7 Best Ballet Foot Stretchers for Dancers’ Flexibility

Improving flexibility is an essential task for ballet dancers. Some of us might have heard about the best ballet foot stretchers for a high arch and a perfect en pointe. 

Let’s do a headcount of the most sought-after products on the market right now!

7 Best Ballet Foot Stretchers for Dancers

1. StretchPRO Foot Stretcher

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Shoes with the rocker design have become very popular because of the comfort it provides to your feet. 

StretchPRO decided to apply the same features and create one of the best foot stretchers for dancers on the market.

When using the foot stretcher, the muscles of your feet and calves are the primary target. Training with it enhances the durability of your lower leg and improves your flexibility. 

Therefore, people who have recently undergone surgery or developed a liking for yoga can utilize it.

Due to the uniquely designed hinge, you can open the stretcher up to 180 degrees and earn yourself a container for smaller items.

So, it will save you an extra fee while not sacrificing the quality.

Once you are familiarized with the stretching, you can choose to sink your feet further into the sleeve and deepen the flex with the heel cushion relieving your feet from pressure points.

Nonetheless, despite the silicon and foam that don’t trigger any allergy, these stretchers are reported to be quite squishy.


  • Easy to use and effective.
  • Simple to carry and store.
  • Able to relieve your lower body from lower pain.


  • Not the most durable

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2. La Esmeralda Ballet Professional Wooden Pine Foot Stretchers

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If you want something different for your dancers, La Esmeralda offers one of the best wooden ballet foot stretchers that dancers with different styles can still utilize.

The focus of this foot stretcher is on your toes and feet. It will apply pressure on your instep. You can feel your ligaments and muscles stretched under the effect of this structure.

If you want to go for a harder exercise, the tension band and the rubber sleeve will come in handy. If you encounter pain while practicing, you can use foam pads to ease the soreness a bit.

The package from La Esmeralda includes a foot stretcher, a strap to pull, an elastic band, rubber pad adaptors (for further stretching), a velvet bag for carry, and a gift box if you want to surprise someone.

The wooden material is not the most supportive for your feet because it doesn’t exactly mold to them. 

You either need to have a very high arch or have been trained with stretchers for a while already.


  • Easy to transport and storage.
  • Several colors are available.


  • It is sold in a set at a quite high price.
  • Not the best for newbies.

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3. Uboway Ballet Foot Stretcher

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If you are a fan of tailor-made items, Uboway can meet all the standards you set. 

From natural wood, the artisans carve the desired shape and polish it to reach their desired smoothness. Hence, the tool will be an anatomically perfect fit with a very pleasant feeling to the touch.

Like many new products on the market, Uboway includes foam pads to soothe the pain from your muscles and an extra band for advanced training. Both dancers and gymnasts can practice with it individually.

Due to the premium wood materials, this foot stretcher is truly built-to-last. You can get it as a gift for young dancers because they can stick with it for a very long time.

However, quite a few customers are not happy with missing parts in their orders. The lack of instruction is not a problem to veterans but beginners are likely to encounter difficulties.


  • High-quality materials.
  • Ergonomic features.
  • Many resistant properties for extra durability.


  • Orders are incomplete sometimes.
  • Not including a guide.

4. Estink Ballet Foot Stretch Set

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Estink also entrusts its best-selling foot stretcher with wood. The pine wood they use has reached a level of perfect smoothness. And the experience of the customers is further enhanced with a pliant handle.

If you are new to ballet, this set will be extremely helpful in shaping your instep. It pushes and pulls with enough tension to make your ligaments work and focus on the insteps without putting negative pressure on them.

As an item made of wood, the foot stretcher by Estink is very durable with extremely high toughness and water resistance, ensuring long-term service. 

The bag to carry this stretcher is definitely something to contribute to its endurance.

The ergonomic curve of the design can put your arch in a nice position and get you ready for more challenging poses in ballet as well as yoga and Latin dances.


  • High-quality materials.
  • Smooth to your skin but also very durable.
  • Ergonomic design for a snug fit.


  • The tension band is not that effective in advanced stretching.

5. SuperiorArch Foot Stretcher

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The foot stretcher from SuperiorArch might be a candidate as the best ballet stretcher for flexibility. They offer a custom design to achieve the perfect mold for the under arch.

Although the absence of a heel groove can be a disadvantage, we can’t deny this stretcher leaves plenty of room for the heel. 

Therefore, you can do some big rotations without putting impingement on the heel bones.

Furthermore, the inside of this stretcher is padded with two inches of foam to make sure your feet have the utmost comfort. 

