7 Best Makeup For Dancers You Should Have

What should your makeup bag contain? What is the best makeup for dancers out of countless products out there? 

Fortunately, there are one-for-all kits you can try aside from standalone cosmetics. 

With the criteria of quality and health in mind, we have compiled a list of things you can consider!

7 Best Makeup for Dancers You Should Have

1. SHANY Carry All Trunk Makeup Set

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SHANY proudly provides an entire trunk of cosmetics for dance parents or artists who are in need of the best makeup for young dancers. 

It includes everything you can think of. Face makeup, eye makeup, nail decorations, lipstick, mirror, pencils, sharpener, and more.

With the targets being young children, the manufacturer has been very careful with the ingredients they use. There are no such things as EU allergen, sulfate, silicon, or alcohol in these products. 

Therefore, they work extremely well with different types of skin, even the most sensitive ones. The variety of applications coming from the color range is truly valuable.

Furthermore, the cosmetics are packed in an aluminum case with double sides. So, you have a portable makeup trunk to carry along if your dancers need to go on a trip. 

If not, it is still amazing to keep your cosmetics organized and ready.

SHANY seals the deal by not testing their product on animals. And, they rely on makeup professionals to develop the best makeup for their dear customers.


  • An affordable set with everything you need for a makeup look.
  • Versatile with applications.
  • Portable and organized.


  • The durability is low.
  • The amount of each product might not be satisfying.

2. SHANY All In One Makeup Kit – Best Makeup for Dance Competition

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If you like to have another choice from the same brand to consider, the All-in-One Kit from SHANY is worth your attention. 

Instead of an aluminum case, you will have a leather-covered case with multiple layers. The case is portable and great for display at the same time. 

It also shares the same motto with other SHANY makeups: no animal tests and toxic chemicals.

In this trunk, you will find a whooping number of 45 colors for eye makeup, 2 lipsticks, 16 lip glosses, and 8 blushes with powders. 

If you are in the mood for eyeliner, the 2 pencils in the box and a large-sized mirror are attached to the inside. It is so good if you plan to do the makeup for yourself and have no comfortable seat.

Due to the pretty case, it is a very lovely gift for adults and children on all occasions. The price and the versatility turn it into a great set for beginners.


  • It has everything you need for a full makeup
  • The pretty box makes it ready for gifting
  • Affordable and reliable


  • It expires after 2 years, considerably short-lived compared to most cosmetics

3. Aminzer Maúve Professional All-in-One Makeup Kits

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As the word ‘all in one’ indicates, Maùve Professional Kit is a great companion for all dancers and makeup artists. 

From smooth powders for perfect skin and shiny lip glosses for succulent lips to multiple colors for eye makeup and blushes, the set has everything to ensure you have the best experience. 

It even comes with concealers to hide the flaws of various complexions.

With an oil base, the cosmetics here are smudge-proof. And, they are also tested properly to avoid allergic reactions. 

The long-lasting makeups are very suitable for dancers and anyone who has to work hard and sweat.

All of these products are nicely arranged in a case with retractable trays. You can carry this compact case anywhere and anytime for more applications. 

Furthermore, it is reusable. So, you can refill it with new cosmetics if you want to.


  • Sweat-proof makeup.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Multiple items.


  • The package is not very neat.

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4. Revlon ColorStay Longwear Makeup – Best Foundation Makeup for Dry Skin

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Revlon stays loyal to oil-free formulas and abandons fragrances to focus on a durable foundation that can last up to 24 hours. 

They also included SPF-20 with a broad spectrum, thus you can comfortably go out in the daylight with makeup on. Your skin won’t feel heavy and suffocated.

With an extra boost of moisture, Revlon cosmetics are the best for dry skin. When your skin is moisturized sufficiently, you will have a natural glow even with multiple layers of cosmetics on. 

Despite the rich hydration, these products are still durable enough to resist sweat and heat. You might test it by wearing a mask!

It looks humble compared to the kits with many products. But you would be delighted to know it is compatible with any type of skin due to its variety of shades.


  • 24-hour durability.
  • Generous moisture and waterproof.
  • SPF-20, no oil and no fragrance.
  • Multiple shades.


  • The moisture might be watery for some people

5. Maybelline Eraser Multi-Use Concealer

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Maybelline has been a big name for a very long time. And, they take pride in the multi-purpose concealer that has been a top favorite in America for so long. 

A dancer needs to cover the flaws on their skin and neutralize the uneven spots as well. And this concealer can immediately rewind their age!

Not only does it conceal the lines of aging, dark circles, and blemishes, but it also treats these mishaps with Haloxyl. 

Using this product, the dancer will feel confident all the time. They will always appear in the best conditions, with radiance and glow.

