12 Famous Shuffle Dancers’ Accounts To Follow

Here come some famous shuffle dancers you can check on and subscribe to, before the amount of Instagram and TikTok stars officially drown you in confusion!

They have such unique personalities but they share a few things in common: their passion for shuffle dance, their astonishing skills, and their determination to inspire.

12 Most Famous Shuffle Dancers To Follow

This list follows no particular order.

Elena Cruz

Elena went to her first music fest when she was 21 years old. She then recorded a few clips of her dance moves and shared them on Instagram.

The energy in her movements indicates her passion for dancing very clearly, and it naturally attracts more and more viewers.

If you find Elena familiar, it’s no surprise, for she has made her appearance in a few music videos such as “Back to You” (Electric Polar Bears), “Superfly” (THE HOTEL LOBBY), or “Is it Love?” (3LAU).

With 1.3M followers on TikTok, 625K followers on Instagram, and 127K subscribers on YouTube, she is indeed very well recognized.

When you visit any SNS account of Elena Cruz, you are in for an inspirational and motivational ride.

Aside from shuffle dance videos that gain so much attention, her daily content includes working out and healthy routines.

You can become her in-person or virtual student by signing up on her website at a very reasonable price.

Magga Braco

Magga Braco shares her content on the hottest platforms right now such as TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, with several followers in the same order of 2.2M, 1.76M, and 527K followers.

Although she hasn’t been posting regularly, fans are still eagerly waiting for her updates.

Magga loves dancing for sure, hence the beginning of her YouTube channel witnessed a bunch of tutorials and performance videos at first.

The limelight shone on her eventually, as the two videos “APRENDE A MOVER LAS CADERAS” and “Snow Shaky Shaky” dance became a big hit with millions of views.

Aside from dancing content, Magga enjoys posting about fitness and lifestyle, practically encouraging girls to exercise and feel more confident. Her curvaceous body contributes greatly to her expert dance moves.

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Gabby J David

If you have played the game Fortnite, the Electro Shuffle in-game emote should be nothing new to you, and Gabby J David is the creator of it.

She is most known as a dancer who has practiced contemporary, ballet, and jazz dances ever since she was 3 years old.

Despite suffering from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Gabby continuously inspires people with her quality content on social media.

She flaunts the image of a bold and attractive woman who adores dancing and traveling to no end.

When it comes to her portfolio, this 1994-born girl can be proud of the collaborations she has had with big names like Tiesto, Chris Lake, Oscar Wylde, and Oliver Heldens.

With a wide range of choreography, commercials, and live performances, Gabby is definitely one of the best shuffle dancers right now.

Mary Grace

If we only take a quick look at her youthful and beautiful face, it would be difficult to associate her with powerful dance moves. However, get ready to be blown away by her energetic style.

Besides being a shuffler, Mary feels most comfortable dancing in hard-house and base-house genres.

Currently, Mary Grace only teaches virtual classes and opens online workshops for aspiring dancers who wish to sharpen their technique, give their creativity a nudge, or even improve their flow.

From the purposes of her classes alone, we can see the confidence she has in her skills, which sort of shows how toned and healthy her body is.

With 1.1M followers on TikTok and 157K followers on Instagram, hopefully, her love for dancing continues to spread.

After giving birth to her baby, her choreography is getting spicer and spicer. Watch her Insta videos, you’ll see! 

Vanesa Seco

Welcome to the Million Club on Instagram!

The name Vanesa Seco might not be too new to you when she has millions of followers on Instagram and TikTok. And this fanbase is likely to keep growing.

Vanesa shared her first dance clip in 2012 and immediately received positive feedback for her skills as well as her healthy physique.

She doesn’t hide the techniques used for her workout and practice. Instead, she chooses the opposite way and remains very approachable to everyone and anyone who gets fit and dances well.

Vanesa is a very inspiring example of following your dream and turning it into a career that can support your living and make people’s lives better.

It’s difficult to sit still when you see her shuffle in heels with the brightest smile, and that is her power!


CiCi started dancing when she was a 3-year-old baby girl. Years after, the talented lady has mastered acrobatics, jazz, tap, and ballet dance techniques.

It was only a few years ago did CiCi find a passion for shuffle dance and shape-cutting, yet the dreamy base training quickly got her to the scene.

If you consider virtual classes hard to keep up with, you can sigh in relief now, for CiCi also opens in-person classes.

For students who want instructions and guidelines personalized and adjusted to suit their ability, they can sign up for private lessons at the studio or via FaceTime.

CiCi is extremely active now, hence you can join her 198K followers on Instagram today and let yourself get engrossed in her passionate performances!

Mark Tore – best male shuffle dancer

In a compilation of female shufflers, Mark Tore stands out as one of the best male shuffle dancers.