Support and alleviation are extremely important when you are putting your foot muscles through so much force.

Unlike most stretchers with a default size, SuperiorAtch encourages an adjustable fit with the Velcro strap. It’s not easy to use for a beginner though, so you might want to keep it in mind!  


  • Multiple colors for choice.
  • Fit perfectly with the Velcro toe strap.
  • Safety is ensured with the pads.


  • The maintenance of its fabrics is difficult.
  • No heel groove.
  • Straps are hard to adjust.

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6. Comness Foot and Calf Stretcher

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With Comness, the main benefit of their foot stretcher is to alleviate the pain from practicing intensively. 

It helps tremendously in improving blood circulation and relieving pressure. Hence, it is a good exercise for plantar fasciitis, ankle injuries, and muscle tension.

Dancers and athletes can utilize the Comness stretcher as an on-the-go tool for stretching. 

If you follow the instruction closely, you can also rely on this stretcher for physical therapy to recover from an unwanted foot condition.

Aside from the combination of nylon and plastic for durability, the supportive laminate and the multi-looped webbing contribute tremendously to it. 

With two orientations, it can accommodate various positions and maximize your workout efficiency.

As a lightweight and portable design, it is ready to accompany you when you travel from one place to another.


  • Very affordable.
  • Good for people with foot conditions.
  • Portable and user-friendly.


  • Designed for recovery but lacking exercise recommendations.
  • Might be a bit small for adults.

7. Price Xes Strap Foot Stretcher

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We deem this Price Xes stretcher a good choice if you want to enhance your flexibility while keeping your body in a natural position. 

You won’t need to wait for a long time to notice the improvement either!

This stretcher is simply a long and smooth strap put through a metal ring. You can secure it to a sturdy doorpost with a metal plate and bolt, and you are ready to complete the flexibility challenges.

It might raise many concerns at first but the installation won’t damage your door. You won’t experience any slipping and staggering while executing your moves either!

Price Xes takes pride in their experience in training flexibility because they work with professionals around the year and understand every method that is often in use.


  • Very affordable.
  • Many color options.
  • Easy installation.
  • Effective for legs’ flexibility.


  • The strap might not be for everyone


1. Are Ballet Foot Stretchers Safe For Dancers?

To ensure your safety while using foot stretchers, we need you to follow a few notices:

  • Don’t use it before class

Using foot stretchers is never a way to warm up because it will make your feet much weaker and more unstable. In such a state, you are very vulnerable to injuries.

  • Use it for 2 – 3 minutes only

You heard us. Foot stretchers live up to their name and actively pull at your foot’s tissue and ligament, which shouldn’t be stretched in the first place. 

If you overwork them, they might suffer long-term damage and never be the same again.

  • Remember to strengthen your feet

Since you are putting your feet under such intense exercise, you shouldn’t slack in training them for more stability and control.

  • Know your limits

When you feel like your feet can’t endure more stretching, it means they need a break. 

Pushing yourself too hard doesn’t prove your determination! It only raises the risk of injuries for you.

foot stretcher for ballet feet

2. Do Ballet Foot Stretchers Work?

According to Boyd Bender, a physical therapist for ballerinas, after using foot stretchers, you will find more leverage through the arch and the mid-foot. 

But the mid-foot will probably become more unstable if you have flat feet.

He also pointed out that the stretchers can work on the soft tissue and give you mobility, though the essential factor is still the joint. 

Therefore, foot stretchers work most effectively when the dancer is still in their early teens. 

Afterward, the skeletal maturity will make it more difficult for you to adjust to any stretching.

3. How To Use A Ballet Foot Stretcher?

At the end of your ballet session, take a seat and get your foot stretcher ready. Fit your toes snugly in the elastic box and make sure the bottom of your feet meets all the curves. Let your knee stay in a relaxed position.

Unroll the elastic as much as possible so the materials cover the entirety of your upper feet. 

Put your heel on the base correspondingly: the left heel is on the right base and the right heel is on the left base. Let’s try to not get them mixed up!

Foot stretchers tend to come with adaptors (rubber pads) that increase the level of the heel cup as well as how much the elastic can push the foot. 

However, the experts recommend using these pads only after you have been familiarized with foot stretchers.

Our Top Pick

Have you decided which products would be the best ballet foot stretchers for you? 

If not, we recommend StretchPRO as a starter. 

The 180-degree angle when opened fully is such a convenient feature aside from how excellent it is in improving your arch as well as durability. 

Although it is not the most durable, it still has decent value compared to the price.

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