20 Most Popular Fortnite Dances To Set Yourself Apart

Whether you play Fortnite or not, we all agree that those popular Fortnite dances never fail to get to our minds!

Let’s do a quick head count and see how many of these dances you have heard of and practiced. Who knows, you might be the next main dancer of the party!

20 Popular Fortnite Dances To Set Yourself Apart

1. Dance Moves

Dance Moves doesn’t cost you anything in the game. It’s the default emote that’s given to every player. First introduced in Chapter 1, Season 1, it’s a right classic among all players.

Despite not being rare or requiring V-Bucks, Dance Moves is significant as it represents the first-ever emote in Fortnite. 

Over time, it has become inseparable from the game itself, symbolizing Fortnite’s culture’s fun and expressive nature.

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2. Floss

Fortnite Floss Dance

When we talk about Fortnite dances, the most iconic one is definitely the Floss. It didn’t just go viral a few months back, but it’s the dance that most people think of whenever “Fortnite dance in real life” is mentioned.

The Floss emote is unlocked at Tier 49 in the Chapter 1 Season 2 Battle Pass.

Even though plenty of popular emotes have reached the same level of popularity as the floss today, this classic dance still retains its status as the OG Fortnite dance. 

Only veteran players can truly execute the Floss with finesse, symbolizing their experience and dedication to the game.

3. Orange Justice

Orange Justice Fortnite Dance

Unlocked at Tier 26 during Season 4, this OG emote transcended the boundaries of the game itself. 

Fans of the Fortnite battle royale phenomenon embraced the dance, busting it out at sporting events and birthday parties.

The Orange Justice dance’s influence cannot be underestimated despite being obtained at a relatively low tier. Its widespread recognition has solidified its place as a must-learned Fortnite dance.

4. Groove Jam

Groove Jam Fortnite Dance

During Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 4, the Groove Jam emote was the prestigious Tier 95 Battle Pass reward. 

This season was when Fortnite began to pick up in terms of popularity. So, it’s an excellent “badge of honor” for those who have stuck with the game even before it hit the mainstream.

Given its high placement in the Battle Pass, numerous players from the original Season 4 might not possess this emote. 

As a result, Groove Jam stands out as one of the rarest and most OG (original) emotes available in Fortnite. It carries a sense of exclusivity and nostalgia for those fortunate enough to have obtained it during its initial release.

5. Tidy

Tidy Fortnite Dance

Tidy, the legendary dance popularized by Snoop Dogg in the “Drop It Like It’s Hot” MV, has been absent from the Fortnite Item Shop for over 1,200 days. You could have it for a “tidy” sum of 500 V-Bucks when it was still on sale.

This dance was old. Even older than the classic “Kiss the Cup” emote. 

When it was released in April 2018, the emote gained immense popularity, mostly because the dance itself was already popular due to Snoop Dogg.

Unfortunately, players who didn’t acquire it by December of the same year won’t be able to get it … unless Epic decides to drop it like it’s hot again.

6. Hype

Hype Fortnite dance

The Hype dance, obtained at Tier 63 of the Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 4 Battle Pass, joins the ranks of iconic emotes like Orange Justice

Any account with this emote basically got a checkmark for veteran status in Fortnite.

Additionally, the popularity of the Hype dance extends beyond the game itself, with fans frequently showcasing it outside of Fortnite. Particularly when prompted by a “Fortnite Dance Cam” at events such as baseball games.

7. Take the L

Take The L Fortnite Dance

The Take the L emote rewarded players who reached Tier 31 in the Chapter 1 Season 3 Battle Pass. So, anyone who uses it is a definite OG. 

Plus, the emote is one of the best emotes to taunt someone who’s just been beaten in the game (the “L” stands for “loser.”)

Unsurprisingly, the emote has become popular outside of Fortnite, too, with it being used as a prank or a taunt.

8. Electro Shuffle

Electro Shuffle Fortnite Dance

The Electro Shuffle emote can be had for 800 V-bucks in the Epic Games Fortnite Item Shop. 

The energetic, EDM-esque dance is a great way to showcase your style IRL. 

And since it’s not a limited-time emote, you can always get this OG Fortnite dance for your character in-game!

9. Fresh

Fresh Fortnite Dance

Fans of The Fresh Prince may recognize this familiar expression, reminiscent of Carlton’s iconic dance routines from the show. 

Despite its widespread recognition, this Fortnite dance is not classified as an Icon Series emote. 

You can lift this emote from the Fortnite Item Shop for 800 V-Bucks.

