Who Is Justin Jackson? A Rising Star in the World of Tap Dancing from AGT Season 18

America’s Got Talent Season 18 is running its course. 

Fans have been treated to amazing replays and highlights for the past few weeks, but captivating the audiences was Justin Jackson. He’s part of the line-up of performers in Episode 5 and a rising star in the world of tap dancing.

Who is Justin Jackson – the tap dancer? And what’s his story before auditioning and appearing on the show?

That’s what we’ll be finding out in today’s article!

Who Is Justin Jackson 

Justin Jackson Tap dancer

Name Justin Jackson
Born Montreal, Canada
Birthday 1990
Height 5’9”
Career Tap Dancer
Website itsjustinjackson.com

Justin Jackson, hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Canada (he still lives here today,) has been known in the local tap dancing community for some time before he signed up for an appearance on AGT.

According to him, he started dancing and training at a very young age and devoted countless hours to perfecting his skills. 

His natural talent, combined with his perseverance, was how he refined his footwork, rhythm, and style into an art. This positions him as a highly-skilled tap dancer across various genres.

Justin Jackson’s Family

The close-knit family has nurtured Justin Jackson’s passion for dance and music. 

His parents, Jacqueline Jackson and Amos Jackson, and his grandmother Beryl Simon, have played an integral part in shaping his love for the art form. 

They have provided unwavering support, strength, and guidance throughout his journey. 

Moreover, this AGT tap dancer holds fond memories of his former tap teacher, Ethel Bruneau, who profoundly impacted his early dance education. 

Under her tutelage, he developed a solid foundation in tap dancing, refining his skills and paving the way for his future success.

As of July 2023, we don’t have much other information on his family besides the basics. We’ll be updating this article when more information comes out!

Justin Jackson’s Education

Justin has received extensive training in tap dancing. 

For a time, he studied under various famous dancers and choreographers in Canada and America (names weren’t given in his official biography).

Through these experiences, he was able to develop his impressive techniques further, refining his skills and expanding his artistic horizons.

Justin Jackson’s Dancing Career

Before appearing on the 18th season of AGT, he had showcased his talent on the Canadian TV show “Bon Matin.”

He was also a contestant on “Révolution,” a French-language TV dance show. 

Justin tried to become a finalist in this competition. This drew even more attention from the entertainment industry and finally led to his appearance on AGT.

Justin Jackson’s Personal Life & Philanthropy

Although his dancing career is what most people know Justin by and his passion, he also maintained a strong presence outside of the dance studio and off the stage. 

On his official website, we learned about all of the positive initiatives and programs he had partaken in, with his quote – the aim of “bettering the world.”

As an example, for over a decade, Justin has committed himself to teaching dance to underprivileged communities and differently-abled students. 

He has also collaborated with charitable organizations such as the Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research (CANFAR), the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital for brain tumor research, and The Foundation of Stars for Research into Children’s Disease. 

He has also participated in relief efforts at the YMCA during Hurricane Katrina. 

So, he has changed the world of entertainment and the way the public perceived tap dancing. Through these philanthropic endeavors, Justin has also touched the lives of countless individuals. He did inspire positive change on a global scale!

Justin Jackson In ‘AGT’ Season 18

America’s Got Talent (AGT) Season 18 aired a new episode on Tuesday, June 27, 2023, at 8 pm ET on NBC, featuring the fifth round of auditions. 

Among the talented contestants vying for a spot in the competition, Justin quickly stood out from the rest of his peers with his “electrifying” tap dancing performance (the audience’s words!) 

As he took the stage, Justin captivated the judges and viewers, receiving a well-deserved standing ovation. 

Fans at home showered him with love and praised his exceptional skills. 


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From what we saw when we scoured social media after the episode was aired, Justin didn’t just manage to capture the hearts of the AGT judges, but he also effortlessly captured the affection and support of the audience at home.

All the AGT judges, including Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel, were moved by his performance, with Sofia describing his tap dancing as “sexy, funny, and modern.” 

The judges unanimously voted to send Justin to the next round, assuring him that great things await him in the competition!

Final Words

There’s no denying his passion and obvious talent in tap dancing after Justin Jackson’s appearance on AGT Season 18. 

As he continues his journey on AGT, we eagerly anticipate his future performances and wish him the best of luck! 

Want to know more about him? Check out his daily life on his Instagram!

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