What Is Dunhuang Dance?

China is a land that’s known by many for its rich and vibrant culture. And, recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage, there’s one not-often-talked-about aspect of ancient Chinese culture: the Dunhuang Dance.

Dunhuang is a county-level city strategically located at the crossroads of the ancient Southern Silk Road in the middle of Asia. It is where the Dunhuang dance took its name. 

The Mongolian highlands, the Taklamakan Desert of Xinjiang, and the Tibetan Plateau surround it.

Throughout the centuries, Dunhuang served as the communication hub between Ancient China with the rest of the world. 

As such, the region had been a melting pot of religions, arts, languages, and cultures from Europe, Central Asia, and India. They all merged with the rich Chinese heritage to create a truly unique and remarkable cultural sphere. 

From within this melting pot is where the dance took shape and formed.

Inspired by the frescos, instruments, and music scores found in the rock caves of Dunhuang, the dance embodies the charm of the Tang Dynasty. That’ll definitely interest those who wish to see more of Ancient China. 

Dancers in traditional Dunhuang dance costumes with motifs surrounding flying apsaras will definitely delight!

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