7 Best Knee Pads For Dancers To Avoid Injuries

As a dancer, you would want to avoid injuries as much as possible, because they can delay your improvement or even ruin a career. 

Getting the best knee pads for dancers is a possible first step to completing your gear. And here is a compilation of comfortable knee pads with various materials and price tags!

7 Best Knee Pads For Dancers To Avoid Injuries

1. Capezio Gel Knee Pads – Best overall

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Capezio knee pad is as reliable as their other gears for dancers, and this product doesn’t disappoint. 

The popular manufacturer comes up with a dancer-only design, which includes contouring and padding at the same time. You can execute smooth and quick moves with no concern at all.

To start, Capezio gel knee pads use knitted bamboo as their base and silicone as their pad. It remains fixed on your knees even during intense practices, but when you want to give yourself a breather, you can easily slip it off and put it back on as you please.

Also, these materials are very lightweight, even the nude color gives off that pleasant vibe. If you have a similar skin tone and want to keep the knee pads, you would love how it naturally blends with your skin. 

However, it might be the downside of these pads too, because you don’t have any other option for a stylish look.

Last but not least, handwashing is the most appropriate way to take care of gel knee pads. Their materials can withstand the challenge of time, but not the roughness of a washing machine or overly strong impacts.


  • Very lightweight and durable
  • Comfortable movements ensured
  • Sufficient protection
  • Almost blending in with neutral skin tones


  • Only one color is available
  • Not suitable for high-impact activities

2. Queen Wear Wild Black Grip – Best Knee Pads for Pole Dancers

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Now, if you’re a pole dancer, finding the right knee pads might be a little more tricky. It has to be in sync with your leg movements and provide enough friction on the pole. Fortunately, Queen Wear knows exactly what they need to do and comes up with a very persuasive design.

For the overall impression, “fashionable” would be the first thing that reaches your mind. The neat shape of the pads and the fishnet-like bands are quite eye-catching to wear even outside of the practice room. It circulates air well and thus dries quickly after you wash it clean.

The seams on the front padding and the open back help you stretch and bend your legs without hindrance, even with the firm grip from the silicone. When you start climbing up the pole and attempt difficult positions, you will feel the value of this grip.

It doesn’t lack color options, and you can find a variety of pink, brown, or printed knee pads here. Although it is somehow more pricey compared to other products, it comes with great value.


  • Designed for pole dancing with a firm grip
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Fashionable design
  • Durable materials


  • It is slightly thicker than most knee pads
  • A bit expensive

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3. Danshuz Black Knee Pads for Dancers – The Cheapest

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At first glance, it resembles a pair of black sleeves, and that’s how simple the design is. 

No prominent pads or seams, no bands or meshes either. The pads are enough thick for your knees to be safe from impact and slide on hard surfaces. But they are almost invisible because the manufacturer never tried to make them visible.

As you might have noticed, these knee wears are great for men in most cases with the plain color and no intricate details. It still spares room for your creativity to shine if you need to style a sophisticated and simplistic costume for contemporary dance or performance with similar vibes.

The obvious downside of Danshuz knee pads compared to other products of the same materials is they don’t have an open back. They don’t hinder your stretching movements for sure, but you will feel uncomfortable when you bend your legs.


  • The most affordable among these recommendations
  • Enough comfort
  • Simple design with large coverage


  • Not true to size, slightly smaller than usual
  • A bit scratchy and rough against your skin

4. JMOKA Non-Slip Knee Brace Soft Pads

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With the extra sponge pad attached to the front, JMOKA Knee Brace comes with the ultimate purpose of compressing your knees and preventing impact from a collision. Made of non-slip materials as well, it is the highest form of protection you can find.

The sponge is comfortable due to the inner layer of padding. While it is breathable enough to give you the comfort you need, it doesn’t irritate your skin or suppress the flow of blood, hence your joints will remain in peak conditions and ready for tricky moves. 

It is also a green light for you to confidently wear these pads for hours without feeling itchy.

Furthermore, this knee pad from JMOKA has a unisex design that is favorable for both genders. It is also available in two distinctive colors black and pink, making it easier for you to choose and combine with your clothes.

Out of all products on the market, the JMOKA sponge pad might not be the most durable. But if you’re searching for something looking and feels good without burning off your wallet, it provides nice value.


  • Sponge pad for collision-resistance
  • Lightweight and elastic
  • Good for long hours in use
  • Inexpensive


  • A little bit chunky
  • Not very compatible with intense sessions

5. YICYC Soft Breathable Knee Pads for Dancers

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Looking simple but quite attentive to the details, YICYC comes up with some of the most affordable knee pads for working on your knees. 

It resembles a band around your joint, but the rim and the sponge pad are designed so ergonomically they can adjust to your movements without slipping and rolling off.

