What Is Rosin For Dancers? How To Use & Where To Buy

What is a rosin for dancers? You might be amazed at how much a little piece of resin can help a dancer during practices, performances, or competitions. 

Understanding how it works and knowing where to buy quality products are the conditions for you to take one step closer to this tiny miracle!

What Is Dance Rosin?

Rosin is a solidified form of resin from pine trees or similar plants. After obtaining the natural resin, the manufacturer will use heat to vaporize terpenes, which are volatile components, and thus produce the byproduct, rosin.

After being processed, the rosin takes a semi-transparent state, its color ranges from yellow to black, depending on the raw material. When you leave it at room temperature, it feels brittle, though tender heating will easily melt and soften it.

Rosin products can be sprays or powders when used for dancers, specifically applied on their shoes’ heels.

Dance Rosin

Why Do Dancers Use Rosin?

One of the biggest and the most realistic fears for dancers is losing balance. Tripping and falling can lead to severe injuries that end their career before they know it. This is when rosin comes in handy.

When applied correctly to the heels of dance shoes, rosin can reduce the friction between the dancer’s feet and the floor significantly. Therefore, the slippage will lessen and give you more confidence, especially in sliding and spinning movements.

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How To Use Rosin For Dancers?

On the market, rosin for dancers comes in 2 types: crystal and spray. How you use rosin will change depending on the type of product you choose.

With spray rosin, you simply need to spray the substance on the toe and the ball of your shoes. These spots usually need more anti-friction properties than the heel, since dancing on the heel of your feet is not one of the basic and essential moves.

With crystal rosin, you will have a ballet rosin box where you crush the chunks of rosin into powder and rub it on the necessary spots. Though not exactly recommended, you can do that directly on the floor as long as you don’t step on the rosin with your bare feet.

rosin for ballet dancer

Notice when using

However, you shouldn’t use rosin as you please. It is advisable to check with your dance teacher because some flooring types are not meant for rosin. The crystallized rosin is usually brittle and thus able to leave damage on floorboards.

The dance instructor will also inform you if the studio has a rosin box. It is usually communal with multiple spots for dancers to apply rosin on their soles and toes.

The same suggestion works for competitions. You will want to read the rules carefully and consult the staff so you don’t end up disqualifying yourself for such trivial matters!

Where To Buy Rosin For Ballet?

Whether you are shopping online or offline, you can simply visit a store for dancewear and ask if they have rosin for dance studios. Just be cautious with the flooring type you are dancing on, so you won’t unintentionally ruin the texture!

If not stores for dancers, music shops are another address to pay attention to, because musicians frequently use rosin for string instruments. Please be aware that rosin for musicians is usually crystallized chunks and not spray, if you are looking for the mist form.

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3 Rosin For Pointe Shoes You Can Get

Sell-U Pine Rosin 

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Extracted from Columbian pine trees, the quality of this Sell-U resin is undoubtedly high. Furthermore, the production process is ensured to be sustainable, mitigating damage to the environment.

The primary use of this resin for dancers is none other than to keep them safe from slipping. 

Occasionally, it can prevent blisters and irritations if the dancers need to have bare skin contact with such surfaces due to the moisturizing and dehydrating properties it has.

In a company with both dancers and musicians, the resin can be shared by both, saving everyone from the hassle of having separate tools to preserve and use.

However, this rosin product arrives in brittle chunks, hence many buyers complain about not being able to use them immediately. The mass is perhaps a bit humble compared to the price.


  • High-quality and natural pine rosin.
  • Amazing reduction of slippage.
  • Not causing blister and irritation even on bare skin.


  • Not ready in powdered form.
  • A bit pricey.

Pillows for Pointes Crushed Rock Gum Rosin

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Unlike various rosin products with a simple bag as a package, Pillows for Pointes will deliver their rosin to you in a sturdy plastic bottle with a screw-on cap for safety. It certainly looks more professional than rosin in a plastic bag.

The large container is sold at a rather reasonable price, which means you will have a generous amount, enough for an entire dance class.

If you want personal use, it might be a little too much!

Although the shop claims that the rosin is ready for use, it is still only available in crystal chunks that some customers won’t enjoy. It is reported to leave a trail of powder behind as you walk, though we consider it something rosin users have prepared for.


  • Fine quality resin as materials.
  • Very affordable.
  • Professional looks.


  • Available as rosin chunks and not powder.
  • Not suitable for one-person use.

Deese Goods Organic Pine Gum Rosin

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Made from top-tier pine resin, this product is not only good for dancers and athletes but also for artisans and cooks. The formula is meant to give you organic rosin that is completely safe to use under any circumstances.

The grip on this rosin truly is one of the best we have ever come across. While it reduces friction significantly, it leaves no trail or scratch on most types of flooring.

If you need a DIY project involving beeswax and rosin for your dance performance, you can always rely on Deese Goods. It means you will have a product for various purposes at a fair price.

However, the mixed bag from Deese Goods might be interesting, yet it doesn’t mean all users want powdered rosin mixed with the rough chunks.


  • Premium pine rosin.
  • Providing a good grip.
  • Multiple purposes are available.


  • The mix of powder and chunks is not for everyone

Final Words

Rosin for ballet dancers has become a norm these days, for they only give the performers a push during practices. This product eliminates the risk of tripping and falling instead of becoming a bad habit. 

However, don’t forget to ask your dance instructor or studio manager if the flooring they have is safe to use with rosin. And, be cautious if you are using a spray!

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