What Is Cabbage Patch Dance?

Cabbage Patch Dance Origin

The Cabbage Patch dance was invented in the 1980s by the “World Class Wreckin’ Cru” group as part of the “Cabbage Patch” song. Fun and simple, the dance spread across the territory of the US and became a real phenomenon.

The name of the dance came from the arm movements resembling what farmers do when harvesting cabbage while their feet stomp comfortably. Originally, it was the symbol of being cool and celebrating an occasion.

How To Do Cabbage Patch Dance?

There is nothing to worry about if you want to start learning the Cabbage Patch dance. The steps are simple enough that even non-dancers can catch up quickly.

Michelle Obama does Cabbage Patch Dance
Michelle Obama does Cabbage Patch Dance
  1. Choose a song with a beat you can follow with ease and bounce along with the rhythm.
  2. Hold your hands at the same level as your chest and form two fists, turning your fingers away from your body.
  3. Bend and straighten your arms while moving them in a flat circle, which means you shouldn’t raise or lower them at all.
  4. Once you get a grasp of what to do, try the advanced version by always leaning your chest in the very opposite direction of your arms.
  5. Give your upper body a break and practice the legs: lift a foot with each beat and put your weight on the supporting leg entirely. So your hips will be moving side-to-side steadily.
  6. When you are comfortable with the moves, it’s time to finally combine everything. Now you need to make sure your hands are on the same side with the heel you are lifting. When your hands are near your chest or extend forward, your feet should both be on the ground.
  7. If you are feeling confident, you can incorporate quarter turns and change your directions for more liveliness.

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Cabbage Patch Dance Health Benefits

Interestingly enough, the Cabbage Patch dance has been acknowledged for offering benefits in fitness and health. 

The moves involve different parts of your body and steadily get your heart up, leading to positive improvements.

Weight Management

By consistently moving to the beat of music, you will safely and effectively burn your calories and lose a few pounds. 

Depending on how fast and intense you dance, the amount of calories might range between 200 – 300 calories.

Cardiovascular Fitness

Although the movements are easy to learn, the intensity of them falls into a moderate level like aerobics. 

Researchers have pointed out that regular aerobic exercises can minimize the risk of strokes, heart diseases, and the likes of chronic conditions.

Social Connection

What’s a better way to interact with people than taking part in a group dance? 

Attending a dance class and having fun together helps you expand your circle and meet new good people in your life.

Relieve Stress

Dancing and socializing can boost the endorphin production and give your mood a lift. Hence, it contributes to the reduction of depression in the long run.

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