What Is Troika Dance? When Was The Troika Dance Invented?

Originating in Russia, the Troika is one of this country’s most emblematic folk dances. The Troika took its name from the iconic Russian sleigh, also called the “Troika,” which is pulled over the snow by three horses.

The dance reflects the spirit of the troika, known for its speed and grace as it swiftly glides over the snowy landscapes of Russia. 

To reflect this, the dance is often portrayed by three dancers – two women and one man – mimicking the motion of the Troika sleigh. 

The dancers intertwine their arms, sway in harmony, and execute intricate footwork. These evoke a sense of unity and teamwork.

It’s such a distinctly Russian dance that if you ever visit the country or come to a cultural fair, you’ll definitely need to see for at least once!

Troika Dance Steps

The Troika has different variations throughout Russia and, as a result, steps. But still, you’ll always find some (or even all) of these common elements in performance.

The Basic Troika Dance Steps

  • Stand in line with two other dancers, with your arms around each other’s waists, forming a tight formation.
  • Begin by taking three small steps to the right, starting with your right foot, and then bring your left foot beside your right.
  • Take a larger step to the right with your right foot. Then, bring your left foot next to your right again.
  • Repeat the previous step but in the opposite direction, taking three small steps to the left and one large step to the left.
  • On the last step to the left, pivot on your left foot to face the opposite direction.
  • Repeat the steps in the opposite direction, taking three small steps to the right, followed by one large step to the right. Then, three small steps to the left, followed by one large step to the left.
  • Pivot again on the last step to the left and repeat the steps in this alternating back-and-forth pattern.
  • To add more flair, incorporate arm movements and spins to make the dance more lively and engaging.


The dance usually involves three dancers standing in a line, representing the three horses of the Troika sleigh. They may hold hands, interlock arms, or link elbows.


The dancers emulate the galloping motion of the troika by stepping in place and lifting their knees high while maintaining the formation. 

To give a sense of speed, the dancers’ movements are typically very quick and energetic.


The dancers sway their bodies from side to side, creating a rhythmic pendulum-like motion. This movement adds grace and fluidity to the dance.

Circle turns

The dancers may rotate in a circle while still maintaining their formation. This adds a dynamic element to the dance and showcases coordination between the dancers.

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Troika Dance Music

The music accompanying the Troika typically features an alternating fast-slow rhythm. 

In a full-fledged performance, the dancers will be backed by a live band with traditional Russian folk instruments like the balalaika and accordion.

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