List of Backup Dancers For Ariana Grande

As a singer known for catchy songs and explosive performances, the standard set if you want to be one of the backup dancers for Ariana Grande is quite high. 

Let’s have a quick read and check out the talents that have made their way to the grand stages with Grande!

List of Backup Dancers for Ariana Grande

Brian Nicholson

Often referred to as Ariana Grande’s twin dancers, Brian Nicholson performs for Ariana alongside his twin Scott. Both of them were trained in various dance styles, such as ballet, hip-hop, jazz, and more. 

Brian Nicholson & Scott Nicholson
Brian Nicholson & Scott Nicholson

Brian started being Grande’s dancer in early 2012, though they had worked together before their first long-term contract.

Brian appeared in a lot of music videos by Ariana, such as “Almost Is Never Enough”, “Break Free”, “Problem”, or “No Tears Left To Cry”. 

After the Honeymoon Tour, they got the same tattoo and became good friends outside of work. 

He is also regularly seen backstage or in the crowd supporting Grande, and the star returns the favor.

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Darrion Gallegos

Darrion Gallegos

If you care about the choreography of global hits as much as the melody and lyrics, you won’t be unfamiliar with the name Darrior Gallegos. 

The dynamic artist has had great opportunities and appearances alongside plenty of pop stars, including his good friend Ariana Grande.

He intimately calls her “Ari” and happily shares his first project with her, the MV “No Tears Left To Cry”. 

They traveled around America and Europe for the Sweetener Tour, rocked the MTV Music Awards stage, and made the Coachella crowd go crazy.

Jordan Viscomi

Jordan Viscomi

Viscomi came from Long Island, NY City, and began training as a dancer when he was very young. At 6 years old, he passed the first professional audition and decided to pursue a career instead of dancing as a mere hobby.

After moving to Los Angeles, Viscomi got the chance to dance for Nicky Minaj, The Jonas Brothers, and, of course, Ariana Grande. 

He and Grande briefly dated for a few months before getting into a bad breakup (according to her) and ending all connections between them.

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Nekai Johnson 

Nekai Johnson 

The gorgeous African-American dancer kicked off her career under the guidance of Arthur Mitchell at the Dance Theatre of Harlem, New York City. This prestigious studio was the ticket for Johnson to “The Fame School”. 

Due to her ambitious nature, she picked up hip-hop and street jazz on Broadway to become more versatile.

Johnson participated in many music videos by Grande, namely “Problem”, “Santa Tell Me”, and the hit “Thank U, Next”. She was also in the lineup for the Sweetener World Tour, and fans loved her captivating energy on stage!

Ricky Alvarez

Ricky Alvarez

In 2014, Alvarez became a new puzzle piece for Grande’s dance team. They performed together for the first time at the Radio Disney Music Awards during Grande’s debut era. 

He was with her in all important events and performances, gradually growing closer to her since the whole dance team formed a tight bond.

When Alvarez took part in the Honeymoon Tour, fans started suspecting that he was dating Grande due to how close they seemed, especially after they kissed on stage. 

Unfortunately, the relationship came to an end.

In 2018, they were seen together, but only in a friendly way. Alvarez returned to Grande’s crew for the Sweetener Tour as a videographer and photographer.

Scott Nicholson

Scott Nicholson is the twin brother of Brian Nicholson, known as “The Twins” thanks to Grande. 

He received the same diverse training that his brother had and became skilled in multiple dance styles, such as jazz, hip-hop, modern, and even ballet.

Aside from the projects with his brother, he was also in Grande’s “Thank U, Next” music video. 

To this day, he is still one of Ariana Grande’s backup dancers. When not caught in the spotlight, he is at the Broadway Dance Center with Brian.

Tracy Takahashi

Tracy Takahashi

Takahashi was one of the first backup dancers for Ariana Grande. 

A lot of music videos in Grande’s early career featured Takahashi like “Baby I”, “Problem”, “Almost Is Never Enough”, “Right There”, and “Santa Tell Me” to name a few.

During the collaboration, the two of them seemed like great friends and Grande would interact with her on Twitter very often. 

However, as the Honeymoon Tour approached the end, Takahashi retreated from the team. The reason behind her departure remains undisclosed.

Other Ariana Grande’s Backup Dancers

  • Ajaye Skeene
  • Jason Glover
  • Joesar Alva
  • BoyBoi (Jose Tena)
  • Kristopher Terry
  • Luz Remigio
  • Lady Cultura
  • Cory Graves
  • Chris Anthony

Final Words 

Have you spotted a lot of familiar faces in the line-up of backup dancers for Ariana Grande? 

Did any of these talented performers catch your attention more than the others during Ariana’s energetic performances and meticulously organized tours? 

If I have missed out on someone, don’t hesitate to share them with me so I can include their names and information for everyone else!

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