glitzy. Rather, something functional and spacious enough to hold all of your gears will do the trick.

1. Bloch Dance Multiple Compartment Adjustable Strap Studio Bag – Best Dance Bag with Compartments

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Bloch is the go-to brand for a lot of dancers. There is a lot of history behind the name.

But, more importantly, for decades now, Bloch has continuously proven that it knows the recipe for making dancers happy.

And the Bloch multiple compartment studio bags is the proof!

The bag is made from polyester, a waterproof and durable fabric. Unlike ordinary cloth bags, polyester is hardier.

It can also withstand puncture and daily wear and tear better.

The bag has a dimension of 13″W x 20″H x 8″D.

It has a 25-inch drop, which places the bag around waist height when thrown over the shoulder. This is a comfortable drop height for most people.

Since the shoulder strap is adjustable, you can fix the height to suit your body form.

The strap is padded for extra comfort. However, some users have reported the padding to be very flimsy. They get torn after a while.

The interior is spacious and can hold a decent amount of clothes and knick-knacks. It’s further separated into multiple compartments.

You have a pocket for shoes, a pocket for wet clothes and equipment, and a pocket for water bottles. The inner bag has several smaller pockets for you to keep a few trinkets.

It’s slightly pricey, but its interior space and decent bag quality make it a good choice for amateurs and professional dancers.


  • Adjustable strap
  • Padded strap for extra comfort


  • Some complaint that the strap is flimsy

2. MarsBro Water Resistant Sports Duffel Bag – Highly Durable

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If you need something that’s a little harder, the MarsBro sports duffel bag can do the trick.

Although it’s not specially built for dancers like the Bloch dance bag, it can do the same basic job of safe-keeping all of your gear.

The MarsBro bag, like the Bloch one, is made from polyester (400D Polyester, to be exact). This material is highly durable and can resist tearing well.

In addition to a polyester shell, the bag also has a leather lining to make it waterproof.

Within the bag, beside the main compartment to store your clothes, there is a separate compartment for shoes. This compartment has air vents to keep your shoes ventilated and prevent malodors.

Within the main compartment are several smaller pockets for you to keep smaller items like keycards and wallets.

At the front is a large zippered pocket that you can use to store tablets and cellphones. A separate compartment can store your umbrellas and hygiene products like shampoos and body sprays.

The bag has an adjustable shoulder strap and dual handles for easy and comfortable carry. All of the handles are padded for extra grip and comfort.

This is easily one of the best dance bags for adults out there. And outside of dance classes, we see no reason why it can’t be used for the gym or for travel, as well.


  • 400D polyester makes it durable
  • Multiple compartments for your storage
  • Adjustable and padded strap
  • Air vents to keep your shoes ventilated


  • Some complain about the zipper quality

3. JIANYA Duffle Ballet Bag with Shoe Compartment – Best Dance Bag for Ballet Kids

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Most professional dancers start as children. If this is the case for your kids, a good child-sized dance bag like the JIANYA bag is worth investing in.

This duffel bag, above all, has beautiful and adorable designs that will suit young dancers.

Patterns are available for both boys and girls. So, this bag isn’t limited to an up-and-coming ballerina or danseur.

Measuring 18.1 x 8.3 x 9.4 inches, it’s fairly compact but still spacious.

The whole thing weighs 1.32 pounds, which isn’t just lightweight but also airline-approved. It can serve as a dance bag as well as a travel bag for competitions or family vacations.

The bag is compartmentalized. There’s a main compartment for you to store clean clothes and towels. Two compartments, one for shoes and one for wet or dirty clothes, can also be found within the bag.

To the side, there’s a velcro pocket that can fit a small cell phone or tablet. Multiple smaller pockets are inside the bag for your child to bring a few small accessories or items along with them to class.

The bag is made from polyester, which is extremely durable. This bag is also rated very well for its industrial-strength zippers and solid handles (padded, of course).


  • Good quality zippers and handles
  • Multiple compartments for your kids’ storage
  • Compact but spacious
  • Come with many patterns for boys and girls


  • No specific complaints

3 Best Dance Bags for Competition

Competitions may involve traveling long distances and spending days away from home.

So, it’s important to have a large bag that can hold everything you would need to perform efficiently and travel safely.

1. The Dance Angel Rolling Dance Bag With Costume Rack – Best Bag For Dance Competition

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This is our top recommendation for ballet dancers or dancers who have to perform in costumes.

When everything is folded down and zippered up, this bag looks like an ordinary suitcase or suitcase.

However, integrated into the back is a costume rack that can neatly organize all of your performing apparel.

The stand is made from telescopic rods that can be extended until they’re 46 inches high and stretch 31 inches from side to side. It’s large enough to hold up to 10 costumes at once.

Beside costumes are pockets and compartments for storing your shoes, make-up kits, and other accessories.

Versatile as it is, in its suitcase form, the bag will fit the overhead bin in most planes just fine. The dimensions of the bag are 22” x 14” x 9” (wheels and handle included).

The suitcase has roller wheels at the bottom. You can roll it behind you via a push-out handle as you travel.

Also, stabilizing wheels can be folded out to make the heavy suitcase easier to travel with.


  • Have wheels for easy travel (can be folded)
  • Many compartments for storage
  • Large size for keeping more costumes


  • Quite pricey

2. Heendzoo 28” Dance Bag With Garment Rack – A Cheaper Option

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Similar to the Dance Angel dance competition bag, this one comes equipped with a garment rack.

