10 Best Ballet Tights for Adults & Kids

Beginners might not know how important the best ballet tights would be for them to practice well and stay safe for a long time. 

In this list, we will compile all the high-quality tights we recommend for both genders and numerous age ranges. Any of them would be a worthy addition to your dancewear collection!

10 Best Ballet Tights for Adults & Kids

1. Stelle Ultra Soft Pro Ballet Transition Tight – Best Overall

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With the reputation Stella has built, it is not a surprise if they come up with one of the best ballet tights for toddlers as well as adults. 

The variety in sizes and colors might be a bit overwhelming at first but you only need to focus on the size chart and find what fits you!

Stella gained a matte finish by putting spandex 13% with polyamide 87%. Therefore, these tights feel gentle on your skin while looking and being extremely durable. 

Aside from ballet, you can utilize it for your other activities or dance styles. The versatility is further enhanced by the smooth transition between footless and footed looks.

The materials and structure also give pressure points on your legs a slight relief, matching the comfort of the waistband. You can wear them under or over your leotard!

You can purchase one pair for trial and two, three, or more pairs when you have believed and trusted the quality.


  • Comfortable waistband
  • Stretchy and soft
  • Various sizes and deals


  • The materials might be thin for some customers

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2. MANZI 1-3 Pairs Convertible Ballet Tights – Best Ballet Tights for Adults

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MANZI might not be a powerhouse in dancewear yet, though they are probably halfway there already! 

Made with elastane and polyamide, the softness and stretch of their tights are impressive, making them worthy of mentioning as the most comfortable ballet tights.

Another reason we highly recommend this deal from MANZI is that you can purchase multiple pairs at once. And, every dancer usually has more than one pair of tights ready in case they are torn right before an important event.

They only have a few sizes, which is a disadvantage saved by how well these limited number of sizes fit people with different body shapes. 

However, we must say the colors of the products are not as good as presented in the pictures.


  • Thick and durable
  • It fits true to size
  • Affordable


  • Incorrect colors compared to the photograph

3. Dancina Ballet Dance Tights

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Dancina almost always appears in the list of high-quality and affordable footwear. With a humble budget, you can comfortably shop for both kids & adults while still getting something better than expected.

At a ratio of 15% spandex and 85% nylon, the tights feel stretchy and still durable at the same time without causing irritations to your skin. 

It is clearly an essential feature for dancers, who have to exert and sweat so much, though its importance regarding children’s sensitive skin simply can’t be measured.

This design comes in various sizes and colors. But, it looks like Dancina still has a lot of things to do about its dyeing technology so it can provide the exact product it advertised.


  • Affordable price
  • It runs true to size with various colors available
  • Nice design and features


  • The colors might be different from the pictures

4. Mondor Ballet Convertible Tights – Most Durable Ballet Tights

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Why do we say it is the most durable tights for women? 

You wouldn’t easily find tights that can go into the washing machine and leave unscathed but this convertible model from Mondor will surprise you.

Mondor uses only polyesters in the production of their favorite convertible tights. 

However, they succeeded in making them soft and stretchy so the dancers wouldn’t feel any discomfort while executing even the most difficult movements.

The important point of pressure that is your tummy will also feel relieved thanks to the elastic no-roll waistband. It will stay fitted through long hours of practicing and performing, keeping your appearance neat and professional!

As much as we love this product, we have to say the lack of options for colors and patterns was a big drawback in the modern time.


  • Inexpensive for its endurance
  • Stretchy and durable thanks to the polyester materials
  • No-roll waistband


  • Lacking choices for colors and patterns

5. Danskin Girls Student Footed Tights

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Since Danskin has been around since 1882, they understand dance tights better than anyone else. And it might be why they are capable of producing ballet tights that don’t run or wear out.

Made of Nylon and Lycra, the tights are not too sheer or thin, yet their weight remains minimized. It means you won’t feel like they are dragging you down while you dance, and they won’t be vulnerable to sags and rips either.

