What Is Milly Rock Dance? Origin & How To Dance

Milly Rock Dance Origins

Although you might have heard people asking about who created the Milly Rock dance, its origin isn’t too far away from our time. 

In fact, it has only aged almost 10 years, ever since rapper 2 Milly released and choreographed a song with the same name.

The dance originally consisted of a two-step movement with twirling arms, leaving plenty of room for the dancers to get creative. 

According to 2 Milly, he and his crew came up with it a long time ago, though the MV and the celebration of Jesse Lingard made it viral.

It became popular enough that the Fortnite game turned it into the “swipe it” emote. The rapper then filed a lawsuit against the game developer for using his movements without permission.

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How To Do The Milly Rock Dance?

Get The 2-Step Move Right

Stand straight

With your feet at your shoulders’ width, keep your back as straight as you can and make sure your body feels as much balance as possible. 

It is simple enough for everybody to follow though, though you need to look as confident as possible.

As a beginner, you can let your arms rest comfortably on your sides. Once you are more familiar with the dance, you can be as creative as you want!

Jesse Lingard do Milly Rock dance
Jesse Lingard does Milly Rock dance

Step back & forth

Put your right foot next to your left foot and return it to the original position. And repeat this motion for the other side. 

You can practice it again and again until you’re completely sure you have mastered it with no problem.

Like the first step, you can tweak the routine with your own touch after getting completely accustomed to the pattern. It means the width and the timing of your movements must be consistent.

Side steps & hip twists

Start from the straight position. When you step sidewards, thrust your hip in that direction and put your weight on that side as well. 

Once your foot is on the ground, pull your weight back with a slight swing and return to the first position.

Try to maintain a balance between your left and right sides! The swings make the difference between a dull dance and a lively dance. 

Your Milly Rock version would be much more entertaining if you could vibe with the song and add some bounce to your moves.

Move Your Arms

  1. Raise your hands and hold them in front of your chest while keeping your arms in a relaxed arc. Once you are comfortable with the posture, you can start combining it with the two footsteps above.
  2. Move your hand down and back up to form a rotation. Don’t forget to practice with both hands so you can make consistent and smooth moves.
  3. Try stepping to the sides and rotating your arms at the same time. It’s completely alright if your arms are a tad faster than your legs.

Some Notices

First of all, you don’t need to stress yourself about the outfit. Milly Rock is a self-choreographed routine for a hip-hop song. Hence, it should be as casual and chill as possible.

Secondly, if you feel like the dance needs more dynamics, you can add a little twist to your movements. But be sure to have a smooth and effortless flow first!

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