10 Best Cheer Shoes for Youth & Women

As more and more people recognize cheerleading as a professional sport, the best cheer shoes become an indispensable tool for the cheerleaders to perform dance moves and stunts skillfully and safely. 

How can we bring joy and excitement to the audience when we are not at our best? Let’s see what you can find for each position in a team!

10 Best Cheer Shoes for Flyers, Tumblers, and Bases

1. Nfinity Vengeance Cheer Shoe – Best Overall

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As a flyer, you need your shoes to be lightweight so your movements won’t be hindered by the unwanted weight. 

Meanwhile, a tumbler needs sufficient traction and smoothness at the same time if they don’t want interruption in their moves. 

Finally, for a base, something tough will be the best.

Nfinity Vengeance is currently one of the most comfortable cheer shoes on the market because they tick all the boxes above. The appearance with a see-through upper for versatility is also something you won’t be able to forget.

Although it is among the least heavy footwear, its durability is impressive with nylon pads packed inside. It’s noteworthy that these pads are easy to clean as well!

The biggest drawback we can spot in this product is the price. It is higher than most of the cheer shoes you will find at the shops. Also, it might be a bit troublesome for wide feet!


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Comfortable and breathable but durable
  • Interesting see-through uppers


  • The hefty price tag is its only weakness
  • Slightly narrow fit

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2. Nfinity Women’s Flyte Cheer Stunt Shoe – Best Cheerleading Shoes for Flyers

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For many cheerleaders, the Flyte product line is nearly as good as the Vengeance among Nfinity’s designs. Rather than the phylon pads on the bottom, Flyte uses rubber outsoles, which seems like an ordinary choice but it goes a long way.

It features a low cut curving gracefully around the ankle and not blocking your movement while still providing enough support. 

Combined with the lightness, these shoes truly allow maximum freedom in your motions. What else does a flyer need?

The knitted upper with additional perforations makes these shoes one of the most breathable footwear you will ever see. However, our attention is on the metatarsal area which has been reinforced to adjust to various problems, including flat feet.

Since it comes from Nfinity, you should expect an expensive price. It fits smaller than the regular sizes, hence you might need to size up for normal and wide feet.


  • Durable rubber soles
  • Simple and effective design
  • Breathable and lightweight


  • Not very affordable
  • It runs small

3. Nfinity Titan Adult Cheer Shoe – Best Cheer Shoes for Tumbling

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Nfinity cheer shoes seem to be good for competitions, and this Titan model for adults is proof. The high-top look already promises extra ankle support for you when you do stunts and tumbles.

Furthermore, these shoes resemble heavy-duty footwear with the footbed’s rebound and the intense-performance outsole with metatarsal reinforcement. Those features will keep you safe from impact in difficult movements.

Although its weight surpasses other Nfinity products, you won’t feel any significant difference in it, not when the TPU exoskeleton and the woven materials for the upper have already caught your attention.

Nonetheless, for non-tumblers, the high top might cause mild discomfort. Another disadvantage of Titan is it wears out quickly if you use it for outdoor activities and daily errands.


  • A rare high-top design
  • Colorways are available
  • Great for tumbling


  • Not durable enough for daily uses

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4. Nfinity Adult Evolution Cheer Shoes – Best Cheer Shoes for Bases

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One could say Evolution doesn’t stray too far from the Vengeance model, though it doesn’t have a mid-top look.

With Evolution, you have the great bounce necessary to switch between positions quickly. 

When you land or form a base for your teammates, the highly padded insoles will hug the shape of your feet and reduce the pressure they have to endure.

What we love the most about this design is the AnkleLoc technology. It keeps your ankles fixated so your feet won’t slide back & forth. And the heels won’t be rubbed against the inside of your shoes.

On the contrary, the mesh upper is thin and light, yet it means these shoes won’t be impressively durable. When you have to replace your footwear every season, the price will become something to worry about.


  • Outsoles are bouncy
  • Lightweight
  • Ample ankle support


  • Not very durable
  • A little expensive

5. Kaepa Women’s Stellarlyte Cheer Shoe

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When designing this footwear, Kaepa wants to make something snug enough for tumblers, so they can confidently execute a tricky stunt without having their feet out of position. 

Eventually, it became a product for competition due to the ability to minimize injury risks.