On the other hand, the waistband is a combination of spandex and nylon. It increases the comfort around your stomach and prevents slipping to a certain degree.

Last but not least, it comes with a feature benefitting and hindering itself at the same time. 

The full-footed design flatters your figure well, yet when you need to dress up and put your leotards over your tights, it might become less versatile.


  • Lightweight but thick enough
  • Reinforced waistband
  • Classic design with various colors


  • It runs extremely small

6. Bloch Dance Girls Endura Footed Tights – Comfortable Waistband

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Bloch is the first name that comes to our mind when we think about ballet tights with comfortable waistbands. Their Endura full-footed tights are amazing even in daily use with how smooth and soft they are against our skin.

Although the combination of 88% nylon and 12% spandex is not something we have ever seen, Bloch knows how to make a powerful texture with it. 

They give the design a V-waist and keep it low around the hips, so your back will have full coverage.

The waistband is knitted with the newest method, which already makes it great, yet Bloch is only satisfied after they add a silicone grip to it. 

Even though you pull at it harshly, it won’t slip off and expose your body in an unpleasant way.

They have pink, tan, and black options for you, coupled with a small but effective and streamlined gusset. Nonetheless, you honestly can get more choices in colors and patterns from other brands.


  • Durable for the cost
  • V-styled and silicone waistband
  • Fitting true to size


  • Limited color choices

7. Capezio Girls Ultra Soft Transition Tights

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In 2021, Capezio stirred quite a storm on the market with its Ultra Soft Transition tights. 

Using Lycra as the core material was a smart choice for the generous stretch, so the user won’t feel any restriction in their movements.

Modern dancers are keen on some opaqueness for their tights as well as a transition opening so they can switch between footless or full-footed with no concern about the texture.

Aside from giving you the utmost comfort you want in a dance practice as well as the versatile transition, the softness (deserved the name Ultra Soft!) allows you to wear these tights under your sweatpants or warm-up gear if you must!

Compared to many models of ballet tights on the market, this Capezio has a wide range of color options, perhaps to compensate for the limit of two sizes for all.


  • Affordable, especially for new dancers
  • Stretchy and versatile
  • Transition opening


  • Not many sizes are available
  • Wearing out quickly

8. Wear Moi Solo Tights – Best Men’s Ballet Tights

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Wear Moi is a brand established and run by two dancers with a passion for dancewear. From 1989 till now, they have successively explored the newest technologies, improved their product quality, and expanded to over 60 countries.

Rather than the synthesized fabrics usually seen in the modern industry, Wear Moi incorporated the finest cotton into their Solo tights. Hence, they feel stretchy and not suffocating at the same time.

You won’t ever feel like you are wearing tights with how lightweight and breathable it is, especially how they stay around your waist without you constantly fixing them. 

It is not an exaggeration to say they have everything a great pair of ballet rights ever needs.

Nonetheless, an existing problem is they look less opaque than other popular models. The cotton texture might be too warm in hot weather.


  • High-quality materials
  • Elastic and breathable
  • No need for a pull-up


  • On the costly side
  • Too much warmth from the weather

9. Body Wrappers Men’s Seamless Convertible Dance Tight

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Body Wrappers has a reputation in the dancewear industry with countless items and designs produced per year, including one of the best convertible ballet tights for gentlemen. 

However, its application is not limited to ballet!

The entrusted material here is lycra, a stretchy and highly elastic synthesized material. There is a decoration line running down the outer side of each leg so the dancer can adjust the tights for a neat appearance. 

Managing moisture and keeping colors unified can be managed with a run guard and a dyed gusset.

Furthermore, the front is seamless, cutting out the overly sensitive details. Like most tights from Body Wrappers, the waistband is balanced between the comfort of the wearer’s skin and the anti-slip property.

You can choose between black, white, and grey depending on your dress code or preference. These tights fit right in most cases, though they are not the most durable compared to the price.