10. Best Mates

Best mates Fortnite dance

The Best Mates emote in Fortnite is perfect for celebrating a victorious moment with your teammates in Battle Royale. 

Players had to reach Tier 63 in the Season 3 Battle Pass to unlock the Best Mates emote. 

If you have a pal with you IRL, you can bust out this move pretty easily with them as a fun throwback to Fortnite!

11. Pony Up

Pony Up Fortnite Dance

The Pony Up emote, inspired by the iconic Gangnam Style dance, debuted in Fortnite during Chapter 1, Season 10. 

This emote holds a special rarity due to its acquisition requirement. Players could only obtain Pony Up if they possessed the Ride the Pony emote from the Season 2 Battle Pass. As a result, this dance move became one of the rarest in the game. 

Considering that not many players still actively participated since the original Chapter 2, and even then, they needed to own the Battle Pass, acquiring this emote eight seasons later added an extra layer of exclusivity.

12. Vibrant Vibin’

Vibrant Vibin’ fortnite dance

Vibrant Vibin’ is a Twitch Drop emote in Fortnite, introduced during Chapter 3, Season 3. Initially available as a free promotional item at the start of the season, it was later added to the Item Shop.

The emote is flashy with its smooth dance moves, lively music, and vibrant disco lights. It offers players an enjoyable and visually captivating emote experience, adding a touch of energetic flair to their Fortnite gameplay.

Since the choreography is pretty simplistic, many players have also copied this dance out into the real world.

13. Infectious

Infectious fortnite dance

The dance created by the YouTuber and dancer “sektor dancer” skyrocketed in popularity, creating the Infectious emote in Fortnite. 

Although not considered super rare since it’s in the Item Shop, it was released a pretty long time ago, in 2019.

It’s pretty cheap at only 500 V-Bucks.

14. Gangnam Way

Gangnam Way fortnite dance

The “Gangnam Way” emote, part of the Icon Series in Fortnite, is a variant of the dance from the popular MV “Gangnam Style” – just like the Pony Up emote. 

The emote debuted in the Chapter 2 Season 5 update. 

Nearly a decade after the song’s release, the Gangnam Way dance in Fortnite remains highly recognizable and serves as a tribute to keep Psy’s legacy alive.

15. True Heart

True Heart fortnite dance

Priced at 800 V-Bucks, this emote can be obtained from the Fortnite Item Shop. 

Players can transform into a vibrant, dancing heart in the game by performing the True Heart emote. It’s perfect for projecting strength and confidence in your skill!

16. The Worm

The Worm fortnite dance

The Worm, a classic and universally recognized dance move from childhood, has entered Fortnite. 

This iconic emote, introduced in Season 2 of the game, holds a special place among early enthusiasts of the genre. 

If you’re seeking a distinctive way to taunt or embarrass your opponents in Fortnite, The Worm is the perfect choice (next to the “Take the L” emote, of course.)

17. Infinite Dab

Infinite Dab fortnite dance

The Infinite Dab is one of the most iconic Fortnite dances. Simple and catchy, it’s been done by both children and adults and seen in high-profile goal celebrations like those of Paul Pogba. 

The Infinite Dab emote is a variation of this move, featuring a looping gesture from side to side. 

Available for 500 V-Bucks in the Fortnite item shop, it has become one of the game’s most popular and frequently used emotes.

18. Llama Bell

Llama Bell fortnite dance

This famous Fortnite dance can make your character plays the cowbell in sync with the music. 

With its playful and infectious nature, this emote stands out among the dance moves in Fortnite as one of the most playful yet!

19. Disco Fever

Disco Fever fortnite dance

The Fortnite Fever set pays homage to John Travolta’s iconic disco dance from “Saturday Night Fever,” bringing its infectious energy to the battlefield. 

Equipped with Disco Fever, players can showcase slick disco moves to the lively theme music.

20. Distraction Dance

Distraction Dance fortnite dance

Inspired by the Henry Stickmin indie game series, the Distraction Dance emote may appear ordinary at first glance. Players stomp their feet and clap their hands while emoting, creating a simple yet engaging animation.

Despite its relative simplicity, recent statistics indicate a surge in its popularity, likely due to an unexpected level of traction from the Among Us collaboration. 

You can still get this emote by buying the Star Pack on the Epic Games store.

Let’s Dance!

As a fan of Fortnite, we hope this list of popular Fortnite dances has been useful. These dances aren’t just virtual dance moves. Many of them are popular dances in real life, too.

So, lace up your dancing shoes!

Which dance from the list is your favorite? Share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments section below!

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