What stands out about Kaepa Stellarlyte is the arch support. 

Living up to the name “Secure Fit”, this technology ensures the sole will mold to your feet and act as a supportive platform when you land on the floor or prepare for the next move.

Besides the performance, the upper of this shoe is another amazing contribution. We have seen mesh uppers countless times, yet not all of them were made with attentiveness. 

Here, you will have an anti-microbial lining and waterproof coating, which help to keep the inside of the shoes clean and easy to maintain.

While the reasonable price is tempting, we need to remind you that this Kaepa model is not suitable for outdoor uses. It might feel flexible and comfortable but mostly on spring floors or mats.


  • Great value for its cost
  • Flexible outsoles
  • Comfortable and breathable


  • Only suitable for indoor uses

6. Varsity Spirit Legacy Cheer Shoes

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Among the Varsity collection, the Spirit Legacy isn’t the most lightweight. Nonetheless, it will still feel extremely pleasant on your feet and boost your confidence remarkably.

The Spirit Legacy model also gets the innovative Exomesh technology for extra ventilation. Not only that, the comfortable feeling is enhanced by the memory foam with amazing resistance to shock and impact.

If you specialize in stunts, you will need the best grip possible, especially when you are looking to improve your skills. The arch support comes in handy for this situation as well.

If there is something we don’t like about these shoes, it must be the narrow fit. The materials are not the most durable you can find either.


  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Supportive foam


  • It runs smaller than regular sizes
  • Not very durable

7. Chassé Apex Cheerleading Shoes – Best Affordable Cheerleading Shoes

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If you look at the weight, you might hesitate a little because it is almost twice as heavy as Nfinity Vengeance and probably not a good choice for flyers. 

However, it doesn’t feel like that when you put the shoes on, sufficient for tumbling and jumping.

Due to the thick upper, Chassé Apex shoes indeed have less capacity for ventilation, yet they are very durable. 

Meanwhile, the outsole has a low profile and allows you to feel when is the perfect time to do your stunts so you can remain in sync with the bases.

Keeping the shoes snug is the bubble laces, so you can perform with all your might without worrying about them getting undone while you are doing a posture.

The price is worth falling in love with, yet we have to mention the suffocation here. The upper is thick with no ventilation hole, hence the heat will build up and have no way out. 

As if to make the lack of breathability more challenging, these sneakers run half a size smaller too.


  • Very affordable
  • Durable and nimble at the same time
  • Perfectly fitting arch


  • The upper is not breathable enough
  • It runs small

8. Rebel Athletic Ruthless Cheer Shoe

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Unlike some of the Rebel shoes you might have come across, the Ruthless model comes with an extremely breathable multilayered mesh upper. 

Right off the bat, it is already tempting footwear for cheerleaders, regardless of their position in the team.

With Rebel Ruthless, you will get to experience a technology for weight distribution, hence no part of your body will have to endure too much pressure. The lightness is exceptionally crucial for flyers and tumblers.

It’s not yet everything. These shoes are further improved with shock absorption, finger grooves, spin pads, and cushioned heel cups, which means you can do difficult moves without resistance or slip. 

We think it is a nice balance between indoor and outdoor shoes.

Nevertheless, despite the impact reduction property, we find the shoes losing their shape quite quickly. Perhaps it won’t be the best choice if you want a pair of footwear that lasts for years.


  • Multiple layers of mesh for breathability
  • Weight distribution and shock absorption
  • Less slip and resistance


  • Not very durable

9. Nike Sideline IV Cheer Shoes

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When Nike started producing cheer shoes, we all knew we could expect great things from them, and Sideline IV proved us right. 

The low cut for free movements and the lightness will immediately let you know you can do amazing stunts with them.

The upper made of mesh and leather will mold to your feet after a while. 

There are perforations to make sure your feet have sufficient air circulation for a healthy environment and easy cleaning, though the overall price is quite hefty.

These shoes might not look tough at first sight but the rubber outsoles are bound to change your mind. 

Combined with the extra cushioning from the midsole, you will get ample flexibility and comfort while walking as well as performing.

While some people recommend it for bases due to its toughness, we think it is just as good for stunting. The grooves on its outsole ensure traction and pivot points, keeping you steady and preventing your ankles from rolling over.


