List of World of Dance Winners (All Seasons)

The World of Dance winners are exceptionally talented dancers who have claimed victory over thousands of competitors.

We have gathered the names and the basic information of winners from all WoD seasons, as well as interesting backstories and facts about them, so let’s keep your databook up-to-date now!

World of Dance Winners All Seasons

Les Twins – World of Dance Winner Season 1 (2017)

Les Twins - World of Dance Winner Season 1

Surviving the final rounds of the first season of World of Dance is the Les Twins. Hailing from Paris, France, the dance group Les Twins consists of Laurent and Larry Nicolas Bourgeois.

They took home $1,000,000 in prize money after winning against Swing Latino (a dance group from Colombia) and Eva Igo, an American dancer.

Throughout the competition, Les Twins consistently put out excellent performances by dancing with a level of synchronization that’s almost unnatural.

Combined with their beautiful choreography and vibrant personality, it wasn’t surprising that the twins managed to advance to the final round.

During the final acts, Les Twins danced to the famous house beat of Stole the Show by Kygo and Parson James. Their second act is danced on top of the popular song Alive by Sia.

The aggregated score of the two performances was 93.8, just 0.1 points shy of Eva Igo’s record of 93.7. Swing Latino lagged at 93.2.

All the dancers gave their best, and their performances were striking in our eyes. But Les Twins’ bombastic performances were on another level altogether … and Laurent, one of the twins, was dancing in a wheelchair!

Before the Divisional Final, Laurent suffered from a leg injury, which set the group at a significant disadvantage. That didn’t stop them from giving it their best, and it paid off.

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The Labs – World of Dance Winner Season 2 (2018)

The Labs - World of Dance Winner Season 2

The Labs was one of the groups that participated in the first season of World of Dance. However, they were eliminated during the third round, aptly named “The Cut.”

With experience under their belt, they came back the next year in the second season a lot stronger!

Ultimately, they came first during the World Final and claimed the grand prize, along with the title of World of Dance season 2 champion.

They started their final performances with a number of Missy Elliot while wearing bright neon costumes. For the second performance, they danced on top of Waiting on the World to Change by John Mayer.

In terms of choreography, the hip-hop-esque dance is perfect for the high-energy mood of the night. Their charismatic dance moves did a wonderful job of rousing the audience and the judges.

The Lab ended up with 97.5 points in total. Their closest competitor, Michael Dameski, was 1.5 points behind at a total of 96.

King United – World of Dance Winner Season 3 (2019)

King United - World of Dance Winner Season 3

In the third season of World of Dance, the final winner was King United.

Coming from India, it was the first time the group participated in the competition. But they gained the championship nonetheless in one fell swoop!

Throughout the show, the group, consisting of 14 members, consistently ranked high on leaderboards with their stunts and tricks. Taking on one competitor after another, in 12 weeks, the group left with the $1 million prize money.

But the fantastic thing about this group is that, for the first time in World of Dance’s history, a group gained a perfect score in the final rounds. Both of their performances were given 100 points by all three judges.

They beat their closest competitor, Unity LA, by a fair distance of 4.3 points (Unity LA only received 95.7 points for their performances.)

And watching The Kings’ shows, it’s not surprising that the judges were so enamored. Their synchronized flips and high-energy moves were nothing short of amazing to watch.

MDC 3 – World of Dance Winner Season 4 (2020)

MDC 3 - World of Dance Winner Season 4

MDC 3 is the first Junior Division team to win World of Dance. The group consists of three members: Madison (Madi) Smith, Diego Pasillas, and Emma Mather.

Despite being younger than most participants in the competition, their dancing talents were undeniable, especially after they won the fourth season and came home with $1 million.

The members of MDC 3 had faced three seasons of rejection. They participated in all of the previous seasons of World of Dance, only to triumph in the fourth (and, as of now, the last) season of the competition.

Due to the impact of the pandemic, every World Finalist’s performance was recorded without a studio audience. For MDC 3, they performed a dance number to the music of “I Surrender” by Celine Dion. The trio played hard into their strongest ability: story-telling.

Throughout the season, their shows were expressive and rich in stories. It’s the reason they got so far in the competition and, eventually, it’s also the reason for their surprising winning!

Who Is The Winner of World Of Dance Season 5?

Unfortunately, after the fourth season, NBC refused to renew World of Dance for a fifth season.

This is due to the low rating of Season 4, which only managed to pick up around 4 million viewers. In contrast, the show had about 7.7 million viewers during the first season.

The rating wasn’t the only issue that World of Dance was facing.

Due to the impact of the pandemic, production was difficult and expensive. It was hard to produce each episode and challenging for crews to invite and record competitors’ performances in the pandemic era.

So, it seems like the fourth season is the last airing of World of Dance. But if you turn out to love the show, have hope!

It’s not unheard of for television shows to go on hiatus for a while before being revived. There’s still a chance that you may see the World of Dance winner in season 5!

Final Words

World of Dance is a great show with beautiful performances and high production value.

It’s a worthy TV program to watch on the weekend for any dance buff out there looking for something nice to watch or searching for a competition to practice. Who knows?

After reading this World of Dance championship winners list and watching their shows, you may find the motivation to practice and one day enter a world-class dance competition on your own!

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