It’s made from high-strength aluminum and can withstand a load of up to 20 pounds. This is around 10 outfits hanging on the rack at once.

The Heendzoo bag has a dimension of 28”(W) x 14” (D) x 14.5”(H), which is spacious enough to carry anything you’d need for a week or more.

It is also significantly larger than the Dance Angel bag, making it suitable for long-distance travel.

Besides the spacious interior, we appreciate how the designer has clearly put a lot of thought into making this bag great for travel.

There’s a small, secured compartment where you can store all of your documents like your passport and ID. That’s one of the many reasons why we consider the Heendzoo the best dance bag with rack for long-distance travel.

The entire bag is built from ripstop polyester, which is puncture and rip-resistant. It also has a pretty decent waterproofing ability.

It’s a rolling bag, so wheels are at the bottom for you to drag it around as you travel.


  • Come with compartments to store accessories
  • Roomy interior
  • Rip-resistant and waterproof


  • The rack might be somehow not sturdy

3. Travolution 23” Garment Rack Duffel with Wheels – Very Compact & Durable

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This bag is slightly smaller than the Heendzoo, but it still has all of the features that would make it great as a dance bag. Its dimensions are 24” x 15” x 14.5”.

The internal compartment is large enough to hold all of the costumes and tools that you would need to participate in an out-of-state or out-of-country competition.

Several compartments can be found inside that can hold all of your clothes as well as trinkets and documents.

The Travolution bag also comes with a garment rack. However, its maximum load is lower than that of the Heendzoo or the Dance Angel bag.

It’s only able to hold around 10 pounds of clothes, which equals about 5-6 sets.

The suitcase is built very toughly. It has a shell made from hard plastic. Some of the more sensitive parts like the handle or the wheel bearings are made from aluminum.

All of the fabric parts are made from durable polyester.


  • Made of durable materials
  • Many compartments for easy storage


  • Can hold up to about 6 sets of costumes

3 Best Costume Dance Bags

If you need to travel only short distances and want to keep your costumes pressed and presentable, a costume dance bag can do wonders.

These bags aren’t as easily transportable as suitcases, but in return, they don’t mess up your clothes.

1. Kendall Country 40” Waterproof Hanging Garment Bag – Lightweight & Durable

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Coming in a beautiful purple color, this unit is especially great for kids.

But other than looking great, the bag is also extremely functional. Being 40 inches long, it offers enough storage space for every costume your child may need to bring along to competitions or classes.

In addition to a voluminous main compartment, the bag also contains several smaller pockets for accessories and smaller items.

The bag is made from a lightweight, durable canvas-type fabric. Certain parts are built from waterproof PVC.


  • Lightweight and durable
  •  Roomy main compartment
  • Several small compartments for keeping accessories


  • Some complaints about weak zippers

2. Kernorv 43” Dance Costume Bags – Washable & Durable

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For adults, the Kernorv costume bag will be a far better choice due to its larger size. At 43 inches long, it can hold several costumes and prevent them from being wrinkled during travel.

The bag is made from Oxford cloth, which is breathable and durable, but it’s not waterproof.

So, take care if you were to travel with this bag. Ideally, the bag should be placed inside another suitcase.

An advantage of Oxford is that it is washable.

In the long run, when the bag turns dusty and smelly from sweat and the like, you can throw it into the washer. Allow it to dry. Then, reuse it again the next day.

The bag comes with several mesh pockets with zippers for you to store your accessories, like socks, shoes, and the like.

Note that these pockets aren’t large and won’t be as spacious as compartments in a full-fledged suitcase.


  • Washable
  • Breathable
  • Several mesh pockets for keeping accessories


  • Not waterproof

3. CEMGYIUK Clear Kids 35” Dance Costume Garment Bag – Handy for Carrying

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The CEMGYIUK Clear Kids is a small bag that’s great for small children. It is 23.6 inches wide and 34.5 inches long, allowing it to hold three or four outfits.

The bag itself is made from a type of transparent plastic (which, conveniently, also allows you to view the outfit from the outside).

The plastic material is waterproof and is far more durable than fabric. So, rest assured, the clothes are safe so long that they’re zippered up inside the bag.

Other than the large main compartment, the bag also has 3 extra pockets for accessories and small items. They can be used for socks, belts, make-up kits, and more.

There is a small opening at the top where you can slot a hanger through, making it easier to pack different outfits.


  • Transparent plastic for easy view
  • Waterproof


  • There’s a complaint that the zippers did not fully close all the time.


1. What Is Inside a Dance Bag?

A dance bag must contain everything that you need to efficiently and safely perform or practice.

Usually, a dance bag contains costumes, shoes, socks, and extra accessories like make-up kits, hair bands, and more.

2. What Should I Keep in My Kid’s Dance Bag?

Besides extra clothes, socks, accessories, and shoes, consider adding a bottle of water and some light snacks. After a tiring practice session, a little pick-me-up is going to do wonders for their energy level and health.

Before Leaving

All in all, our top pick of the best dance bags for class available here is the Bloch dance bag while the best candidate for competitions is Dance Angel Rolling Dance Bag.

Yes, there are names on this list that are more affordable. Some even have more compartments and are more spacious. However, these 2 bags are high-quality and manufactured with dancers in mind.

So, no matter if you’re an amateur or a professional dancer, you’ll find a lot of value in these bags!

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