7 Best Toddler Ballet Shoes For Girls & Boys

Finding the best toddler ballet shoes is such an important task for parents because this preparation step can protect your little one as well as inspire them to learn.

Let’s not procrastinate! Here are our recommendations for you!

7 Best Toddler Ballet Shoes For Your Little Dancers

1. Stelle Premium Authentic Leather Ballet Shoes – Best overall

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Stelle has been with us for over two decades, and they understand dance gear for children so deeply.

These premium shoes are the perfect pick for you to indulge your baby. They are made of leather thoroughly, hence the price is a little higher in comparison with other Stella shoes. But they make every penny you spend worth it.

Each of these authentic shoes comes with a pair of elastic straps and drawstring that can adjust to the child’s foot without causing indents on their sensitive skin.

Breathable during summer and warm in winter, Stelle leather shoes can accompany the baby dancer throughout the year, as long as you know how to wash leather shoes properly.

You also have several adorable colors to consider: nude, pink, or black. The size varies for toddlers as well as growing children.


  • High-quality materials
  • Soft and lightweight
  • Good price


  • Leather needs to be handled with caution

2. Stelle Girls Ballet Practice Shoes – The runner up

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As the best Stella ballet shoes for practice, they feature the finest materials for lightness and softness during a dance session. With a leather sole, the risk of skidding and slipping is close to zero. It also resists wear and water, thus you can rely on its durability.

The upper half of this shoe is PU, a lightweight synthetic material that can be freshened up with a mere wipe of wet cloth. It is part of the reason why they have many applications outside of the studio. They offer sufficient comfort for gymnastics and style for parties.

Stelle puts three colors on display: black, beige, and pink. As the pink suits a look more intricate and dressy, it has a version with laces for babies who don’t mind something more complicated.


  • The PU upper molds to the feet easily
  • Durable leather soles
  • Wash and clean with ease


  • The PU upper might wear off before the leather sole does

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3. Stelle Girls Canvas Ballet Slippers Flats – The cheapest

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With canvas for the upper and leather for the outsole, these shoes are made to last through the most intense practice, and they will still look pretty when you look back at them one day for memory.

On the soles, there are hammered pleats to make sure each contact with the floor is smooth but not slippery. The impact on the feet is also under control thanks to a cotton insole.

Besides, cotton is well-known for beneficial properties such as softness and breathability, and it is also easy to maintain.

Don’t worry if the shoes feel tight for your toddler because ballet shoes need to hug the feet perfectly. You can ask if they can wiggle and stretch their toes with no difficulty. In most cases, boys would need to order a size up.

There are several colors available. You can take pink shoes to make your little girl feel like a princess or black shoes for some uniqueness. The occasions can somehow help you decide on what to pick too!


  • Very affordable
  • Lovely and comfortable design
  • Various choices for colors and sizes


  • You need to check the size chart very carefully if you can’t visit their store

4. Capezio Daisy 205 Toddler Ballet Shoe – Best toddler ballet shoes for narrow feet

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Capezio ballet shoes are also a brand with a fairly long history. They are most known for providing adequate value for their costly price.

The money you need to spend will bring you high-end footwear with leather for both the upper and the outsole, which means comfort and durability at the same time.

Furthermore, Daisy 205 is also pretty to look at with hammered pleats and daisy prints on the lining. It retains the simplicity of black and white shoes while adding captivating details for aesthetics.

What strikes us is the variety of the size. It runs wide, so both extra wide feet or narrow feet will find something hugging them like a glove. Compared to street shoes, these shoes are ½ or 1 size larger.


  • High-quality material
  • Pleats for both aesthetics and contact


  • Fairly expensive
  • Leather needs more maintenance

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5. Capezio Toddler Leather Cobra 2033C Ballet Shoe – Best customed-fit shoes

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Having been making the best children’s ballet shoes, Capezio knows how to come up with the most delicate design while meeting every standard for practice and performance. The Cobra 2033C is the costliest shoe on this list, though it’s worth a try if you are willing to invest.

With suede soles and leather uppers, the shoes are undoubtedly luxurious on the eyes and to the touch. The entire of your toddler’s feet will feel comfortable and supported, and first impressions like this might be what keeps the child interested in ballet.

Unlike the shoes, we previously recommended, Capezio Cobra offers a new experience wherein you can tie the straps by yourself and adjust the fit however you want. Nonetheless, it can be time-consuming for the baby who has grown used to simple footwear like slippers.