  • Nice and seamless fit
  • Stretchy materials
  • Snug yet comfortable waistband


  • Quite expensive
  • Not as durable

10. Capezio Men’s Footed Tight

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While Capezio thrives in dancewear for women, they certainly know what they need to satisfy the male dancers. 

These tights give the men supreme control in every move, so they can perform with precision and support their partner when necessary.

Capezio combined 92% nylon with 8% spandex to make the tights as resilient as possible without sacrificing the ventilation. It is also a good ratio for a sufficiently opaque look. 

The gusset was dyed to match the color as well. Everything ensures a presentable appearance for formal events.

The waistband is 0.75 inches, self-knitted, and elastic-free. Thus, it won’t make you worry about it slipping off during practices or pressing too hard against your skin.

However, it seems like these tights are limited to a few body types. Overly lean or thick dancers might not like the fit. The back seams are a one-fits-all feature too.


  • High-quality materials
  • Semi-opaque
  • Secure waistband


  • Not for all body types
  • The seam isn’t perfect


1. What’s The Difference Between Tights And Ballet Tights?

  • Coverage

Regular tights often come with thin fabrics that either bunch up or stretch out in uneven coverage. 

Meanwhile, ballet tights have to be thick enough to not expose the dancer’s body unpleasantly and simultaneously breathable for the skin.

  • Style

You will only find full-footed tights with the regular version, which might be troublesome when the dancer needs to change quickly. 

On the other side, ballet tights are available in various forms – full-footed, footless, or convertible – and ultimately more versatile.

  • Materials

Nylon is usually all we get in tights for common uses, and it won’t be able to endure the rigor of dancing. 

In ballet tights, we get high-quality spandex and other fibers for durability enhancement.

  • Waistband

The waist of normal tights follows no rules and contains unflattering elastics, hence it isn’t flat against your body. 

The problem is solved with soft fabrics being woven into your ballet tights, so it is almost invisible under your clothes without leaving imprints on your skin. 

Besides these differences, the proper ballet tights provide an aesthetic value that couldn’t be seen in regular tights. So, we won’t recommend wearing your casual tights for ballet classes. 

You don’t want to contrast with everyone else who is using dance tights, and it will give the instructor or choreographer a hard time too.

Furthermore, in exams and competitions, a contestant with discordant outfit items will lose significant scores for the mismatch they display.

2. Do You Wear Ballet Tights Over Or Under Leotards?

Recently, putting tights over a leotard has suddenly become a trend, specifically the black tights that steal some inches from your upper body and transfer them to your legs. 

It is also a trick to make sure the leotard lasts longer.

You can follow this trend for your dance classes if it benefits you because there is no official rule about this matter. 

However, we recommend tights atop leotards only when your tights are dark colors, for the gussets of a nude or pink leotard will look extremely sensitive and unpleasant in compromising poses.

Furthermore, presentations and events will call for a more professional and elegant appearance. And it’s time for you to return the tights to their original positions: under the leotard.

3. Are Black Tights OK For Ballet?

Wearing leotards and pink tights is a ballet tradition because this color creates a slim and seamless silhouette for you. Pink tights are also great at displaying the dancer’s footwork while still maintaining full coverage.

As time comes with changes, pink tights are no longer mandatory. In fact, you might see young dancers adorn black footless tights just as frequently. 

Nevertheless, this freedom applies to classes only. For performances, you should consult the instructor or choreographer about the dress code.

4. Why Do Ballet Tights Have A Hole In The Bottom Of The Foot?

Ballet tights come with a hole on the bottom so the user can insert toe pads for pointe shoes beneath the tights without too much trouble. 

Convertible and transition tights are usually the most versatile for various dance styles other than ballet.

Final Words

If you are unsure which product to choose, we recommend Stelle Ultra Soft Transition Tights as the best tights for ballet. 

They have the stretch and comfort that both veterans and newbies need, regardless of age. The transition allows it to adjust to all situations as well. 

With the reasonable price and attractive deals, the only weakness it has is the material being not thick enough for certain users!

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