You will be even more amazed to know this Maybelline concealer can do a lot of things. 

If you want to highlight certain parts of your face, it serves as a decent contour. The tone of your skin is not a problem when you have 18 shades to choose from!


  • Multiple purposes: concealer, highlighter, contour.
  • Medium coverage.
  • 12-hour moisturization.


  • A little hard to blend.

6. Milani Make It Last 3-in-1 Setting Spray

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Looking at the name, you know what to expect! 

Milani confidently declares that their finish spray is illuminating and refreshing. It gives you the right touch-up you need for makeup with no smudging or creasing.

The effect will last for 16 hours at most, and you can enjoy perfect makeup with no imperfections. 

If you want to secure the look, you can spray before or after applying other cosmetics. This finishing is good as a standalone layer because it has the natural feel that we all are looking for.

Milani is proud to provide a product that primes and hydrates your skin rather than just giving it a coating of chemicals. 

You might notice some improvement eventually with the vegan ingredients going into this spray.


  • Prime, correct, and set.
  • Fine mist for no creasing and smudging.
  • Lasting for up to 16 hours.
  • 4 shades are available.


  • Some problems with the nozzle.
  • The smell is not for everyone.

7. Vita Liberata Body Blur, Leg – Best Body Makeup for Dancers

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If you have dry mature skin, you might encounter extra difficulties when you need to do body makeup. 

Vita Liberate, fortunately, has a solution for it. They offer 5 shades for you to choose the one that fits your skin tone the best.

Another use of this makeup is a self-tanner. Not everyone has the funds and the time to go to a salon or apply a tanner on their skin, and a cosmetic with organic ingredients comes in handy.

Starting at Shade Lighter Light for extremely fair skin that needs some natural colors, the product reaches Shade Deeper Dark for darker skin with red undertones. 

While trying to keep a balance between moisturizing the skin and doing the job, they have to sacrifice a bit of both. 

Hence, some users find the substance transferring to their clothes, yet it still depends a lot on your skin.


  • Organic ingredients.
  • Easy to apply.
  • A great tanner and body makeup.


  • Choosing the right shade might be a hassle.


1. What Is Stage Makeup For Dancers?

While regular makeup focuses on improving your skin tone and commending the features you are proud of, stage makeup is a whole new category. 

It isn’t meant to make you look good, but memorable instead. It will highlight certain features on your face and ensure the light reflects correctly.

Stage makeup is always thick and pigmented for only one purpose: portraying a character rather than providing coverage. 

It is also durable against sweat and gentle rubbing, as the dancers are subjected to exertion and changes in costumes. As the cosmetic industry changes, stage makeup has a wider variety.

2. How To Do Stage Makeup For Dancers?

Whether it is a stage or dance competition makeup, they follow a similar routine. 

For the best result, you would want to start with newly washed and moisturized skin, so the cosmetics can cling to you for a long time. 

Afterward, the steps below are highly recommended:

  • Foundation

It gives the entire surface of your skin an even tone and smoothness. So, the shadows from the limelight won’t cause any unpleasant look on your face. 

Using a sponge will allow you to apply and blend the foundation perfectly. 

For more fixation, you can try a bit of powder.

  • Blush

The face will look pale in stage lights without some colors on the cheeks. 

Hence a blush similar to your natural skin will have a lot to contribute.

  • Eyeshadow

Bright stage lights make it really hard for the audience to see the dancer’s eyes. 

Therefore, you will need several eyeshadow products to create a multi-layered Dance eye makeup and turn the eyes into a highlight of the show.

  • Eyeliner

If you want to add something more dramatic, fine eyeliner will be the key. It can emphasize the personality of a character as well.

  • Mascara / False Lashes

To further enhance the eyes, the dancers might have their lashes intricately embellished. 

The older ones can comfortably use fake lashes, but the young ones should rely on mascara.

3. What Is The Best Makeup For Dark Skin?

The best stage makeup for dancers with dark skin is something with radiant shades, for these colors are very flattering for darker skin tones. 

Although you have the freedom with lipsticks and blushes, choosing the foundation might be more troublesome.

With foundation, you have to know your undertones. 

  • Golden hues mean warm undertones. 
  • Cool undertones include blue, red, and blue. 
  • If you have a combination of both, your undertone is neutral. 

The makeup products according to shades are the ones you are looking for.

Our Top Pick

If you are in need of a gift, a makeup set for both newbies and veterans, and a convenient and portable kit that can follow you everywhere, SHANY Carry All Trunk Makeup Set is the absolute best choice. 

The set contains every necessity to create a look that works well with dance performances. Not to mention the healthy formula to keep both customers and the environment safe.

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