  • High-quality materials
  • Amazing fit and comfort
  • A very professional and intricate design
  • Customizable straps


  • Quite costly
  • Customizing the fit might take some time

6. Bloch Unisex-Child Ballet Shoe – Most loved with pink flowers on the insole

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Established in 1932, Bloch has been thriving in the industry for almost a century, and they never stop leading the game. Therefore, it is not at all surprising when they drop a unisex design for people who need the best ballet shoes for beginners.

It starts with a flawlessly soft upper that contours and molds to their feet. What keeps it connected and secured is a presewn elastic, hence no tying is necessary here. The same elastic band makes up the top of the shoe and excludes the drawcord that might feel a bit stiff.

For baby girls, add half a size to their street shoes and another half for boys. The design is unisex but definitely not plain. They print little hearts on the inside, and we’re sure this feature will entice a lot of children.


  • Unisex and simple design
  • High-quality leather is the main material
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • No breaking in


  • Quite costly
  • High maintenance

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7. Bloch Dance Kids Dansoft Leather Ballet Slipper – Best fitting toddler ballet shoes for boys with wide feet

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We have mentioned a lot of shoes with leather uppers, and the last one on the list is no exception!

However, Bloch makes their Dansoft product a little different with a cotton lining. These two components are pretty compatible with each other, resulting in flexible footwear with endurance.

A soft strap stretches across the foot and holds the shoe in place. It is not customizable, but you can still adjust the fit thanks to the drawstring. Tighten it when the baby needs to execute a hard movement and loosen it for relaxation time!

Aside from the traditional pink shoes, this product comes with more neutral shades like black and white for both genders. There are various sizes to choose from for toddlers and growing kids, yet they start ½ size larger than street shoes.


  • Fine materials for durability and comfort
  • An adjustable drawstring
  • Affordable


  • You ought to be careful with the size
  • Leather is high-maintenance


1. Do toddlers wear socks with ballet shoes?

It’s totally acceptable for toddlers to wear socks instead of tights. In fact, many studios and syllabuses recommend socks, unless there is a special dress code. They have quite a few reasons to prefer socks over tights:

  • Tights might be itchy and uncomfortable for babies.
  • Socks are easier to put on and take off.
  • Children are more familiar with socks, hence they won’t be distracted from their dance lessons.
  • Movements can cause tights to tear, but socks will be safe from constant pulling and stretching.
  • It is not an issue for children if they appear shorter because of the socks.
  • Tights look and feel better when the dancer wears shoes with ribbons, which is not a common thing for toddlers.

2. Why are ballet shoes pink?

Pink is the traditional color of ballet shoes for women, while men wear black or white to emphasize their masculinity difference from female dancers.

The only reason for a ballerina to wear pink shoes back in the old days is most (if not all) ballet dancers were white, and the shoes need to blend in with their complexion.

Nowadays, with the diversity of dancers and their races, many manufacturers and companies are expanding their principles and changing other factors such as lighting, make-up, and hairstyle.

For babies, however, pink is simply lovely on them.

3. Should ballet shoes be tight?

The shoe size is important for everyone, not only the dancers. And when choosing the first dancing shoes for your little ballerina, it becomes even more crucial. As a matter of fact, ballet shoes shouldn’t be too tight or too loose.

If you want to make sure the baby feels comfortable, you can ask them a few questions:

  • Can you flatten your toes or do they have to curl to fit inside?
  • Can you wiggle your toes a bit?
  • Is there any gap around the heel? Is the gap too big and you can stick a finger in?

You can also check if the drawstrings leave imprints on the little feet. If there are red marks, your baby might need to go up half a size.

4. What should my toddler wear to dance?

If your toddler is joining a ballet class, it’s best to be aware that ballet is the most formal style. Even children need to dress in leggings and fitting tops, regardless of their gender.

For footwear, you can start with soft shoes or thick socks until you are sure the baby likes ballet, as Toddler ballet slippers might be expensive.

Last but not least, never let too much hair cover their little faces up. If they have long hair, keep it in a bun or a ponytail!

Our top pick

If we have to be resolute and choose one of them as the best ballet shoes for toddlers, we will go for Stelle Premium Authentic Leather Ballet Shoes. This product has such great quality, and the only thing it requires from you is your care for sensitive leather. The size of ballet shoes tends to differ from regular shoes, be sure to check the chart before placing your purchase!

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