  • Mesh and perforations for breathability
  • Durable and comfortable
  • High energy return


  • Quite expensive
  • It runs a bit small

10. Adidas Women’s Triple Cheer Cross Trainer

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We can agree that the name Adidas makes us sigh in relief. 

The powerhouse in sportswear designed this cross trainer specifically for cheerleaders, especially the ones responsible for the base of the formations.

The first thing this shoe guarantees is the excellent stability coming from ample arch and ankle support. 

It might feel heavier than some trainers you have tried, though you don’t need that lightness when you are on the ground as a perch for your teammates.

With stunts, the ADIPRENE+ technology for the forefoot area retains your efficiency and propulsion, so it absorbs some impact when you land on the ground and provides traction to prevent slips at the same time. 

Therefore, other roles aside from bases can still utilize this product, though they will need a more nimble replacement for the competition!

However, the weight of Adidas Triple Cheer is still not something that will bother you. Most of it comes from the mesh upper and the synthetic sole, which ensures a long lifespan. 

Thanks to the durability, outdoor uses won’t be an issue for these shoes either.

We find them true to size with enough room for wide feet but not comfortable enough for high arches, yet you don’t need to worry about anything else!


  • Very affordable
  • Breathable
  • Durable and stable


  • Not suitable for high arch
  • Slightly heavy


1. What Is Special About Cheer Shoes?

Whenever you partake in sports, the professionals will advise you to wear suitable shoes. 

For example, a runner needs running shoes for more support because the steps will put so much pressure on their feet. Meanwhile, a basketball player will need something with traction and the ability to grip the court.

Cheerleading is recognized as a sport now, so you need cheer shoes and not mere white trainers. 

Regarding performance, cheer shoes are designed to feel secure and comfortable, minimize the risk of injuries, and give you the confidence to do your best.

Furthermore, different roles in a cheerleading team call for different shoes. 

Cheer shoes for beginners tend to have a thicker sole for more padding and support, hence they are heavier. But the flyers will need lightweight shoes with a snug fit.

Besides, cheerleading footwear looks very nice when paired with uniforms. The high-quality products in our list also last long through competitions and practices.

2. Can Cheer Shoes Be Worn Outside?

It depends on whether you have indoor or outdoor shoes. Indoor cheer shoes are not meant to endure external damage from the outside. 

The rough, bumpy terrains will wear them out quickly and ruin the traction designated for court or gym floors.

If you must venture outside, getting the appropriate footwear is essential. 

Outdoor cheer shoes have the necessary modifications in materials and designs for maximum efficiency without much damage when you leave the court or the gym.

What outdoor shoes for cheerleaders have but indoor shoes don’t is the extra cushioning from the thicker soles. They also feature shock absorption, for the terrains outside require more bounce and support. 

Otherwise, injuries are lurking in wait for you.

3. Why Do Cheer Shoes Have To Be White?

The mats for cheerleaders to perform or compete on are usually available in bold colors, thus white shoes will have a contrast with them. 

During practices or contests, the coaches and the judges can easily follow the movements and spot any inaccuracies.

Also, cheer uniforms often have white streaks on both the top and the skirt, which will effortlessly match the white shoes.

4. What Socks Do You Wear With Cheer Shoes?

There are various events a professional cheerleader needs to attend and numerous styles of socks suitable for each occasion.

  • Flip socks

When you pull these socks up and when you fold them like a cuff, they appear in two different styles. 

Therefore, they become the most versatile sock style that cheerleaders can have fun with in practice or daily wear.

  • Ankle socks

It doesn’t go higher than your ankles. Hence, they are the best option when you want a neat appearance and avoid distracting people from your uniform or dance moves.

  • Low socks

Only slightly longer than ankle socks and still below the calf, these socks give you room to play with patterns and colors without going overboard.

  • Long socks

Reaching the level of your knees, it is meant to provide warmth but they can still be a pop of color if you want to use them like an accessory.

The Bottom Line

Those are all of the products we want to introduce to you if you are looking for the best cheerleading shoes. 

Through our experience as well as the comments from customers, Nfinity Vengeance is an all-rounder you might want to consider. 

It does fairly well in all positions and offers everything you need for cheerleading, such as cushioning and support for all parts of your feet. 

The only problem is it takes a good chunk out of your budget, but you get what you pay for!

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