With 8 years of experience with shuffle dance, Mark is more than qualified to be an instructor. And he did exactly what we think he should do: being the founder of Shuffle Academy and teaching many classes.

With over 167K followers on Instagram and an accumulated 17+ million views on his YouTube channel, Mark constantly satisfies and endears people with amazing footwork and unique settings in his videos.

His most recognized clip is a duet with Jordi Guerrero on a Steve Aoki song, which gained more than 400,000 views in a short span of 3 months.

What makes Mark Tore special in his line of work is his international teaching. He usually travels to Russia, Italy, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, and Mexico, and he never misses a chance to instruct a class.



Before Sofia is known as a bikini model, she got her fair share of attention for freestyle dance videos.

With 819K Instagram and 1.2M TikTok followers for a fanbase that is immensely growing, she is among the most influential and the best shuffle dancers in the world.

Aside from dancing and modeling, Sofia has a huge passion for fitness. Hard work pays off, she possesses a nice body and a confident attitude. The BodyBoss Method didn’t hesitate to recruit her as an ambassador for their brand.

Although she shares various topics such as singing and lifestyle (which might be proof of her multi-talents), her dance tutorial and performance remain the most-watched videos.



The way she puts “shuffles” in her username is a statement of her love for this dance style.

As a very young lady, she starts her journey of being an influential dancer with an impressive fanbase of 167K Instagram followers. And it promises to expand tremendously.

She does modeling and designing as well, but you will mostly see dance content from her.

Not only is she powerful with her movements, but she also features radiant colors in her videos. Thus, the final products feel very inspirational, eye-catching, and uplifting.

This young lady has such a moving personality, and it seems like she is very good at working in a team too.

The connection and the energy shared between her and the collaborated dancers are so strong you can almost touch them!



Rather than a celebrity or an SNS star, Canada Shuffle Queen Sabrina is more of an instructor. There are many talented dancers indeed, but not everyone understands body language and limits like she does.

Additionally, the students usually get to choose the songs they will be dancing to, so they will feel inspired and motivated to learn.

Sabrina offers different styles including the traditional cutting shapes and the trendy Melbourne shuffle. This way, the students can either perfect their techniques or entertain themselves with a new style.

Join other 63K followers and have a Sabrina on your feed. She is so exuberant and full of life! Furthermore, she also offers virtual lessons for your convenience.

Sven Otten

Born in 1988, Sven Otten is a renowned German dancer and web video producer who gained international recognition through his YouTube channel. 

He burst onto the scene in December 2012 with his debut video of him dancing to the song Delight by Jamie Berry

However, his second video of Parov Stelar’s “All Night” ultimately propelled him to fame, accumulating an impressive 57 million views.

Otten’s dance style, known as Neoswing, is a fusion of swing and contemporary movements. It embodies a unique blend of classic and modern elements. 

His skillful execution and captivating performances captivated audiences and earned him opportunities beyond the online platform. 

In 2015, he made his first television appearance on the show “Got to Dance”, further solidifying his presence in the industry.

His exceptional talent and growing popularity have led to collaborations in television commercials, allowing him to showcase his skills to a broader audience. 

Sven Otten continues to enchant viewers with his mesmerizing dance performances, leaving an indelible mark on dance and entertainment.

Vanesa Seco

Vanesa Seco is a shuffle dancer, fitness model, and sponsored athlete. She hails from Colombia and now calls Miami her home as she strives to elevate her career to new heights. 

In 2012, Vanesa uploaded her first video showcasing her dance skills. 

Since then, she has established herself as an approachable and supportive figure for those eager to learn dance and improve their fitness levels.

With her remarkable videos, enviable physique, and an ever-growing fan base, Vanesa’s future holds endless possibilities. 

Her accomplishments include being a professional dancer, fitness model, and sponsored athlete, showcasing her talent and dedication. 

As a professional dancer, dance practice forms the core of Vanesa’s training, providing cardio and leg workouts. 

She complements this with intense lower-body training at the gym, incorporating free weights and isolation exercises. 

Flexibility is crucial to her as a dancer, and she emphasizes stretching post-workouts to enhance her flexibility and reduce the risk of injuries.

Vanesa follows a balanced nutrition plan, consuming 3-5 meals daily to provide her body with a steady stream of nutrients. Her metabolism remains active by eating smaller meals, aiding in fat burning. 

Vanesa draws inspiration from her fans’ positive messages, acknowledging that they motivate her to push herself, thrive, and make a positive impact.

Final Words

So many prominent and attractive accounts to follow on social media, but they are some of the most famous shuffle dancers at the moment. Find your guiding light and embrace everything about you!

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