Gino Cosculluela: Biography, Height, Net Worth & More

Gino Cosculluela is among the few contemporary dancers with outstanding achievements in their twenties. 

From the Dance Moms series to the globally acclaimed So You Think You Can Dance, his dance prowess and choreography skills have earned him recognition. 

As he ventures further into the entertainment world with pursuits in cinema and pedagogy, his progress appears unstoppable.

Who Is Gino Cosculluela?

Gino Emilio Cosculluela (3 October 2000) is famous for contemporary dance and choreography. 

He first caught the public’s attention as a nine-year-old participant in the reality TV show Dance Moms. 

His dancing career has since evolved, with appearances in numerous other reality shows and an impressive third-place finish in Season 16 of So You Think You Can Dance. 

Gino has established his prominence on Broadway in The Music Man and holds a principal role. He is now spreading his footprint in other entertainment industry fields, including working with Disney+ and Netflix. 

He also leverages his expertise by teaching at over 100 dance studios across the U.S. and Canada and serving as a convention circuit faculty.

Gino Cosculluela dancer

Gino Cosculluela’s Family

Gino Cosculluela comes from Miami, Florida. He was born to Mickey Cosculluela (dad) and Barbara Anton Suarez (mom). 

He has three siblings, two brothers (Evan and Kevin) and a sister (Angela). 

Gino and Kevin, joining their sisters, were contestants of America’s Got Talent, Season 7.

Gino Cosculluela’s brother, Kevin Cosculluela, is a professional dancer. Kevin was also associated with the Abby Lee Dance Company, where he had a guest stint in the Senior Competition Team in Season 3.

Gino is currently unattached to any relationships. There is also no clear evidence of previous romantic involvements. 

It remains unknown when it comes to Gino Cosculluela’s girlfriend.

Gino is now living with his dog, Biggie, in Miami. 

Gino Cosculluela’s Height & Weight

Gino Cosculluela has an ideal dancer body. He is 5 feet 9 inches high and weighs 154 pounds. He has captivating, a shade of deep, dark brown eyes.

Gino Cosculluela’s Net Worth

Gino is amongst the wealthiest in his profession. Our comprehensive research estimates his net worth to be around $5 million, an impressive wealth for a young dancer.

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Gino Cosculluela’s Early Life and Education

Gino started to dance very early. His journey into the world of dance kicked off at 5 years old. 

He honed his skills under the watchful eyes of two mentors at Dance Attack Miami, John Culbertson and Cookie Ramos.

Gino Cosculluela’s Dancing Career

Gino Cosculluela has enjoyed a delightful dancing journey. He loves to dance and compete in dance. 

Starting as a dancer at Dance Attack Studios, he gained national attention on the reality TV show America’s Got Talent in 2012. He joined as a part of The Cos Fam trio with his siblings. 

Although they couldn’t make it to the live show, they successfully made it as a debut to the TV show world.

Gino experienced a career turning point in the reality series Dance Moms (2013). In the Kiss Or Get Off the Pot episode of Season 3, the 9-year-old dancer grabbed the public spotlight for his exploding performances with Maggie Ziegler and Becky G. 

He returned in Season 4 and Season 6, impressing audiences with distinguished dance skills, techniques, and genres. 

His talent got him nominated in The Dance Awards 2016 when he was finally 1st runner-up in the Teen Male Best Dancer category.

Gino moved further as a choreographer and dance teacher. He choreographed a dance video for Tsar B’s hit single, Escalate, in 2017. He began teaching at various dance workshops in 2018. 

In 2019, Gino made his mark in the dance world with a notable performance in So You Think You Can Dance on Fox TV. He secured third place in this 16th season. 

This achievement of becoming a finalist in a nationally renowned dance show remains a high point in his career. 

He debuted on the Broadway stage in 2020, proving his proficiency in different dance styles. This move also showed his restless effort to reach out of his comfort zone. 

He took a principal role in the musical The Music Man, sharing the stage with big names like Hugh Jackman and Sutton Foster. He earned a nomination for Favorite Featured Actor in a Musical at the Audience Choice Awards. 

2021 saw Gino’s talent expand into film. He made two appearances in the Marvel TV series Hawkeye. He was also featured in the Netflix film Senior Year in 2022.

Still, in his early twenties, Gino’s career is already studded with significant achievements. As a young and gifted dancer, the future promises even more for him. 

Final Words

Rising to fame with his modern dance style, Gino Cosculluela is proficient across various genres. He imparts his knowledge to students across the U.S. through his fusion classes, blending ballet with hip-hop and more. 

His journey to success, characterized by hard work, self-assurance, and panache, has made him a role model for many emerging dancers.

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