How Much Are Ballet Shoes?

Nowadays, ballet shoes have become an indispensable part of people who choose this journey, hence they are willing to spend $45 – 125 for a decent pair. The differentiation depends on the materials, the extras, and certainly the brand’s reputation.

So, let’s dive deeper into the variety of ballet shoes’ prices and find out the most suitable for your needs!

Key takeaways:

  • A pair of ballet shoes costs $45 on average, though it can go higher to $125.
  • Shoe accessories might account for ballet shoe’s price.
  • The price varies according to brands, models, materials, and types.
  • Professional ballet dancers can spend $100 per month on shoes.

How Much Are Ballet Shoes?

Let’s get right down to it. The short answer is: it depends. Different brands and models will come with different price tags.

Most beginners will start with a simple pair of ballet flats. They have fairly simple construction, so they tend to be very cheap. As a matter of fact, among all of the footwear that is used in ballet, ballet flats are the cheapest.

Since you’re not expected to perform highly technical moves like en pointe just yet, these shoes are sufficient. Other than beginners, male ballet dancers will also opt to wear these.

Once you have gained enough skill and experience, you will “graduate” from ballet flats to pointe shoes. These shoes are silky-looking shoes with ribbons that you see professional ballet dancers wear while they are on stage.

On average, a decent-quality pair will run you around $45. If you buy from reputable, high-quality brands like Bloch and Grishko, you may have to spend from $65 to $125 per pair.

Ballet shoe’s price also includes shoe accessories and custom service

That’s not all, though. You will need to buy a shoe-care kit besides the shoes themselves. The kit includes ribbons, elastic bands, a sewing kit, and extra toe pads. All of which should cost you around $20 extra.

Because ballet pointe shoes need to fit the feet of the dancer perfectly, many professional ballerinas choose to have their shoes tailor-made.

But you don’t have to be a pro-level dancer to use shoe-tailoring services. Getting a custom pair is quite cheap. You only have to pay about $25 extra for the retail cost of the shoes.

So, to answer your question “Are ballet shoes expensive?” … you will spend about $150 for a good pair of pointe shoes.

What Affects Ballet Shoes’ Price

Not every ballet shoe is made equal. Some are more expensive than others, as you can see above … and not without a good reason! Various factors contribute to the final price of the pair of shoes you see on the shelves.

Materials of ballet shoes

Ballet shoes (flats and pointe shoes) can be made from canvas, leather, and satin.

Materials of ballet shoes

  • Canvas

Canvas shoes are cheap and hug the outline of the feet nicely, making them great for beginners.

Canvas ballet shoes are the easiest to maintain. Once they get dirty, you can throw them into the washing machine, hang them out to dry, and wear them again.

However, compared to leather or satin shoes, they are very flimsy. If you use them frequently, a pair of canvas ballet shoes will become worn out in weeks.

  • Leather

Leather ballet shoes are more expensive than canvas shoes. But they last longer. So, you’ll save more money buying leather instead of canvas.

 Leather shoes’ hardness can strengthen the muscles of the wearer’s feet. That makes it a great candidate for practice or training shoes. But remember to break it before using it.

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  • Satin

Satin ballet shoes are in the middle of the price range: more expensive than canvas but cheaper than leather ones.

This is the classic material for pointe shoes and is the most attractive-looking out of the bunch. Satin ballet shoes are reserved only for special occasions, like performances. Traditionally, only female dancers wear satin.

Custom-made or ready-to-wear shoes?

It’s usually not at all expensive to get a custom-made pair! They usually cost an extra $25 or so compared to ready-to-wear shoes.

Why do dancers need their shoes custom-made?

Getting shoes that fit them snugly is crucial. Shoes that are too loose might cause chafing, and shoes that are too tight might cause discomfort. They all affect the quality of the performance or even result in injuries.

That’s why many dancers (and virtually all pro-level ballet dancers) have opted to wear custom-made shoes instead of ready-made ones.

Ballet slippers or pointe shoes

Ballet slippers are simpler in design, and they’re mostly for beginners. So they understandably come quite cheap.

Pointe shoes are where things get expensive. Because they are made for high-level and professional ballet dancers, their constructions and overall quality must be better. It’s not uncommon for pointe shoes to be partly handcrafted, which only drives up the cost further.

Shoe brands

Branding is also an important factor here. If you buy from brands with glowing reputations and long, storied histories like Bloch or Freed of London, the pricing will be high.

But considering ballet shoes, especially pointe shoes, have relatively short lifespans, buying expensive shoes may not always be doable for many people.

Don’t worry. There are many brands out there that sell high-quality shoes at more affordable prices, too. A good example is Stelle!

Stelle Girls Ballet Practice Shoes
Stelle Girls Ballet Practice Shoes

Shoe Cost For Beginner And Professional Ballet Dancers

On average, a decent pair of ballet shoes will last anywhere from 10 to 15 hours of continuous dancing. Yes, that’s not a whole lot. Professional dancers can burn through a pair of pointe in only a few days. That’s why, for them, buying new shoes every month can be an expensive affair.

Other than continuously replacing the shoes because they wear out so quickly, pro-level dancers must also buy the best quality shoes. If not, the quality of their performances could be affected. That only drives up the bill further.

On average, if you’re dreaming of going pro someday, be prepared to spend north of $100 a month on shoes alone. Fortunately, shoes usually aren’t too much of an issue for beginners or hobbyists.

A good pair of ballet shoes can last a few months if you only log an hour or so of dancing a week. Additionally, this group of dancers doesn’t need to buy top-quality dancing shoes. Instead, cheaper shoes made from canvas from budget brands are okay to wear.

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Final Words

Now that you know how much ballet shoes are, you can start to shop around with more ease.

Admittedly, they’re quite expensive. Plus, considering how they can wear out very quickly, budgeting for new shoes every month can be tough.

But that’s just one of the many sacrifices that you have to make if you want to pursue this wonderful sport. Good luck!

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