The band hugging your knees is made of fine cotton for great absorption of moisture and elasticity. You can wear them for long practices and handwash them with no difficulty. They are durable enough to stick to you for long practices if you give them enough care.

YICYC uses the sponge for the pads. This material is amazing at relieving pressure and reducing impact when your knees collide with the floor. The even better feature is it causes no friction or irritation on your skin.

Even though they don’t require much maintenance, they still need you to pay attention and not use these things: hot water, harsh machine wash, ironing, bleach, and detergent.


  • Very inexpensive
  • Many colors to choose from
  • Simple but effective design


  • A lot of requirements when washing
  • Limited lifespan

6. GOANDO Knee Pads for Dancers – Good Knee Pads for Hip-hop Dancers

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The gear is made of a thick sponge of high quality. The thickness can reach up to 0.6 inches, which is sufficient to endure pressure and impact from hard surfaces like brick, cement, or wood. 

You can try many dancing styles, especially hip-hop, or sports activities like climbing, volleyball, skateboarding, and more. Don’t risk your safety by jumping off a height or repeatedly slamming your knees though – nothing can endure that much pressure.

Aside from usage in dancing, GOANDO knee pads are proud to be helpful for arthritis or any post-injury conditions you are experiencing. The design comes with ventilation holes and gives your skin constant circulation, which is crucial for recovery.

The hems and edges of these knee pads make it easy for you to put them on and take them off without sliding down your legs during practice. They are quite elastic and adjustable too. Hence your skin will feel no pinches or scratches.

There are 3 colors for you to choose from: pink, black, and blue/purple, and sizes from S to L. All genders and ages are lightly to find something for themselves.


  • Different colors are available
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Very affordable


  • Insufficient protection for intense impact

7. Queen Wear Black Fire

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Known as the best manufacturer of pole dance knee pads, Queen Wear has recently come up with a new protection technology called 3SideProtect. 

It will keep your knee safe from impact at the front, back, and both sides, while still molding to the knee bone with its adaptive caps. As long as you get the appropriate size, it won’t constrict around or slip off your legs.

Other than reducing the pressure on your knees and maintaining a firm grip on the pole, it can also slide across the dance floor smoothly and safely. With so much convenience and an interesting cut, it effortlessly suits different activities such as strip dance, stretching, and yoga.

During the first 2 – 3 sessions, maybe these knee pads will feel a bit stiff, but the heat from your body will turn them more flexible soon, hence you don’t need to worry if the materials are not soft right off the batch.


  • Stylish design
  • Full protection
  • Many applications are available


  • More expensive than average


1. Can I use volleyball knee pads for dancing?

If you think all knee pads are the same, your knees will be angry at you. 

Volleyball knee pads have their perks, but they are designed to protect your knees in volleyball only. They can absorb the impact your knees might take when you dive low and hit the ground, saving you from injuries.

However, these sport knee pads are also notorious for the feeling of restriction they bring to you. As a dancer, you don’t want a chunky and tight bulk around your knees, for it will demand extra exertion from you, and you will waste your energy for nothing.

2. Can I wash my knee pads?

When you wear something and practice regularly, you know they get dirty, and knee pads are not an exception.

First of all, check the tags or the website and see if the manufacturer recommends washing by machine. 

Once you got the green light, remember to prepare a laundry bag and a suitable sports detergent to ensure the pads won’t take any damage. In most cases, cold water and air drying are the best way to avoid shrinking the materials.

If the washing machine is not a choice, don’t worry! Instead of putting the knee pads in the machine, you can move and squish them to get rid of all the dirt. 

Drain them with your hands too and let them air dry.

3. What size knee pad should I get?

If you see numbers such as 10 – 20 inches, it means the manufacturers measure the size by wrapping tape around the padded knee while the model is standing. 10 is extra small and 20 is extra large.

Another factor for measurement is weight. A person at 100 pounds would fit for the smallest size, while the largest size is the weight above 220 pounds. If they are taller than average, they might need to size up.

You will know the knee pads are right for you if it fits snugly whether you sit or stand because it is an assurance that you can pull off complicated moves comfortably.

4. How do you get the sweat smell out of knee pads?

Not only knee pads, everything you wear for practice is prone to bad odors. Fortunately, there is a simple method.

You will need to get a bucket or a sink filled with hot water and 4 or 8 capfuls of detergent, respectively. This self-made solution will help you remove the nasty from your sports gear, hence don’t be scared when you see the water turn darker.

After a few hours or one whole night, you can get your knee pads out of the detergent solution, rinse them, and let them air dry.

Final Words

When considering all features, we believe Capezio gel pads have the advantage to be the best knee pads for dancers. From the materials, comfort, and protection, it provides such great value for its average price! 

However, your needs and your budget still have importance in your decision!

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